Coupon Shop, Release Info update & microtransactions are a lie. [CC]

I’m so funny and relatable ughh I think if I was depressed on the camera
I’d be more relatable *laughs* Hey everyone my name is Jace
I’m the community ma- *A* community manager here at Coffee Stain Studios Today I’m gonna be giving a bunch of information about some various things and I’m gonna try something new I’m gonna put the time stamps somewhere here so if you want to skip ahead to any specific topic you’ll see the time stamps and you can just go
ahead to that otherwise sit tight and let’s- let’s get on with it alright? Alright the first thing that I want to address is last week was a doozy We released a teaser trailer for a new feature in Satisfactory that is going to be in update #3 It is a shop and there isn’t much else that was said
about the shop and it was open for folks to speculate about what is this shop, what can it be used for not only that but the shop was- just check the location
of the shop and this biome looked a little different as well so if you-
if you haven’t seen that teaser trailer I will put it up here or here whichever side the cards are on
so you can check that out So I can give a little bit more
information about the shop as well I can say that the shop will offer
some cosmetic items also some non-cosmetic items The shop will use coupons [ding!]
that you attain somehow in the game Honestly I think that’s pretty much
about it but when you when you get the shop you could have a look in there and
see what’s what’s interesting The thing that I want to address here is
microtransactions [ding!] A lot of people were concerned that there were
microtransactions [ding!] in the game Because they saw a shop. Rest assured there are no
microtransactions [ding!] in Satisfactory *clap clap* Most people figured it wasn’t microtransactions [ding!] but a significant number of people thought it was microtransactions [ding!] in the shop You might be wondering why
we didn’t say anything about it why we didn’t say that it wasn’t microtransactions [ding!] and it was quite simply because 1) it was kind of interesting to see, and 2) again it was a teaser and
we wanted to see people’s reactions and let it simmer a little bit and then tell
you what is up I know some people might not like that because you’re stressed
about it or you know what annoyed you or you were concerned but here
you are now you know no microtransactions [ding!]
all is good now the shop is one of many things, okay it’s not the biggest feature and it is
certainly not the only feature in update #3 this week we’re gonna have
another teaser trailer out for something else and it’s gonna be the same kind of thing
it’s gonna be a teaser and we’re not gonna give much more information and we want you guys to talk about it and speculate about what it’ll be and
eventually you’re gonna find out what it is and more information about it another question that I’ve been getting a lot is information about the release date we haven’t given much information for quite some time the reason is we don’t have
much information we previously said end of January or beginning of February later at the end of this week on Friday I’m going to give you the the best
prediction that we have as for now what I can give you is That The release will not be at the end of January it will be either in the beginning of
February or if delayed it will be a matter of weeks one two weeks or
something like that but it’s not gonna be any longer than that so that’s that on Friday I will give you more information Oh! the other reason I have to wait till Friday is because this week of development is
actually really really important internally here. So depending on how this
week goes will affect the release date of Update #3 so that’s why I’m
gonna wait till Friday and give you more info Fun little side note here is we’re
gonna start streaming more commonly- more-
no wait- more REGULARLY… is the word. because now that we have Snutt helping out with community management Snutt is great at streaming
and setting up streams We’re gonna try and do streams
every week. Every Tuesday. and that means there’s gonna be a stream tomorrow So you can stop by, you can ask more questions We may play some games do some Q&A just hang out and have a good time with you all So be sure to follow us on our Twitch which is: I hope to see you there Another thing that’s probably worth mentioning is we mentioned it last week
on Twitter and on the social medias but maybe you missed it is that information about the save files going from update #2 – which is what we are now into update #3 we previously said that we didn’t know if your saves
would be even loadable in update #3 or if they *were* loadable, your factory would be broken and that you would have to fix it however one thing that we are very confident in now is that your save files should be loadable if they are loadable you are most likely going
to have to refactor your factory like if you have hardly anything in your factory
maybe you don’t need to refactor it but if you’ve got a medium-sized to big
factory you are most likely going to have to refactor your factory
and fix it all up but your saves will load™ Should Load™©® if they don’t please let us know *laughs* and back them up first. We’ll see if we can make sure
that it works for everybody. Okay so the next thing is something that we
would love some help from you *crashing sound* We would like to know what your most annoying
bugs or features or issues are in Satisfactory right now It’s easy for us when working on update #3
to just focus on update #3 and fix it and make it work and that’s very good
and that’s important but it’s easy for us to forget all the issues
that we had before this so if you can tell us in the comments below
what is the most annoying thing that you’re running into, please let us know
so that we can consider going back and working on that a little bit instead because we need to catch up
with some of those issues as well Prefer it if you didn’t
talk about optimization or like network and multiplayer issues
because yeah we know that and we are constantly optimizing
so that is an ongoing thing we don’t need you to say that but if you really want to, if it’ll make you feel better by all means say it and we’ll see it and we’re gonna work on it okay so that’s that’s all the information for today I hope that’s gonna tie you over for a bit and just a recap tomorrow is a stream on Thursday, I think if not Thursday: Friday There’ll be another teaser trailer and there will also be a video with information on Friday about the release date so we’ve got a pretty big week ahead I hope this was useful if you liked it hit like if you want to subscribe you can do that too just do it just do whatever you want it’s so awkward to say this stuff alright byeeee I am recording- the fuck? think your funny? *laugh off screen*

100 thoughts on “Coupon Shop, Release Info update & microtransactions are a lie. [CC]

  1. jace bought all the microtransaction v-bucks so you dont have to. all hail jace, destroyer of microtransactions.

    ⬇ Timestamps ⬇
    0:38 – Shop Teaser

    1:29 – Microtransactions

    2:16 – Another Teaser Trailer

    2:37 – Update on Release Date

    3:34 – Upcoming Livestream

    4:07 – Save Files in Update 3

    5:00 – Most Annoying Bugs?

  2. Id love to see a new power line updates…like some sort of distribution hub or something like (here in the USA, its called a substation) where multipuil output lines come from one source..just one power power is ok, only 4 total connections its frustrating to have all this wire and crap going everywhere..does this make sence?

  3. I can't believe how slow development is. So far we've been lucky if we get 2 releases in a year. At this rate the final product won't be out until 2027 sometime.

  4. I would love to see some additional design options. ie angled rooms, circular rooms, etc. Skin options.

  5. Top bugs I'd like to see squashed in coming updates

    1. Getting stuck in trees or in crevices trying to retrieve power slugs. Sure its fine to get stuck in a tree if you have a chainsaw on your body or in your inventory, but if you don't you're kind of screwed.
    2. Wonky physics in the Explorer vehicle. Constantly jittering up/down for no apparent reason. Throttle seems to shut off and resume even though the button is being held down.
    3. On occasion the belts switch directions from what direction they should be going. Product doesn't go into machines or storage boxes after this happens.

  6. My only real annoyance is the lack of an adjustable UI scale. Please let me spare my eyes, I love this game so I will destroy them if not, thanks 🙂

  7. Please tell me the coupons spit out like an old ski-ball game!!! I will feed whatever resources you want all day to get a HUGE chain of coupons going.

  8. most annoying thing: No 'economy'. There's no incentive to actually produce items once your factory is done other than stock up for the next update. These updates are gonna run out at some point, bringing the replayability of the game to near zero.

  9. The one big problem I have with the game is I get stuck on terrain all the time and forced to respawn nowhere near where I was. So maybe a system to detect if you are stuck and place you on the last bit of ground or find ground around you and place you there would be great.

  10. Can we have some copy construction feature like AreaActions mod natively supported? That would be awesome!

  11. Biggest annoyance? Lack of blueprints. I know you've said you're not adding them. Quite frankly, whatever your reasoning for that is, it is wrong 😉

  12. I've had a bug happen a few times to me already. I see slugs on trees, and when i jump on the tree to grab the slug i get stuck in place. Im stuck in place but my character bounces up and down at such speeds that it causes lag in the game. The only thing I can do now is take a chainsaw with me every time I leave.

  13. hey^^

    1. one bug is really hard . all time if i go in/out to/of the wather i cant loot or do any thing. only one way helps :save and load again….

    2.Have u fixed the problems at multiplayer with the delays? some times i must wait 5 min. to open my build options.

    Nice game Thx for all the hard work!!!!!

  14. I don't know about anyone else but I keep losing tractors. The auto pilot kicks in and it drives until it disappears. I spent 2 hours (out of curiosity) trying to find my tractor because I could see it on the map, but when I found it, there was the icon on the map but no tractor. Is there some way to disable the auto pilot if it goes crazy? I know if you delete one of the markers that it follows that it goes nuts but can there be a limited amount of time or distance that it can travel without hitting one of the markers? Otherwise it can just sit in place and idle like when it runs out of gas. Since you guys determine the rate at which they are put down during the recording of the path, if you make it so that if it doesn't hit the next marker by 2.5 times the max distance, that it just stops moving?

    Oh and make the gun just a little more powerful. It takes a lot to down one creature at times.

    Also, I think you guys have a weird system for the ammo for the gun. It should be black powder and pipes (or tubes) for the bullets. Turning essentially a grenade into a bullet seems odd.

    Please tell me the weird spheres and chunks have a purpose…

    I love this game. I don't really have the spirit to play most games anymore but I love Satisfactory. Oh and just cause, how about future support for mods? Cause mods = amazing.

  15. Would just like to tank Jace and the Epic store peasants for testing and getting our game ready for the steam master race release in Q2.

  16. I forgot a real pain for me…
    1) recording a vehicle path should also record speed rather than max speed all the time.. you have to put walls up in corners.
    2) you should be able to limit the amount that a vehicle will pick up and contain in inventory of a specific item. So I can use 1 truck to deliver 2 or 3 items. If limits aren’t in place soon nothing will be picked up and delivered if an unload location becomes full
    3) reset vehicles if lost in water

  17. Most annoying bug 1: explorer engine rev sound while on stop and parking, it goes vrrrrooooooom!!! Not game breaking but annoying as fuck.

    2: after deleting a belt section coming out of a splitter (or merger?) that section can't be added a new belt in place because "too steep" although it wasn't too steep 5 seconds ago. I think this happens if the belt was placed on the length of a belt prior.

  18. i dont know why but driving on foundations seems like the vehicles bounce a lot going full speed not sure if im the only one that experience that

    I can't sleep in the bunk bed, by the research station.
    Second most annoying feature is that the next optimized version looks like 8-bit.
    Next annoyment is getting stuck in the sea. If you slip off the side of semi submerged foundation you can't climb back on but have to swim miles to get back to shore.
    You also can't place or remove blocks while swimming. Enabling this would help a lot.
    We need more gestures.
    Base needs a comm station so players can leave chat messages for each other – even between non multiplayer games.
    The Sky whale needs to be paintable.
    This game has invisible birds. Lots of birdcalls but no birds. What are they all doing???
    Satisfactory.additem birdies

  20. Looking for real copy/paste also bigger map and storages, bilboards to write what is what or to advertise a zone, a way to put x tiles at the time instead of 1 by one, lights, elevators, a third view, VR compatible?, new resources/constructions, more materials/industries more life on the planet, more more more…. 🙂

  21. can I release the update as soon as possible? and then we still need to wait for it on Torrent

  22. можно побыстрея выпустить обновление? а то нам его ещё на Torrent ждать нужно

  23. the map doesn't work, i have researched it, but it just disapeared and i can't select it anymore

  24. I work away so I play offline a lot.
    Dealing with another body of my self everytime I start my save,
    And not able to remove a body from a vehicle.

  25. Invisible trees are so annoying, especially when you're fighting in the end game areas.

  26. Maybe multiplayer hosting to make finding people to play this awesome game with. Also the chainsaw sound keeps bugging out where it will keep making one sound. Or sometimes you can put it away and the sound keeps running in the background.

  27. Most annoying feature that's lacking from the game: autorun. I've litereally got a hurting middle finger from pressing W at one time.

  28. 1) it drives me nuts that I cant pause when I'm playing single player. I know that it doesnt matter much, but that Clock. Keeps. Ticking!
    2) I could do with more pve threats to player safety. I feel like i want to have to defend my base from some attack, or deal with additional threat types while exploring.

    I think the content in the game so far is pretty polished and good though. Good work so far!

  29. I'd really love it if you could absorb those hazardous cloud areas in the game and turn them into some sort of fuel source. The nice side-effect being you can turn those annoying unbreathable areas into health and safety abiding fun lands.

  30. One bug i had was that my power slugs disapeared out of my inventory after my Pc crashed and i had to restart it. Its quite a time ago and i dont know if you can use this information, but i thought i try ^^

  31. Scroll wheeling through hand tools can sometimes be very… random and skip stuff for some reason.

  32. Fix geothermal, fix multiplayer stability, fix multiplayer connections issue, maybe create some server to play on it, fix texture dissipear on positionning.

  33. Bug:
    No one mentioned, fart rocks still hurt you even if you put on a mask while on a vehicle

  34. something that u could improve:

    1 – Remove 'the fances" from the jump pad, its just anoying when u want to jump on it, but theres a block that make us walk around looking for 'the entry' of the pad… ANOYING.
    2 – Will u implement a copy tool? the current action bar is very short and theres a lot of buildings and things that we use all the time, and we dont have a quick acess to them and we need to open the building tab, select them and put them… ANOIYNG. it wold be good to copy somehint thats already on the map, like a conveyor belt, a assembler or whatever.
    3 – will u implement a farming system? isnt fun at all to have to leave the base and look for mycelia or another fruits to gather and make what we need to make with them, like inhaler or fabric.

  35. Feature:
    Add an option to have a creative single player so people can try out builds and have some fun creating bases

  36. my annoying thigs list
    1. LOD Models swapping radomly
    2. Big lag spikes(from lod models as well, big enviroment parts getting loaded/unloaded)
    3. Lighting/Reflection capture dummy would be nice to be able to place it.
    4. Truck stations to be limited what to unload/load from the truck.
    5. More buildings/variations. (especially some kind of decorations/concrete poles for objects)

  37. Why do I have the ability to yeet the truck across the map just by touching the wheel

  38. Miners placed on foundation and not lining up with the foundation grid is pretty obnoxious.
    Also not having a way to run power inside a structure without placing poles is kinda strange. Power connectors that can be part of walls would be cool.

  39. I want to make more shit and send it into space. my factory needs a purpose even if it is piles of gold coins that i get for supply other planets with mountains of computers and caterum wire. at the moment i am just building store houses? for what i dont know. answers on a postcard pls.

  40. Greetings traveler,
    FICSIT™ coupons should be found at crash sites.
    Thank you for participating in this comment and have a productive day.

  41. One issue/bug I've been noticing is the conveyor lifts seem to have a weird issue where they don't load the graphics properly if you are looking at them while facing south on the map. What I mean is that if I walk into my factory and look at my lifts while facing North, they render at full resolution and the animation is smooth, if I walk to the other side so that I am now facing south and look at them, any lift further than two or three foundation blocks away loads with reduced resolution and choppy animation as if they were far in the distance.

  42. I would really like have it possible to Load experimental saves in normal early acces having it delte every thing not the supported

  43. Most Annoying fact: Still only on Epic Games Store. Lots of money waiting on steam platform if you ever get there.

  44. The invisible truck station inventory is very annoying. And if somebody has this bug, the places where you have to add some material or power to a crashed spot to gather the hard drive fom it, does not work either. It is very a game breaking thing tbh.

  45. Please – every other game company – this is how you do community information videos. Take note and all hail the Jace/Snutt team

  46. Just wanna point out, my current annoying thing is not having lighting for interiors for Factories, I CANTTTT SSEEEEEE!!!!

  47. Most Annoying Thing!!!!
    The mouse cursor (and if possible also the vertical scroll offset) in the recipe-selection interface should be at the same position it was when last closing it!
    Selecting the same recipe for multiple machines would be far easier like that.

  48. mass deconstruction! It would be rad if you could start over with all your techs researched already.

  49. -If I'm jetpacking when the game saves, loads a new zone, or otherwise the game hitches for more than half a second, I will get a huge burst of thrust and soar higher into the air than I intend to.
    -If I have two splitters/mergers as close together as possible it is a LITERAL pain getting a belt to connect the two as I have to find the one pixel it connects to the right end. This is exaggerated when there are several connection points a potential belt could snap to nearby. Makes compact factories annoying.
    -Smart mergers. Only allow X amount of product into the right branch, then only allow Y amount into the middle branch, then Z into the left branch, and repeat. I don't want to keep having to manually stock my building train.

  50. In my opinion, you should fix the fact that mobs constantly respawn when you load a save.
    My exemple, bees… I kill them and their nest, save, quit and when I reload, bees have respawned (outside the nest) and, a intact nest have respawned too…

  51. The biggest problem I and my friends have on since the train's update, is that its impossible for us to play multiplayer. Its became either very unstaible (people crash when trying to join the other), or that people can not join at all (crash on joinging).

  52. Problems: As host there are as good as no heavy bugs, but on the client-side there happens to appear one bug after another.

    1. The most important thing is to get servers.
    I am now playing with 2 friends on tier 6 and because of long distances between us (and sometimes even without those) the game is insane laggy and often gets desynched.

    2. Clients can´t use Truck Stations.

    3. As Client you will most likely not be synced with other characters (for example the Host is somewhere completely else on the Client side).

    4. All the Bugs with TAB – for example use jetpack and press tab (Not that big of a deal).

    5. Clients can´t see the block they placed (Not that big of a deal).

    6. Players stay on the map even after leaving (Not that big of a deal).

    7. Sometimes Clients can´t harvest Nuts etc.

    8. Trucks are somehow "hopping" around on foundations.

    But in the end, I have to say I have never had such an awesome Alpha gameplay experience! The game itself is super fun just sad you can´t really play with friends because there are no server and a shit ton of client-based bugs.

    If that will be fixed this game will be one of my favorite games of all time 🙂

    Edit: Had not watched the video until the end so sorry for many "server-based" examples but those honestly are the only annoying bugs that i have run across 🙂

  53. Issue: it would be really cool to be able to place more then one foundation at a time. Like if you could drag a rectangle of foundations. And it would be cool to do that for walls also

  54. Malfunctioning snap when connecting conveyor lifts to machine inputs.
    Health loss on game load.
    All buildings listed as "new" all the time.
    E-button stops working.

  55. I would love to have a peaceful mode option to be able to focus on building and not have to worry about combat. This would also be a huge help for introducing the game to younger relatives.

  56. Please put in a proper road system. Something that is capable being angled to get over bad terrain and making turns other than 90 degrees. Something that can be placed like a conveyor belt but wider and doesn't need power… unless you can use it to transfer power and has lights maybe…

  57. One problem I keep running into is whenever my game loads up, I get into/out of a vehicle, or idle for a while my health bar drops from full to 3 bars which is really annoying to constantly lose health outside of combat.

  58. Additions: Being able to custom paint Trucks, Explorers, Trains, and Tractors. Elevators, smart and programmable splitters are more customized to a player's specifications – x of x product left, y of y product straight, z of z product right.
    Bugs: Vehicle bug when driving and you hit some trees that are destroyed in the Tractor, but not the truck.

  59. My major annoyance is that my doggos bring me nuclear waste even though I don't have a Nuclear Power Plant, it is the only manufactured item they bring. I find that very annoying.

  60. Hey, Satisfactory dev's, I've played HEEPS of early access games and can say this is THE most stable glitch-less early access game I've ever played, however there is one glitch when tractors and trucks run over you or you get out when they are moving it shoots you under the map and all your items are lost in the void forever. Love the game, keep it up!

  61. Omg, thanks guys, I love your game but right now the stutter just makes me want to puke. I get dizzy within 15 and at 30 I must stop. I have a 5k$ rig, just a huge game. But still, plz. And again, your awesome guys

  62. Annoying bug. Been playing offline since i don't have internet and if i leave the game or load an old save where i was in a vehicle, i can not use that vehicle anymore. I can't destroy it nor kill the character inside. So i lose everything i had in that player

  63. I know you said no multiplayer fixes but I currently have a 12 yr old son who refuses to play the game with me until he can drive the train in multiplayer. So if you care about a father being able to connect with his son, you will fix this bug for us. But if you don’t care about father son relationships, you won’t 😳

  64. I don't mean this as a funny meme or a criticism, but the uncertainty on a Steam release is somewhat frustrating. I understand your hesistation, but even a "No, we will for sure not be launching on Steam," is preferable. I get it 100% and if you can't or are worried about talking about it, that's okay. I just want more information.

  65. Um… the most annoying bug i can think of is when Train cart displaces them selves.

    Sins there is now collision between Trains and there aren't any stop signals and the like when 2 Trains stop at the same station 1 of the Trains can get its cart displaced. They are still attached to the Locomotive they are just a "bit" away from it and can't be unloaded or loaded by a station as they aren't in the station until you break down the carts and rebuild them in there right full place.

  66. The feature that I find the most annoying is that there is currently no way to brighten up your factories. It would be nice if we could mount lights to walls and/or make power poles with lamps on top.

  67. HI! can you make a little visual difference between conveyors mk4 and mk5 , its annoying when you want to upgrade a conveyor from mk4 to mk5

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