Cosmic Tsunami And World END ? NASA दुनिया में मची तबाही – कास्मिक सुनामी का केहर

Will the cosmic tsunami destroy the world soon? Yes, what you heard absolutely right! Very soon the earth is going to swallow, and this is none other than but a cosmic tsunami! Yes, We have started a new segment in top 10 Hindi in which we will bring similar mysterious and shocking things to You! Let us start this topic of Cosmic Tsunami No one can escape from the havoc of the Cosmic Tsunami. Very soon the earth is about to end. NASA experts have discovered this. Let’s know what is the first cosmic tsunami and what effect it can have on Earth. The name of our galaxy i.e. Galaxy is ‘Milky Way’ and the Cosmic Tsunami is a fireball that is two times bigger than our Milky Way. Experts believe that our earth is like a small fish in front of the Tsunami, which it can swallow comfortably. It extends to 20,000 light years, this can give you an idea of ​​how much energy it could possibly be. NASA experts first discovered it at the Parsus Galaxy. The danger of the cosmic tsunami can be planted with the fact that he is getting hot chemicals and every galaxy cluster is coming out in his wrath, which is increasing its power every day. The matter of fact that it is very difficult to guess about these kind of things. Even at what speed it is moving towards the earth, it is also difficult to say this also. That day is not far when it will also cause panic on our land. NASA’s master specialist Stephen Walker is researching the Cosmic Tsunami with his team. The name of this mission is given ” moon” They believe that these cosmic waves are moving towards the Earth at very fast speed and depend on these magnetic field clusters If the intensity of the magnetic field is lower then the power of the cosmic waves will be greater and they will be seen in larger sizes. If the power of the magnetic field of a cluster is high, then it will weaken itself. However, it is a matter of fact that Cosmic Energy is at a distance of 2 lakh light-years from us so its average is difficult to know It is also said that there are two types of gas in the Cosmic Tsunami: Hot gas and cold gas which is even more dangerous and harmful. Stephen Walker believes that the way these cosmic tsunamis are formed, the first wave will be cold only. When this tsunami collides with any of the Galaxy clusters, then the hot waves are geared and they remain out. You will be surprised to know that the inner layer of the cosmic tsunami is cooled while the hot cosmic waves swallow from the outer layer. Although this has not been confirmed properly yet, the Parasus Galaxy is very close to our Galaxy. if you trust the sources then the condition is really delicate This secret first came in front of everyone every year when there was a hole on Earth’s magnetic field. It is said that the reason is that cosmic rays are trying to penetrate into the earth by making a hole. It is also believed that such cosmic waves can be found anywhere, such as in the sun’s rays, in the waves of the sea, and even on any other planet. The first time too has been speculated that the Cosmic Tsunami is going to touch Earth, but till now it is all right. Now the experts also believe that the black shadow of this cosmic tsunami can save God only. Although many people call this news a lie and fake , but one thing is true that sometimes the earth will be in its grip and the world will be completely devastated. What do you think, will the earth really stops from the cosmic tsunami? Share your thoughts in our Comment section. If you enjoyed this video of ours then please do not forget to Like and share our videos. Subscribe to our channel for such interesting videos and know the world’s mysterious events. Wait other video Loading……….

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