Corey Hart – “Sweet River” (rough demo)

Hi, River RIVER:
Hi, Dad – What’s your name? – River – River who? – Hart – Do you have any
other names? – Umm… Yeah – What are they? – “Malachy” – Yes – “Lucy” – Yes – And… “Hock-see” – Yes – And “Alice” – Yes! – And, umm… “Bluebird” – “Bluebird.” Very good. – “Kovu” “Baby Beluga” – Wow! You’ve got
lots of names! How old are you? – Four – Who do you love? – Dad ♪ ♪ ♪ Sweet River ♪ Deepest blue ♪ Your mother’s eyes ♪ hold me ♪ Morning has broken ♪ As I dream along ♪ There is a
love song ♪ Believin’ ♪ all the words
we say ♪ I will give you
my heart ♪ I will give you
my soul ♪ I surrender myself
for you ♪ Evermore ♪ And I feel so
much more ♪ than I ever knew ♪ Thank the angels
of mystery ♪ who brought me
to you ♪ ♪ ♪ Higher ♪ ♪ ♪ There is water ♪ from a desert
sand ♪ One calla lily ♪ Forever ♪ Defy the test
of time ♪ (Yeah) ♪ I will give you
my heart ♪ I will give you
my soul ♪ There is no sweeter
season ♪ than this, I know ♪ I will always
defend ♪ I will stand
by you ♪ Unconditional love ♪ is your gift ♪ so true ♪ ♪ ♪ Higher ♪ ♪ ♪ Higher [GUITAR SOLO]
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ I will give you
my heart ♪ I will give you
my soul ♪ I surrender myself
for you ♪ Evermore ♪ And I feel so
much more ♪ than I ever knew ♪ Thank the angels
of mystery ♪ who brought me
to you ♪ I will give you
my faith ♪ ’cause you are
my trust ♪ Sweet River will
flow through ♪ each of us ♪ ♪ ♪ Higher ♪ ♪ ♪ Higher ♪ ♪ ♪ Higher
♪ To hear the ♪ angels ♪ sing

92 thoughts on “Corey Hart – “Sweet River” (rough demo)

  1. That was soo beeUtiful…hats off to an awesome Dad! 😎 Happy Birthday River! 😇Keep Celebrating you! ♡♡

  2. Your music can warm a heart. And you have achieved one of the best things a man can have – a great family. In today's brainwashed society, people like you are a rarity.

  3. thanks for this beautiful share!!! your love for your 4 children bright in your eyes but also in all you do in your life. Happy India, Dante, River and little Rain 💖💖💖

  4. Beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes. Love to you and yours from Ottawa, Mr. Hart!

  5. Que c'est beau papa Corey. Moi qui ai 3 filles aussi je peux ressentir l'émotion brute qui émerge de cette chanson.

  6. I do not possess the vocabulary, at least not the one needed, to convey my respect for you. To walk away from your career — to devote yourself to raising a family — that gives me some hope for humanity. Thank you for sharing, and God bless!

  7. Wow just listened too some of your songs with Jonathan Roy and the song you made for your daughter River is BEAUTIFUL ..I have two daughters and now a granddaughter brought tears to my eyes love your old music witch I have keep up the great work .from Hamilton Ontario Canada

  8. awesome work…and much gratitude for you COREY….keep up the writing, your voice and song writing AMAZING…..MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  9. This is such an awesome song, what a lucky daughter River is, we can feel your love for your daughter. A must learn song. Thank you for such lovely music and lyrics. WOW!

  10. Too much cute! Thanks, Corey. You know, I can't sing like you, but I like to sing to my daughters and nieces. This video is the kind of thing I'd like to give to them. Since I don't have your voice and writing ability, I'll just give this to them from us two dads, if that's okay.

  11. Un finally opening my feelings how i really feel i kept my heart to close to me i never let no one in 💛💛💛 but u😇😇😇

  12. Sun flower thats a nice code name or what ever you call it your videos Wete taken off so ï couldnt watch them luv u🌟😇🌟

  13. Hi sweet river your so beautful when you smile i smile so much more ox have a good day miss hart😇

  14. Shes si beautiful💙 hi sweet river this is a beautiful song 👼😇

  15. Gm sweet river ï. like this recording alot. U sure look like your daddy awe so sweet👼💜😇

  16. Shes so cute .i was i always smile when i see her photo.shes very good at tennis very determined like me i will hi rver. She stuck by xou 💙😇👼

  17. I noticed of all xour kids u favored her more .nothing wrong its called love💙😇👼

  18. Awevthis video cheers me up every time I listen to it god bless😇

  19. Thank you for this video it makes me happy inside I'm glad she has you💙😎

  20. What a beautiful family – touching our hearts through Hart music. Cherish the times. And keep singing sweet harmonies Corey.

  21. On ne peut certes pas taire le fait que les trois filles ressemblent à leur mère (la Québécoise Julie Masse).—Leur père aussi( Corey Hart)vient du Québec!!..—Viviane. (27 janvier 2019)

  22. J'ai super hâte de vous revoir en spectacle prochainement. Votre retour fait chaud au coeur. Je suis du Québec,j'ai donc grandit en écoutant et duCorey Hart et du Julie Masse,Ce sera donc un grand plaisir de vous retrouver. Bravo pour votre belle et grande famille,ont sent qu'il y a beaucoup d'amour.

  23. I'm sorry baby first what I was grouchy and m really sorry and I'm really sore o that rmys hi river all my love to guy s

  24. Corey ,I like your songs from the beginning….by the way cool guitar solo. And I guess you are a great family man!

  25. very beautiful families. and your little one has a nice wow voice

  26. Que c'est beau l'amour, la famille,,les enfants,ils sont heureux cela se voit.

  27. I did not know I was something special freedoms child I got the gods gift we carrying it I could see beyond everything I have ever known I been to the past to the future its hard to carry it I'm not God not even close but I have it

  28. Bonjour Corey 👋. Bravo, c’est très touchant.
    Ça date de quand ce clip?
    Autre sujet: est-ce que vos enfants parlent bien le français?

  29. Lucky guy, beautiful daughter and kids. Never Surrender, to the bad of this World.

  30. Cory hard Julie mars chasson partager avec amis Manon cauvier chanteur chanteuse talent très beau beau anfans

  31. Moi Manon cauvier chansson amis partager avec très beau couple Julie mars Cory hard beau regarder belle fille 3 fille garçon bravo bravo jeune couple merci beaucoup talent très beau partage avec amis Manon cauvier

  32. India is one of my favourite songs. This one is as precious. A fathers unconditional love.

  33. Brutal song, your part my soul with your lyrics I love them, greetings from Caracas Venezuela!

  34. Clear Love BEAMING out into the Universe forever… what a beautiful tribute.

  35. In a world that teaches us men to bury our feelings and emotions…you never fail to remind me that there's another way…thx for that Hart…b well

  36. Wow! This is so beautiful! This is the reason you were given this talent: to sing to your darling kids. I wish all fathers (and mothers) cherished their children the way you do. This world would be so much more amazing. You made an excellent choice to be there for your children. Those are the memories that will last forever in your heart and in theirs.

  37. Wow, definitely add this to your next album Corey! So beautiful ♥️♥️♥️

  38. Watching this I’m thinking that he is so . Not lucky because he worked so hard for what he has but him and his family are so furtunate to have that amazing connection . I grew up with no father . Only thing close was nothing to even mention . It’s great to see a strong family bond .

  39. By the way she looks like me actually how kool is that 💙😇😎👨‍👦👍

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