Creative Metallix Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review | 4K

Hey guys, Roger here and today I’ve got
the Metallix Plus Bluetooth speaker by Creative, which has some really cool
features and an impressive battery life. Creative are one of those companies that
are known for quality and of course they’ve been around for a long time. Now
I’ve tried a few different Bluetooth Speakers so far this year, but for the
price this has to be one of my favourites so far. I will say thanks to creative for
sending me the product for this review let’s check it out! So as well as listening to music you can
use the metallics plus for phone calls and you can also activate the assistant
on your mobile phone such as Siri, by pressing a button on the speaker. It uses
bluetooth 4.2, it’s splash proof with a water resistance rating of IPX5, the
battery lasts up to 24 hours and it also has an auxilary input which I guess is a
handy feature to have. Inside the plastic cabinet are two full range drivers and a
passive radiator in the middle which Creative say offers enhanced bass, and I
think it does look really cool and actually after playing around with it
for a while I think that passive radiator does make a difference. All of
the controls are placed along the top of the speaker and they’re very clicky and
easy to press, and they also have a rubber coating which not only makes them nice to touch, but it does help keep water out of the device. Pairing this
speaker with let’s say your phone is really easy. I do like the way the
speaker talks to you as well to let you know what’s going on. “Pairing mode,
waiting for device to connect”. It literally took me about five seconds to
pair this with my phone and I was good to go. So here’s a quick sound test using a microphone placed about three feet away… It’s hard to grasp just how good a
speaker is without hearing it in person but I can tell you for its size the bass
output is good. It will easily fill a medium-sized room with clear audio. Something else I like about this speaker is the fact that you can pair it with a
second unit. Now I do only have one of them but I can just imagine how awesome two of these would sound. I’ve had the speaker connected to my Mac while gaming, which has been superb and I do like the fact that I can move it around and of
course there are no wires to worry about. Watching YouTube videos and playing
music has been enjoyable and I guess this is what most people will use the
speaker for. I have also used this while playing games such as Fortnight and it
really makes such a huge difference to the overall experience. I must also give
a massive shoutout to Keaton the Trusted Texan, for sorting out an invite for me
for fortnight on iOS, I really do appreciate it so thanks Keaton. So if
you’re looking for a Bluetooth Speaker the Metallix Plus by Creative in my
opinion would be a great choice. For the money it performs very well it has some
great features including that 24 hour battery life, and of course you can pair
two of them up for an even bigger soundstage. I hope you enjoyed the video
guys and as always you’ll find a link to the product in the description below, and
please don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. I’m Roger with Life of
Tech, thanks for watching!

33 thoughts on “Creative Metallix Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review | 4K

  1. This Bluetooth speaker is really going to come handy on my occasional field trips.

    Man, the way you’re able to do in-depth reviews under 5 mins is absolutely brilliant. ??

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  3. Looks like a nice speaker and AGAIN…your production value……..BOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great work Roger! Looks like a great speaker. Being. Able to pair the 2 would be pretty awesome for sure. The sound through the video sounded good so in person in sure their pretty great.

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    Seems like a pretty nice speaker, the fact that you can pair two of them up is also nice.
    Well done man.

  8. Great In-Depth review man,nice speaker and awesome video quality as always and man you got an invite for fortnite that's awesome.?

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  12. Fantastic video Roger! I might have to pick one or two of these up… they look great!

  13. Excellent review, and so well shot. I really have to look into this speaker. Recently purchased a iHome speaker but not loving it at the moment.

  14. Nice review Roger! Seems like a cool speaker. It has a very clean design!

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  19. Glad I subscribed. Had no idea Creative was still in business

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