Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River (John Fogerty Live In Oakland In 1989)

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Green River Creedence Clearwater Revival – John Fogerty
On Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium, Oakland 1989 Well, take me back down
where cool water flow, yeah! Let me remember things I love Stopping at the log
where catfish bite Walking along the
river road at night Barefoot girls dancing
in the moonlight I can hear the bullfrog
calling me, how! I wonder if my rope’s
still hanging to the tree Love to kick my feet way
down the shallow water Shoe fly, dragon fly
get back to your mother Pick up a flat rock skip
it across Green River Well !!! Up at Cody’s Camp
I spent my days, yeah! With flat car riders
and cross-tie walkers Old Cody Jr. took me over Said, you’re gonna find
the world is smouldering And if you get lost come
on home to Green River Well !!! Composição: John Fogerty

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