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Hello ! Welcome to Japan Diaries by Chee & Chaa. We are so happy that we have crossed 9000 subscribers let me introduce us for our new subscribers We are Akhila and Anoop. He is working as an IT engineer here for last 7 yrs. I came here nearly 1 year back and now doing my PG We will share more details about us in coming videos. We live in Tokyo. This video will give an insight on how much it costs for daily life necessities. First let’s start with Rent we moved to our new apartment 2 months back This is International students apartment, so the rent is little lower than the usual In our previous place, for a 49 sqm apartment it costs around 98000 yen. In Tokyo, it will cost average ¥100,000 for a 50sqm apartment. That is our apartment complex. Rent depends on many factors like apartment size, location and distance from railway station based on these rent will differ the main means of transportation here is Train. so distance from railway station matters. Most of the people here uses public transportation which includes Trains or Buses For commuting to Office we mainly use trains For employees the transportation expenses are fully/partly paid by company For university students there are discount passes For me it costs around ¥20,000 monthly With student discount, it costs ¥4,000 for me Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world In Japan, the expenses varies according to the places. Also, the average salary range is higher than in India We usually buy fruits and vegetables from Green market in our apartment. We depend on supermarkets for buying other items like fish, meat, milk etc. now we are going to the supermarket and will show you the prices of some of the items there. On the way, there is a shopping mall let’s look at the price of dresses Now we are in front of H&M shop New model dresses are displayed. At first there is a collection of trendy tops. I selected one from them and it costs ¥2499 This is one of a budget friendly shops here Branded items will cost more. Vending machines are common here We can get both hot and cold drinks, water etc., It will be much more costly if we own a car or two wheeler. we are not covering those aspects here For parking, it costs monthly around ¥20,000 – ¥25,000 And it differs based on location and apartments. taxi is really expensive. base fare starts at ¥410 and increases with distance. Bus fare is same and fixed for the places mentioned here. For adult, it cost ¥210 and for child it is ¥110 irrespective of the destination. We will do a detailed video about education system later. We arrived at the supermaket, Maruetsu Prices are indicated in red color and below that in black the price including tax We will show you some commonly used items and it’s cost Based on companies and location of the store, the prices will vary Sometimes offers are there and we can get items for low price Japanese beef is very expensive so we usually buy Australian beef High quality Japanese beef, Wagyu beef costs around ¥8000/kg Australian beef costs ¥1200/kg Comparing to beef and fish, chicken is cheaper. Milk usually costs around ¥180/ltr Alcoholic beverages are available in the supermarket itself 1 bottle Wine can be bought at an average of ¥1000 We bought some additional stuffs like Kitchen tissue, detergents etc., and now going to pay the bill We are returning after the shopping We will go by train as we have many stuffs in hand We have already done a video about trains in Japan So please do watch it for more details. We are back at home.. There are some more expenses we need to cover Electricity Electricity charges are depended on location In our previous apartment, for electricity and gas would cost around ¥8000-¥10000 per month Water is billed usually once in 2 months Here we have a prepaid like system where we have to charge for Utilities Monthly costs around ¥10000-¥12000 here Compared to our previous apartment this location is a bit expensive It will be around ¥8000-¥13000 then all depends on the usage 🙂 Another main expense is mobile and internet We get unlimited internet for monthly ¥2500. For mobile, the main cost is for data charge it comes around ¥5000 there are plans where we can use low data so that costs will be lower Next important thing is health insurance it gets deducted monthly from the salary Health insurance will cover 70% of the cost and rest 30% we have to pay yearly health check ups are there. health checkups are covered in the insurance These are the main expenses here. then there are other miscellaneous expenses like outing, cosmetics etc., We usually pack lunch from home itself. Fridays he use to have lunch from outside with friends Dinner is expensive comparing to lunch Last day we had dinner from an Indian restaurant We ordered 1 chicken biriyani, 1 mutton biriyani 1 lassi, 1 chai and 2 samosas it costed ¥5700 These are the main expenses for us Of-course Tokyo is an expensive city but, It all depends on how we spend 🙂 Hope you all liked this video. See you in next episode. Bye Bye.

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