Croc River of Death | Destination WILD

NARRATOR: The smell of
water is irresistible, but experience
warns of the risks. The adult wildebeests
remember crocodile attacks from previous years. No one wants to be first. Soon, the crush of new
arrivals will force a decision at the front of the line. Thirst eventually
overcomes fear. They remain on high alert. It only takes a quarter of
a second for a crocodile to launch out of the water. They’re lucky. This was just a scout. Death is a steep price to
pay for a drink of water. Miss. But there’s nowhere
for the herd to escape. It’s backed up all
the way up the bank. There are thousands of
wildebeests waiting to drink. Now, the leaders are
forced into enemy territory by the surge of
bodies from behind. They lose a herd member. Mercifully it’s a quick death. But the attack shocks
the herd into action. The priority changes. It’s the perfect time to cross,
while the enemy is distracted. Swept along by his herd
mates, Neo’s first crossing is a success.

13 thoughts on “Croc River of Death | Destination WILD

  1. Selling their friends to crocodile, there seems to be an agreement made by the king crocodile & king of wildebeest, animal abuse

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