100 thoughts on “Coronavirus in Washington: 2 deaths, 13 cases, several school closures

  1. YOUR JOB is not to protect US from Mass hysteria, Just Report the facts. You are not So superior that only you can discern the efficacy of how the data will be processed by the people. We are not a damned herd, media.. . .

  2. If they didn't go to China lately, it means the spreaders are still out there spreading.

  3. It feels like a lit cigarette coming out when I pee do I have that virus?🤣

  4. China should apologize to the whole world and compensate for everything.

  5. Looks like nobody has learnt a thing from China and other countries dealing with this new virus! Well, time will tell who is " over reacting!"

  6. Our taxes do not even go to protecting people and stopping this since our politicians steal everything in each state

  7. I live in Florida and I find this information from Washington State very enlightening, we need more programs like this so the United States can be informed

  8. Did America get a case of the stupids recently? If it is necessary to bring back the last retired generation just to get things back in order, and on track, then maybe the people ought to think of doing just that, until this corona virus is resolved and our country can get back to doing those everyday things, our educational wizards supposedly taught them, they can do. Those who are engrossed with self pleasures and immoralities are distracted from seeing what is ahead. And some who are overly focused on just what is directly in front of them are in danger of missing the whole picture. America has a pandemic even if the guy in the white house fails to see it, it is still the responsibility of the people to make sure he does! He works for us, and it is our responsibility to make sure he's doing the kind of job any employer could be proud of! And every representative who cannot handle their responsibilities as said representative should also consider finding something else more suited to their capabilities. Those who hire aunt Becky because she's a family member, have family members syndrome, and are weak where it counts! Unless it's a family owned operation family members have no business being there. All that to say, people need to get out of their comfort zones, and get busy doing what must be done, when it comes to this corona virus, and other important concerns!

  9. Those countries don't necessarily have the most number of cases outside of China. They've simply tested the most people.
    Testing less than 500 people <https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-in-us.html> in a country with more than 330 million people does not mean that we don't have it at a larger scale. It just means that we don't know how many of us have it because the CDC has been refusing to test the population unless we've traveled to China or have been in contact with someone infected.
    But people still travel and this thing is contagious; so airports have to be hotspots.
    Plus, the virus lives a long time outside of the body, and any express mail received from hotspots around the world has the potential of having the virus on its surface. Our postal workers should all be tested. Potentially, they are at as high risk as our medical workers are; but, who is worrying about them?
    And who is testing airport staff? They should not be overlooked either.

  10. Spraying the air (7:26) in full hazmat suits. Okay King 5, fact or fiction, is this novel coronavirus aerosolized?

  11. United states government is better than Chinese Government, well done!

  12. The same CIA faction that perpetrated all terror crisis is behind this. I reported this terror campaign to the FBI 5 days before people started dying. 60,000 casualties planned. Trump wants immigrants to LEAVE. And so it begins…They had FEMA stocked and Barreled in King County before the outbreak. Just like Vietnam War they prepare, stage, and then… SPARK! … Elites sit back a watch the lemmings fry in the conflagration.

  13. Are people in the media automatically braindead? Who thought it would be a great idea to send reporters to places where everyone is infected and interview people who were just inside?
    Saying there’s only two or three cases in that nursing home is a joke, I guarantee they didn’t test everyone. It’s just getting spread every fucking where.

  14. lMFAO!! The most powerful country of the world with the best healthcare in the world doesn't even have coronavirus testing kits!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!!

  15. Lol. People were warned months ago. But no one believed the people that were warning them. And if you trust the government is going to help you are fooling your self.

  16. What pisses me off Trump uses this as a political ploy, and said no one died in the USA,the governor of Washington should tell Donald Trump to SHUT UP

  17. My mom died of very bad flu three weeks ago and could not breath at nursing home in Medicine Hat Alberta. I had a touch of it and it felt like I was going to have heart attack. Not sure what flu but MANY old folks died at nursing home this year.

  18. I have extreme asthma, ptsd, and other illnesses and the Flu is nothing to me. I brush it off like a simple cold. This New virus will destroy you if you have ANY weaknesses. People with less health issues died. I wish they would end this FLU crap. This is a seriously powerful virus. Fact is, its deadly. Case closed. Shut down all schools, organizations and let's take this more serious. Stop being too greedy. My kids school half are coughing, I'll and are going because of truancy laws. It's fucked up.

  19. The virus likes humid conditions. It travels on airborne droplets. Wonderful for Oregon and Washington. Let’s all stand outside a known focus of infection with zero protection and yack on camera… 🤔

  20. They should've closed weeks ago. Once there's an outbreak it's too late. I'd have kept my children home a soon as I heard of folks being "observed" within 200 miles.

  21. If they had tested the 74 people who died from the "flu" for coronavirus, the results would be a bit different, IMO.

  22. I seriously doubt they're giving us the true numbers of deaths in China and all other countries infected. And I am hearing from other news sources that say this virus was created in a lab that this virus has a government patent on it. And China released it into the public. The media is dishonest be about alot of what is going on.

  23. This people are saying elderly eldery , in China people at 20s are dying .

  24. Imo, people have had this already in our community. I've never seen so many buying cold and flu products. They get over it and then the family members get it. I swear, my daughter had this in late Dec. 104.4 fever, massive coughing (horrible coughing that wouldn't go away so we went to the Dr), couldn't breathe and lethargy for a month. She is 15 and goes to Jackson and was sick all through end of Dec and into second week of January. We never got sick. How do i find out if she had it? They took her blood for mono and some other disease…i can't remember.

  25. I got the flu, maybe it is coronavirus. Can't self isolate. So I go to Starbucks to isolate.

  26. My Lord! You guys in emergency positions need to be completely covered! You're not even wearing glasses! Do we not learn from China? They are in HAZMAT suits for a reason.

    On that map of cases vs recovery vs deaths…wow, still 40,000 in limbo.

  27. FYI Underlying health issues include high blood pressure and diabetes. So… Yeah…

  28. You cannot believe any numbers from China… And our CDC is not going to tell the truth about the virus numbers….

  29. The CV is hyped up to more than it really is. It’s all about the Immune system and people believe that vaccines will save them when they are being killed by them. Vaccines weaken the body’s immune system. The healthiest people are those that are not vaccinated.

  30. Watch Bill Gates interview he said world cant handle these kind situation period he said that couple years ago

  31. Man, something just ain't right, now also in my city (San Antonio) they released someone who lasted about a whole day in the public, then was brought back in quarantine because he tested positive,

  32. Schools are prime spreading grounds for deadly virus 😷 Close the school's !

  33. I'm not sure Americans are ready intellectually to face the coronavirus.
    Some people don't seem to understand how the virus spread and how contagious it is.
    There are millions of Americans with already existing respiratory problems or other illnesses,
    they are a population at risk but the only advice you are receiving from medias are :
    Don't panic & wash your hands …
    If you want to deal with that situation don't listen to the medias, rely on scientific datas and prepare your family for the pandemic.
    May God bless you.

  34. Maybe the entire world should be quarantined for 14 days. Everyone. No exceptions!

  35. People are panicking and panicking lowers the immune system, Drink lots of water, get good,sleeps, breathe deeply, exercise, don’t eat processed food, avoid vaccines, detox….this is being hyped up!

  36. You cannot close everything down,let it run it,s course,and keep your fingers crossed

  37. Wow they sent her inside with a surgical mask only. Now she out and about infecting her family and everyone. U do understand people they are trying to kill us all. There is no other explanation for this blatant pertend lack of knowledge of how infectious this virus is. Bless everyone she encounters along her merry way..

  38. 5 trillion dollars wiped off worldmarkets.. but where did it go.. and wiped off to whom 😏
    Its either evaporated as dust or gone to some group of money lundgren millionaire..so next time anyone get massage that you have relative how died in some isolated islands just remember its coronavirus money

  39. Gotta love public education, schools closed btw your child may be infected by a deadly virus that will infect you whole family … have a nice day btw the teachers need a raise

  40. The virus may not show symptoms for weeks yet they could still spread it , by the time people are dying means thousands of people maybe infected and spreading it

  41. CLOSE the SCHOOLS> Our Children and their families are at risk! Flights? Trains? Mass living designs, even stack and pack apartments! USA is a moving time bomb!

  42. How do you not know anything about it , it’s been in China since December



  45. 90000 cases and 3000 dead makes 3%.
    Ordinary flu has a mortality rate of 1‰. So Corona has a 30 times higher rate.

  46. Comparing covid to the flu is for dumb shits, compare the two this time next year, I will bet the farm msm tune will change since covid-19 is 2-3x infectious and has a cfr=2.5%, 20x that of the flu. It is not the medias job to "protect" us from panic, it is their job to report the facts,period!

  47. Hi everyone if you want to know more go to Dr. John Campbell's youtube. It has no adds he's not selling anything he's just informing people. Check it.

  48. American news is so mechanical in its presentations to They show no sign of con ern with a churn out what is read on the autocue

  49. We are about to see, in real time, what China ACTULLY experienced for the last 2 months. By calculation we should see about 1,040,000 people DOA by late spring in the US. China has deflated the numbers of actual dead by a scale of 1000.There are probably 2,000,000 dead and more going down every day. This will be a disaster unlike anything our generation has ever experienced.

  50. Look at This?!?

  51. Wait! I thought you had to be middle added already with health problems. To get it. So much for trump saying in his speech the other day. If you are young and healthy you will be fine.

  52. 80,000 people died from flu in the U.S. in 2018.

    Do not be fooled by manufactured hysteria! You are more likely to die from car crash or heart disease!

    Take care of your immune system!

  53. What is the City's plan when the Homeless Population gets infected?
    Does it give them the right to clean up the Streets with Public Health as a priority?

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink ….. is a measure of how much people follow good advice. That said – will the Homeless be seen as Virus Carriers who are Avoided at all costs to your personal health – YES.
    Has the City envisioned the amount of Quarantine Wards they will have to setup if a small homeless village gets infected? Also the cost of care? Do we see people with no money on ventilators?

    I don't envy Mayor Durkin because these are questions with knee jerk reactions – how you handle a crisis is how you will be remembered. I'd hate to see a 2025 post analysis of this Virus that says …… Once the Virus hit the Homeless Population of Seattle, San Francisco and LA, it could not be Contained.

  54. It's been here for 3 weeks spreading Vancouver. Kelso Yakima tricities Spokane and everywere in between. U really think that runny nose and sore throat is allergies .justnsayn

  55. the government will not tell the public the truth cause it will start a panic and a panic is just as bad as the virus so they will lie to use till we are all sick. this is how it is. never trust the government and read between the lines. stock up now and get ready. the blood of those who are sick and those who die, it is on them, they are guilty.

  56. I hope that nobody has hidden the data for reasons that concern the national economy.

  57. the US response to the situation is a disaster – for-profit healthcare is deadly.


  59. Wow I guess I won't be visting Tacoma Washington this summer I don't want to get infected.

  60. Yep, this came from a lab, yet the media paints it as just a virus like the flu….though im sure the seasonal flu is probably made and released from labs also. Helps push vaccines and pop. control. Then you add 8nbthe fluoridated water, the chemicals and GMO filled foods, chemicals sprayed as chemtrails from plains above, and the chemicals we use to wash our bodies…that's a whole lot of poison floating around. Now add the 5G that wears down the immune system and even causes cancer. The guvna is sneaky. Add it all up and you've got a sneaky plan!

  61. Folks people are contagious several days before they even get symptoms. If there's a student that has symptoms, then that means they were spreading the virus for several days prior.

  62. so we isolating people who test positive at home around other people.. I'm just trying to understand 😣😣😣😣😣

  63. I guess sending them home is the best way to test it's severity 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  64. Twenty percent of those infected will require hospitalization. If they dont get hospitalization, the death toll is twenty percent, not two percent. The only reason they are getting two percent deaths is because eighteen percent are getting the critical medical care they need. The level of word play and deceit on how dangerous this is for the six billion living in third conditions is staggering.

  65. Nooo! THE USA! My country is next (canada) this virus is unstoppable. We must trust in god to protect our beloved nations!

  66. Virus is not coming from here. People from outside has brought the virus here

  67. Virus is not coming from here. People from outside has brought the virus here

  68. Everyone. Especially healthcare workers and infectious disease specialists: Please view Andology on YouTube to look at his COVID-19 Prediction Tool. This is what you can see will happen and give you guidance on how to prepare. You can enter your own cities population, the estimated R-Naught, etc to view outcomes on Andy's Model. It's interactive and easy to apply. He builds prediction models in many languages as his job before he began self-isolation/quarentined. He is not sick but sees what's coming. We'll make it through the virus. It's all the other aspects that makes this one especially difficult to rise up again. In his latest video he compared the Spanish Flu with COVID-19. You will get some idea of when SHTF

  69. Coronavirus can be fight with 500mg chloroquine per day during 10 days!
    What are the gouvernements doing ?

  70. theyrenot telling you everything! They closed schools in colville as well! Thats other side of state near spokane

  71. We shouldn’t be VERY paranoid rn. Obviously the people that have died are old and don’t have good health and good immune systems. The chances of you getting it if your less than 50 years old you’re likely to recover.

  72. Six now in Washington! Let the Corona virus drain the swamp! Yeah! God will protect his own! Hallelujah!

  73. Just let the chick in to see her mom and then let her go home so she can go shopping at Walmart for supplies.

  74. No coughing because they were dead. That will cure it every time.

  75. New Mexico is considering testing… soon. Meanwhile, NO TEST = NO VIRUS. Can you believe it?

  76. Canadians showing some TLC to PM Justin Trudeau after Covid-19 speech /// https://youtu.be/Kkbiz-KkIY8

  77. So I shouldn't go to school?
    No protocol!!! She went in with only a mask!!! We’re doomed

  78. In my school it happend yesterday and my classmate named "siya anadkat" has got to the ambulance because she got bad one and my rest of the class got good one. My school is Krishna avanti and my class is called peacocks I am in year two my name is vishwa and my teacher is called miss lacman

  79. MODERATORS , ANCHOR PEOPLE , AND THOSE GETTING A KICK BACK FROM THE SALES OF MASKS AND "SANITIZERS !!" EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!" Scarves dipped in vinegar & alcohol, "OR, "home-made Sanitize rs QUESTION/ANSWER ? ! I APOLOGIZE TO VIEWERS. My home-made SCARF invention of dipping scarves in vinegar and alcohol (maybe a bit of laundry soap too), and wrapping it around your head cowboy gunfighter style, may not be enough protection. (Add a Maxi pad for breathing ease & change it periodically!) ANOTHER commenter/i.e., "comment-or", corrected me with the "recipe" ingredients for a "DISINFECTANT SANITIZERS " , as the stores seem to all be running out of those little high priced bottles, as well as MASKS was SUBMITTED in a LIVE CHAT at Agenda Free TV Live Stream, but I can't find it again. PLEASE submit those INGREDIENTS on as many COMMENT AREAS POSSIBLE ! ( Sorry-but I prefer scarves to masks, still!) MUST FIND THE CORRECT ANS. FOR ALL OF US OUT HERE ! PLEASE CORRECT ME—AND WITH A RECIPE OF INGREDIENTS !!

  80. Heres my take on this so far, it seems to from watching the news conferences and gatherings that we should be ok …..so far knowing this virus IS HERE! It seems like these ppl are leaving out details and this is very unsettling.

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