Creative Deck Lighting Ideas

The thought of buying new lights for any part
of my house, inside or out, makes me happy. I love looking for light fixtures. There are so many options to choose from. Lighting comes in a variety of shapes, small,
flush mount and sconces. These are all indoor and outdoor types of
lighting. I was shopping the other day and I fell in
love with a chandelier hanging in an outside gazebo. I love to see different types of fixtures
used outdoors. It brings a fun and classic feel to outdoor
deck lighting. As you choose deck lighting let your imagination
go. There are no boundaries when it comes to creativity. If your deck is not covered here are a few
options for deck lighting. Post lighting is a wonderful option for you
want lighting all around your deck. Not all post lighting has to be lit at the
same time. You can have them wired separately or in sets. Another option for non-covered decks is Tiki
torches. Be careful when using Tiki torches, they can
be dangerous and a fire hazard; but they are fun Outdoor sconces mount to your homes outer
walls. They give good lighting to your uncovered
or covered deck. Sconces are not a flood light; they give light
to a certain area but not the whole deck or yard. If you choose to use a sconce you may want
a secondary source of lighting. String lights or rope lights are fun for open
or covered decks. There are so many different types of string
lights, bulbs, pendants or even paper lanterns. Have you added a roof or gazebo to your deck? My favorite lighting is an outdoor chandelier. They can be hung from anyplace that is high
enough, secure and wired for a light fixture. Chandeliers come in more than one type, not
all chandeliers are for fancy dining rooms. These days the sky is the limit. I have seen chandeliers made out of antlers. Chandeliers can create a fun and inviting
atmosphere, perfect deck lighting. Enjoy your deck, make it your own. Use your imagination and let your personality
show. You will not regret adding to your deck something
that you love.

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