COVID-19: Yomdel launches rapid-to-deploy emergency live chat teams

(upbeat music) (whoosing) – More and more businesses
have been contacting us at Yomdel to explain that
they’re really struggling to cope with surging demand for support from their customer services teams. In the face of coronavirus and uncertainty of whether people can travel, whether events are taking place, whether they can get refunds, whether they can change their plans. These teams simply cannot cope, the phone lines are ringing red hot. I was speaking to one travel
agent just the other day, who told me that he had actually waited for three hours and 25
minutes to try to get through to a major European theme
park and eventually gave up, and what’s more, trying to make that call
actually cost him £80. Now, he’s spread that
story through social media, he can’t go back to his
customers to let them know what the situation is, it really
is intensely frustrating. In response to these kinds of stories and the importance of
getting immediate information through to customers
just when they need it, Yomdel’s now launched
an emergency response, rapid deployment live chat
team, where we’re able to very quickly go in and support any stretched
customer services teams. We can deploy the live
chat on specialist pages, landing pages for the
coronavirus situation. We will then have a
ready-to-go, out of the box, Q and A, really for FAQs for dealing with the common questions
raised to Coronavirus, current travel advice, any other things which are appropriate and then after then the businesses can also add
in some additional data. The important thing
here is there is a point of first contact just looking
for a triage situation to just identify those cases, those people that need to be escalated through to a higher level and the majority cases we will be able to very quickly solve as enquiries at the point of first contact through giving people
the correct information. If you like to find out more about this just contact Yomdel. We will be very happy to speak to you about your requirements
and it’s important to say that even for smaller
businesses we can put in place a blended environment
whereby a team of operators, live chat operators, might
actually to be able to shared by a number of different businesses. So you can really up
for game when it comes to helping your customers,
supporting your customers, and indeed supporting your staff at this very difficult time. (whirring static music)

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