Cord Cutting & Releasing The Past | Guided Meditation

Close your eyes softly and turn your attention
inward. Begin to observe your body, how it is resting, breathing and barely moving. Tune
your mind toward the peace and stillness that your body is experiencing right now.
Observe each in-breath and out-breath and with each cycle of breath let go more and
more and deepen your relaxation. Watch your breath as you inhale, let it relax
you and soothe you, watch your exhale, let it to release anything that is not heavy,
leaving you lighter and lighter. Breathe and observe yourself breathing. Calmly
watch the breath enter your body in through your nose, nourishing you and relaxing you
down to your each cell and then releasing all that does not serve you out through your
nose. Breathe and observe this simple and powerful
cycle of breathe. Give into the effects of your breath. Relax deeper and deeper.
As we go through life to collect energy debris is quite normal and a regular mental and energy
cleanse is a very beneficial process. When we detach from people, old thinking, connections
that are very old, connections to things and people that drag you down, when we make a
conscious decision to detach from all that – a powerful shift happens, a shift that may
even knock you off your feet (in a good way) and then goodness pours in… make intention
to detach, let go and then be prepared to receive. Lets please make an intention for
the process of detachment and renewal. Make an intention to allow yourself to detach,
to change, to transmute, to become new to receive new.
I want you to turn your attention inwardly into your body, concentrate on the center
of your heart; take a couple of breaths in and out. Now make your intention to detach
from any burdening past, people, things and negative thoughts, all of those and more that
may be affecting your life consciously and unconsciously.
For this process I want you to open your energy body and as you breathe begin to invite the
light of divine source. This light heals, empowers and acts according to any request
you have that would positively affect your spiritual and physical wellbeing. So breathe
and focus within, ask for the light to come in starting with your toes and feet, moving
into your ankles and calves. Visualise the light moving up into your knees and your thighs,
your hips, moving into your pelvis, hips and your chest. See the light filling the space
of your hands, arms and shoulders and you are almost now all covered in the bright divine
light, even your neck and your face. Be still for a moment, letting the light to saturate
your body. Now visualise the light to beginning to move
a little faster across your whole body, see the light ripple through and it is beginning
to identify any impurities within you. It is moving across you and tracking any emotions
of sorrow ingrained in your skin, any sadness present in your heart, any anger living in
your bones. Feel this and observe the light moving, identifying and lifting the impurities,
watch these impurities being touched by the light and evaporating out through your skin,
leaving you emotionally more cleansed and lighter. Spend a minute working with the divine
light, finding any negative emotions and moving these emotions out.
Now that we prepared the body let’s focus on calling for the archangel Michael who will
help this experience be that much more powerful and complete. This angel is someone who specialises
in your protection and most of all helping you to detach from anything weighing you down.
Archangel Michael does this effortlessly without changing your perspective on life, he will
simply cut any energy cords that do not serve you, he will help you heal in the most gentle
way. You may be aware of the negative energy cords
within you and if you are just focus on it and if you are aware of it – simply ask the
archangel Michael: ‘Dear archangel Michael, I ask you now to identify and cut all the
cords of negative attachment I have in this physical and spiritual worlds. I ask you that
once these cords are cut, I heal and become whole and I allow all the great change to
flood into my life.’ Take a deep breath in and out. Visualise or
feel the archangel Michael moving close to you. See archangel Michael with his sward
of energy standing before you and when you are ready gently but powerfully
cutting negative energy cords that are attached to your physical and energy body.
Visualise the ends of the cords moving into the heavens, into the divine light to be dissolved
and as this happens more positive energy taking up space within you and the world. Breathe
and visualise. Witness and experience. Stay present.
Feel and visualise the divine light of the source still being present within you.
Feel the negative patterns to be no longer present in your body and energy field.
Feel your body regaining life and vitality, energy and creativity.
Feel your new ability to move on to begin to grown within you.
Feel the sensations of joy and freedom to flow into your body.
Keep feelings of joy and love surrounding you and when you feel other feelings enter
your physical or emotional body, don’t be afraid of it, question it, you can always
go back to this exercise and call in the divine light and angels for help.
Take a breath in and a breath out. Let the new sensations settle in your body. Let it
be the new basis for your being. Watch your breath coming in and out of your body. Feel
the ease and lightness. Begin to feel the room around you. Notice if you can hear any
noise outside of your body. You may choose to lie here for a moment or
few. Check if there is something you need to mentally or physically to process. Take
your time. There is no rush at all. And when you are ready begin to move slowly until you
are ready to open your eyes. Thank you for the time spent today. If you
enjoyed this meditation, please click like, share this video, comment or subscribe. Thank
you. Until next time.

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