Could You Pass a GED Test? feat. Mark Dohner 📝 MTV Access

– Yes! “Bruce Almighty”! What’s up, guys? I’m Mark Dohner and I’m
about to take a pop quiz. I have no idea what it’s about. I feel huge in this little seat here. Here we go, here’s the topic. Oh! G.E.D.! I passed high school so
I didn’t have to take, G– well, I have my G–, I
don’t know how that works, but here goes nothing. (laughs) Always write your name on your paper. You don’t want to hand in a
test without your name on it. I’ve done that a couple times and they don’t like that in high school. So here we go, question number uno. A painter rented a wallpaper
steamer at 9:00 a.m. And returned it at 4:00 p.m. He paid a total of $28.84. What was the rental cost per hour? So you got seven hours and he paid $28. This isn’t how you do division, but it’s going to be around
the three, oh, $28.84. Hm, divided by. (laughs) Let’s see, seven times four is 28, so it has to be more than $4, so boom, your answer is A, $4.12. One for one, baby. Arrange the following in
correct chronological order from oldest to most recent. Okay, wow. This is a Jay-Z album,
so that’s pretty recent. American Revolution, modern democracy, Magna Carta, Roman Republic,
classical Greek democracy. So I’m going to start
with the Roman Republic, ’cause that seems very old. I’m going to say modern democracy
is for sure the most recent. Ooh, American Revolution
would be before democracy. And C, Magna Carta, and then
classical Greek democracy. How’d we do? (buzzer buzzes) So I was good on this back end and then just had a little
mix-up on the front end. So I have a one out of two right now, and that’s 50%, not good. We’re failing this course. Question number three, locate
any errors in this sentence. The Cuban Missile Crisis was averted when Kennedy struck a secret
deal with the Soviets. Was averted, when, struck, no error. I’ma go with D, no
error, that sounds good. (bell dings)
Yeah! Two for three, we’re rising, baby. The following scenario
described an economic situation. The Mack Company produces fedoras. I don’t think wears fedoras anymore. It costs $5 to produce a
fedora, including raw materials, labor, marketing, and transportation. Mack sells the fedoras for $10 each. Given the above information,
the Mack Company earns $5 in profit for
each fedora it sells. Yeah, right? If it costs $5 and you sell
’em for $10, you make $5. That was the most easy question. That’s a GED question to pass high school? (whistles) Which word is the
subject of this sentence? According to experts,
computers can give us an amazing amount of
information about a car. Wow, they have a lot of nouns here. Experts, computers, information, car. According to experts, so
that’s not the subject. Computers, computers is the answer because that’s what we’re
talking about, B, computers. Ding, ding. We’re doing good, baby,
we’re passing high school. Which of the following expressions is equivalent to three times
two plus five y, frowny face? Three x plus five y, six x plus five y, six x plus 15 y, six x plus 15 xy. Well, so I know when you do math you do the parentheses first, right? Oh, yeah, yeah, okay, wait, so wait, ah. Okay, so this is, okay, I got this guys. Three x is, x is the
value, and then you see, you put the times symbol, and then you have parentheses, right? Two plus five y. You do three x times two and
then three x times five y. You got six x plus 15 y,
and that is our answer, D. Oh, xy, sorry. Yeah! Math was my strong suit, I took AP stats. What part of the cell is commonly referred to as the powerhouse of the cell? Nucleus, cytoplasm, Golgi apparatus, mitochondria. The mighty mitochondria is the answer, D. God, I am frickin’ good. I remember from high
school, holy snappers. I did well in high school. I graduated magna cum
laude in both high school and college, thank you very much. Graduated from Ohio University
with a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism in
three years, you’re welcome. What is the probability that one can correctly guess the
birth month of a stranger? Complete the fraction by answering for x. (laughs) Well there’s 12
months, so x equals 12. Wow. I can’t believe that this
is a high school question. The introduction of the
Constitution is called? The Bill of Rights, the 13th Amendment, system of checks and
balances, the Preamble. Ooh, I’ve heard. The Preamble to the Constitution, D. Wow, I am. This is all coming back
to me now, you know? It’s actually cool, ’cause I don’t feel like I learn anymore. Correct this sentence
using only one comma. We got support from everyone, but our parents helped us most of all. Ooh, there’s two places where
I feel like a comma could go. After everyone, after support,
after us, after parents. Here’s where I’m questioning. I’m questioning does it go here or here, because, hm. It’s going to go after everyone. Yeah? Hell yeah. Tides are mostly caused by the? Rotation of the earth, moon’s
pull of gravity on the earth, sun’s pull of gravity on the
earth, the orbit of the earth. If there’s one thing I
learned from the movie, “Bruce Almighty”, it’s that
when he pulled the moon closer, there was a tsunami, so I’m going to say, the moon’s pull of gravity on the earth. Yes! “Bruce Almighty”! Solve for h, colon, three
divided by h equals 1/12. Okay. This might take me a minute. Nine, 15, 36, 12. So h equals three divided by h. Wait, wait, wait, yeah, h,
solve for h, okay. (laughs) Damn, I just said I passed math. You guys are probably
going to cut back to that and be like, oh, I was great at math. Math was my strong suit, I took AP stats. 1/12, times that by three is 136, so, or is three times 36. So h is 36, C. I don’t know why that was so hard for me. Numbers freak me out. How many degrees make up the
four corners of a rectangle? 360, 270, 180, 90. How many degrees make up the four corners? So you have 90 degrees. 90, 90, 90, 90. I guess that would be 360 degrees, yeah? That’s still, it boggles
my mind that this is, these are questions. I thought this was like, a
second grade test or something. The only one I’ve gotten wrong, of course, is history, which doesn’t matter. Label this ocean that
separates North America from Europe on the map below. Well there’s Europe. And there’s North America. And I would say that this
is the Atlantic Ocean. Am I right or am I right? 14 of ’em, I got one
wrong and I was history. No one needs to study history,
that’s just my opinion. It’s cool to know where we came from, it’s cool to know about the
Roman Empire, but you know what? You’re not going to use that
when you’re in the real world, so I did good, 14 out of 14. (laughs) And at the end of the day,
ladies and gentlemen, a 93%. You got to know, like I
said, straight-A student in high school and in college,
nothing short of that. Shout out to Mrs. Dunker,
my English teacher in high school, she’s a real one. 13 out of 14, 93%, what do
we call that in high school? I think that’s either an A
or an A minus, question mark? I don’t know. I’ma go with A. I just finished the quiz,
I aced it, as expected. Let me know how you guys
did in the comments. I’d love to see which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong. Maybe tell me which ones stumped you. And guys, subscribe to MTV, baby.

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  1. Excellent work.that was fun. The funny part is none of that shyt mattered then and doesnt in 2020😂😂

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