Crisis on the Volga River – From Moscow to Murmansk

22 thoughts on “Crisis on the Volga River – From Moscow to Murmansk

  1. Hello Jelle, nice documentaries i watched whole of Your Russia series and also those of India. Indeed good journalism – I am impressed that You are proficient in both russian and hindi.
    What is the name of melody @4:49?
    You take kind of critical view of Russia and it's government(sad music and such) – I would like to see You make a similar documentary in US. Although I'm not sure whether NPO board of governors would approve of that because it is tied to US media and thus wouldn't allow to show documentaries that show US in critical light.

  2. Socialism is great until people get in the way. Capitalism is great until money gets in the way.

  3. I'm finally here again watching your videos, merry christmas!! Thank you for sharing such great content. 馃檪

  4. Sapciba droog.
    Nice video.
    I have been learning russian watching v铆deos like that.

  5. As usual, Vpro is the best documentary maker. Unusual topics and less moral judgement. And it's slow and without music to manipulate your emotions. Thanks.

    I'm French and I'm sad that Arte is so ridiculously politicised. At least some countries still use state money for great media production.

    In our age of political division, Vpro is the only place where I find documentaries that don't make me feel manipulated.

  6. Do you purposefully selecting ugliest parts of the Russian cities to show? I watching not the first video of yours, and as a Russian I'd say they biased as hell. I wouldn't say it's a lie per se, but definetely seems handpicked with negative accentuation and not representative in any meaningful way. Just had to say this. (I will be called a Putin-bot in comments in 3, 2, 1….)

  7. Presenting things as they really are – delivering the bare truth most of the times equals with the greatest scandal… Most people would do anything to keep it below the surface.
    Thankfully these documentaries are the exception (that confirms the rule).

  8. I take my hat off to the night club owner with his positive attitude & keeping the club open with no water.

  9. Excellent Channel! Do not know why there are only three thousand people watched it. Was this one filmed in 2017?

  10. Sobering, fascinating and informative. Jelle and the VRPO team are true journalists. 袘芯谢褜褕械 褋锌邪褋懈斜芯.

  11. If people miss communism that much, why are only 15% of the population voting for them?

  12. @vpro world stories

    if you still making those videos – i'd like to invite you to my own city of Mogilev in Belarus. You can be sure you can use my help here.

  13. Well import westetn insane valors is not evolution but extintion …

  14. Been watching Jelles content on VPRO and it's all great. Underrated channel.

  15. If you ever do other countries, I won鈥檛 be able to watch you. Your videos speak of your heart, it鈥檚 truly Russian only 鉂わ笍???

  16. made a public confession to your subs: while you drive the Volga you think for yourself "oh god, i wish see nederland again!! protect me and not let me die"

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