Couple turns home into community pantry for flood victims

just one day after tropical storm Imelda flooded neighborhoods in New Canaan the home of Robyn and John Hannah opened to the community that while they’re working the donations poured in from churches and Families dry goods turned her living room into a soup kitchen and food pantry neighbors come in and we fill bags with things that they need mold kits and cleaning supplies are stacked in the den paper towels toilet paper feminine products school supplies it’s all to help folks like local teacher Nisa bond about nine o’clock in the morning the water was already coming in there was no pre-warning and an ax wagon shoots who nearly drowned trying to get help in the chest deep water I climbed out of the window and struggled half swimming half walking because the water was deeper outside and I got on top of my car and I started screaming for help as the neighborhood now begins the process of drying up and mucking out some didn’t even have money to go get food at Taco Bell or anywhere they turn to the Hana house for comfort it is saving us money and time and it’s a place for us to see other people who are in the same boat as us to have a connection with a time to just be and not be in the dirt and grime and everything and on this night a special delivery Papa John’s Pizza ordered from Robyn’s cousin out of state she has ordered enough food to feed 95 people from Papa John’s the proceeds benefiting the family of fallen deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal this is just one of the 1500 meals Robyn and her family have served in one week God spared our home so we are doing what we can to try to help those that they’re working to clean their houses and have no home now in New Caney Shelley Childers ABC 13 Eyewitness News [Music]

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