CRAZY GERMANS invade my favorite river! — Skjern River

– 80cm
– Yeah – Super nice! – Ah!
– Boom! Hello and welcome everybody to another fishing trip This time we are at the Skjern River
Now we are currently in the Zpey Lodge And for this trip I’ve invited two really good friends from Germany They came all the way up here and they drove 9-10 hours to get here To come and fish for a few days And I’ve also invited a great friend that I’ve been fishing with for many years, he’s called Simon So we are four guys We are gonna fish the river and hopefully catch a few salmon There’s been good numbers of fresh fish running up in the river lately so I think we have quite good chances of getting a fish This evening we are gonna have a big barbeque and And the boys from Germany always bring a ton of booze So we’re gonna have a great time The weather these days is kinda shitty Here in Denmark it’s not really summer-ish It’s kinda rainy and not that great but The fishing is good so Hopefully we’re gonna have some great days eventhough the weather is kinda rainy, kinda bad Before we are going fishing there’s actually something I want to talk about This channel has gotten quite big And thank you everybody out there
for supporting the channel It’s really nice and I’m really grateful about it! This also means that a lot of companies now Think it could be pretty interesting for me now to show their products in videos In general I haven’t done this Many of these products are actually products that I cannot vouch for myself But a couple of weeks ago thos fishing app called Fishbrain actually got in touch And that’s actually an app I’ve been using myself And I actually really liked it since
I was using it anyways so I wanted to show it to you guys So this is actually paid promotion So I’ll just share my screen with you guys and show you what this app is all about And why i actually like it It’s basically like Instagram
just only for fishing Which i think is pretty cool And if you go to my account You can see me holding a pretty decent fish And I’ve logged a lot of my fishes Basically it’s mostly Atlantic Salmon And I think what is really cool in here is You have memories about your whole fishing life You can see statistics in here Now I havent logged that many fish yet But over time, if I used this for a couple of years I can see when I’ve caught Atlantic Salmon When I’ve caught my seatrout, pike, when was the best time Stuff like that I can log many really cool things And then you can see – Oh I’ve had really great fishing over the last 5 years And there was this common factor which was I dunno, the time of the month or the weather or Basically anything
And I think that is really cool So I think it would be really cool if you
guys out there downloaded this app And gave me a follow Because since you can see I only have like 42 followers Which isn’t that much but I think it’s pretty cool To use this and I would like to use it more and interact with more people so So download it and go follow me and I will follow you back and We can give each others catches a big thumbs up and Share good fishing memories
that would be really really cool So that’s basically just what I wanted to show you I think it’s really cool and thanks to Fishbrain for reaching out I’ll be using this from now on A lot actually Now we actually just need to go and meet up with the guys The two german guys they are already buying their licenses And I need to meet up with them now so See you at the river Okay so now we are at the river and here is Willi from Germany And he is actually the guy that makes all the subtitles in Germany so Prost to Willi! And we have Martin in the background here Also a really nice guy He’s just with us because he is sexy as fuck And we just got to the river and we just found this camp Like it’s really windy and rainy today And we just found this nice camp I don’t know where this dude is but his fishing rods is here and His glasses and everything And his bed is just soaking wet So actually the weather is really bad But eventhough it’s bad, Willi he actually already got a salmon – Yes, I got lucky
– How big was it – It was 76cm really nice one, awesome condition – We have a really nice section of the river here that we are gonna fish and – Willi is always on fire – He’s like the German legend coming to Denmark so – He’s probably gonna get another fish
– Yeah I’m pretty optimistic, it’s really good conditions – Not too many people out here
– No – Looks nice, water level is good – And best people
– Thanks man – I wonder why people are not out here today – You can actually still see the tent in the background – Can you do a sexy smirk? Okay, so Willi is hooked up on a pretty decent seatrout actually – Really nice – And as always in Denmark, the weather is just flawless you know – Thumbs up – Thumbs up, like and subscribe!
– Yeah really nice – To get this fish Willi he basically drove all the way from Germany – 9-10hours
– Totally worth it – Yeah – Also since in Germany it was like 35 degrees – Real good summer, sunshine – Let’s see if he gets this one – Ah we should have had the net right now, right?
– Yeah, that would be really good – Can I tail them, no?
– No not really – I’m just gonna see what i’m gonna, oh! – There it is
– Noooo! – Part of the game
– Oh! – But nice fish though
– Yeah – Sad
– Aah! – Shit! – And as you can see, the weather is really nice – We are having a great time – Everybody is really happy – And now we are going back to the lodge to get some sausages – Some beer – And some whiskeeey

48 thoughts on “CRAZY GERMANS invade my favorite river! — Skjern River

  1. Fed video igen, omend noget af en fejlagtig titel, har du været i lære på Metroexpress? 🙂

  2. lækker film Andreas…..og pænt af dig at lade gæsterne om at fange fiskene.

  3. Yo man merkt sofort das Willi die Untertitel gemacht hat 😀

  4. Kæft, du laver nogle fede videoer, det giver virkelig en lyst til, at hive fiskestangen frem 😁 Tak for de fede videoer, og den tid du putter i dem 😊

  5. JAHHHHH endelig en video fra Andreas, er simpelthen så vild med dine videoer

  6. Echt geile folge 😆👌. Und besonders mit den deutschen Untertiteln. Danke dir Willi😂👍

  7. Sehr cool👀😎🎣👍🏼 Grüße gehen raus✌🏻️ Wer mag darf auch gern mal bei mir vorbei schauen👀✌🏻️

  8. Hej Andreas jeg elsker at se dine videoer. Også fordi at jeg selv er begyndt at fiske rigtig meget. Og hele min familie er meget i Norge og fiske efter laks.🐟🎣🎣

  9. Nices Video, Mr Mieth. Werde sie vermissen😭😁
    Ps: Die alte Kugelstoßenlegende grüßt sie😂

  10. Habe gehört dieser Typ aus Deutschland soll ein sehr guter Lehrer sein ^^

  11. Elsker dine videoer har lige et spørsmål hvilken stang bruger du når du fisker efter laks

  12. Hej Andreas

    Deler du ud af spots og shelter? 😛
    Mig og en ven skal til Skjern for første gang, og det er selvfølgelig med håbet om at fange en laks. Derfor ville jeg spørge om du kunne give et tip eller to om, hvor og hvordan du fisker, og hvor du sover i shelter, når du ikke er i Zpey Lodgen. Hvis du ikke er interesseret i at dele ud på åben forum, så vil jeg rigtig gerne sende en privatbesked på facebook, og hvis du slet ikke er interesseret i at guldkornene kommer ud, så er det også helt fint 🙂
    Sidst men ikke mindst, hvordan fisker du dine upstream spinnere fra FCSpinner? Er det ligesom den "guide" som Torben har skrevet. Den ligger på fcspinners egen hjemmeside.
    Og igen fantastisk content, keep it coming K&B.


  13. Great Video !
    You inspired me (15) and my father and so we went 2 days to the skjern au ! It was amazing, First we caught small pikes and a 30cm Perch and than i caught my First salmon (85cm). The Second day began like the First with small pikes and a good Perch and than i caught my Second salmon (93cm) and only 1hour After another (83cm)!
    Incredible 2days at the Most beautiful River Ever !
    Greetings from Germany

  14. Moin, wollte demnächst mit meinem Dad auch mal an die skjern au, hast du vielleicht ein paar Tipps für uns ?.

    Ps wie immer Hammer Video.

    Grüß aus Hamburg ✌🏻

  15. Hell yeah man. i love these videos that are like mixed outdoor and fishing! just went out to jagt & fiskerimagasinet today and bought a rod and wheel! can't wait to get started

  16. Another great video Andrea's 🎣. Am looking at booking the lodge out next year for a week 🎣. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇩🇰. When's the best time to book?

  17. Virkelig fedt lavet. Måden du rediger på, lyd kvalitet og video kvalitet fed video !

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