Cross River Rail

Cross River Rail, the highest priority initiative required to support our great State’s growing urban population. With the population of South East Queensland doubling every 30 years, our region is expected to reach almost 4.9 million people by 2036, with almost half of the total jobs growth remaining in Brisbane. That’s 1.2 million public transport trips per day, to and from Brisbane, from growth areas such as the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast. Public transport plays a pivotal role in alleviating our future urban congestion. However, our rail network is already reaching the limits of its capacity. Without major investment in the inner-city rail network, by 2021 there will be no capacity to increase services during our busiest times and passengers will face overcrowding on platforms and trains. The Queensland Government is committed to investing in our rail network to support Queensland’s economic growth and generate jobs. Our strategy focuses on revitalising and transforming the rail network to meet the challenges facing South East Queensland. We must act now to meet the needs of our growing region, by delivering Cross River Rail. The new Cross River Rail is a 10.2 kilometre link from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, and includes 5.9 kilometres of tunnel under the Brisbane River and CBD. Cross River Rail will reduce travel times and deliver more services from the outer suburbs to the city. Construction of Cross River Rail will stimulate Queensland’s economy, generating 1,600 jobs each year, increasing productivity, triggering urban development and benefiting our capital and beyond. Connecting the northern and southern rail networks from day one of operations, this project is the key to unlocking the potential of our growing communities. Cross River Rail will improve access to the city centre, providing better links to key education, health, knowledge and entertainment precincts. The new Cross River Rail is the natural and necessary next stop in Queensland’s rail journey.

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