Crossing the river – Brain teaser

Welcome to the solution of the crossing the
river brain teaser. In this problem we have 3 zombies and 3 humans.
And we need to get everybody across the river. The problem is the boat we have to get across
the river can only fit two at a time. And furthermore there can never be more zombies
than humans at any point on either side of the river. If there are ever more zombies
than humans then the zombies are going to kill the humans. There is more than one solution
to this problem., so at this point I recommend to pause this video now if you don’t want
to see my solution yet. Because I am about to give you the answer in 5,4,3,2,1

100 thoughts on “Crossing the river – Brain teaser

  1. Tbh, if the world was at a point where there were zombies I would just let them eat me. 😂😂😂

  2. Fuck the zombies. Just leave that fat kid that eats twinkles because he is not gonna make it anyways

  3. Why not just bring 2 humans, then bring the last human and 1 zombie last go back and bring the other 2 zombies

  4. on the way back from the first move there were more zombies then humans on that side, 1 zombie 0 humans. fake!

  5. cant you just do two humans, two zombies, then the human and zombie together? unless you need on person on the boat at all times.

  6. My solution was for one guy to swim to the other side and the 2 other guys would go away on the boat

  7. This is wrong you cant have more zombies than humans so if you have two zombies and no humans there are more zombies than humans

  8. I was thinking, since the river is so small, and it can't be very deep, they chuck the boat away and just swim across.

  9. Yeah, cause someone's gonna get in a boat with a zombie. That sentence is supposed to sound sarcastic but you can't make writing sound like something

  10. Take 1 zombie and 1 person across
    Bring 1 person back
    (2z 3p : 1z)
    Take 1 zombie and 1 person across
    Bring 1 person back
    (1z 3p : 2z)
    Take two people across
    (1z 1p : 2z 2p)
    Bring 1 person and 1 zombie back
    (2z 2p : 1z 1p)
    Take 2 people across

    I prefer this way because you don't have zombies in the boats on their own. The people should be the ones controlling every step, not the zombies. If zombies were able to make decisions, such as in the solution presented in the video, they wouldn't have made decisions that would allow the people to get by safely.

  11. Human takes a zombie. Drops the zombie off. Now he goes back with now.3 humans 2 zombies. Take the remaining 2 zombies across the river. Done i win.

  12. easy I did it on paper. it's a lot like the Fox, the chicken, and the seeds puzzle.

  13. all u would have to do is take a zombie and a human on the boat push the boat because it is a short river then have a zombie than human get on and repeat until u r done

  14. You can't have a zombie and a human on the same boat because the zombie is gonna eat the human that's why I didn't get the solution because this doesn't make sence

  15. get two zombies on the first trip. Then come back and get the other zombie. Come back for two humans and then come back for the last one

  16. It was too easy one of the answers was you could have one human and one zombie in at every time and still get all six of the members across without there being more zombies then humans it would be exactly the same amount

  17. zombie is z human is h send one z with one h leave h send z back to get h send z back to get z send z back to get h then send h back to get z

  18. Why didn't he just put one zombie and one human on the first ride, drop them both off and then take two humans on the second ride, drop them both off again and then take the two zombies on the last ride over?

  19. Ok so I have a question, why couldnt you send a zombie and a human across, and they get off. Since the boat could only fit two people it would be small and easy to maneuver, or… say, push across to the other side, and then the process repeats until everyone is over

  20. The length of river is so small they all can just jump above it.Logic Works.😎😎

  21. Can't you just put a human and a zombie in the boat every time there will always be an equal amount of humans and zombies on both sides of the river

  22. I don't understand you could do this in 3 steps basically. This video made it seem so complicated but just bringing a pair of 1 zombie and 1 human 3 times should be perfect since the zombie to human ratio will always be the same on each side and the zombies will never outnumber the humans. :/

  23. You could have taken 2 zombies, then 2 humans, then the zombie and the human. Super simple.

  24. One thing I have to say about the choice near the end was you had to take both zombies out and take one human to pick up the last zombie. otherwise there would be more humans than zombies on one side

  25. Could you not just designate a zombie to be a ferryman? With passengers alternating between human and zombie with each trip? Or am I missing something? Why was his version so complicated?

  26. How I solved it: first get a zombie and a human on the boat. Drop the human off on the other side and have the zombie turn back. The zombie then takes another zombie and drops said zombie on the other side with the human. The zombie does not kill the human because that only happens when there are more zombies than humans. The other zombie then turns back again and takes another human. The zombie drops the human off and returns to the other side. The zombie takes the last zombie on that side and drops them off to the other side. Going back, the zombie takes the remaining human and they all make it over to the over side. Problem solved. 🙂

  27. There was a way simpler way…. Uh well you just put one zombie and one human in the boat 3 times in a row…. Yeah… You have to be pretty dumb to not figure that out.. :/

  28. You could just take 2 zombies first, then 2 humans, then the last two (1 zombie & 1 human).

  29. I agree with the solution, but I think the rule needs clarified that it does not apply if there are no humans on a side with zombies.

  30. 2 zombies, go back bring 1 human, take a zombie to the other end, go back take the other 2 humans and put the 2 zombies back is my guess

  31. take 1 human and 1 zombie to the other side. move boat back, bring another human and zombie over. and do the same with the last set of human and zombie

  32. U could just do one zombie and one human at the same time and keep doing that but then there wouldnt be anyone in the boat so… idk

  33. Yeah sorry mate…your audio sucks, and if you would put a zombie and a human on the same boat…..the zombie would have just devoured the human…..


  35. But there is a really simple way…. just put human and zombies pairs there won't be more zombies and it's really simple

  36. Cant you just do this take one human and on zombie everytime there can never be MORE ZOMBIES THAN HUMANS

  37. those zombies were awful nice to come back and get the humans…why aren't we called huMEN for plural?

  38. This is basically the same thing as the lion and wildebeest crossing from ted-ed

  39. I thought just take two humans across, then two zombies, then the last human and zombie. much easier

  40. How in the world zombies can take the boat themselves
    You always need at least one human to row the boat

  41. I found a much simpler solution. Hint: he never said there couldn't be an equal amount of zombies and humans

  42. But if the zombie and the human are together in one Boat the zombie is gonna eat the human
    And if the zombie and the human are together on the island the zombie is gonna eat the human

  43. He never said the boat can't sail itself, so first take two zombies, place them on the other side. Then take two humans and place them on the other side. Finally take the last zombie and human to the other side.

  44. This is interesting. In my version, the 1st zombie that gets on the boat does all the back and forth trips. Here we go:
    1st trip – zombie 1 drops off human 1
    2nd trip – zombie 1 picks up zombie 2
    3rd trip – zombie 1 picks up human 2
    4th trip – zombie 1 picks up zombie 3
    5th trip – zombie 1 picks up human 3.

  45. or you could leave the zombies behind since, well, you wouldn't wanna die, right?

  46. 2 zombies go, 1 came back and take the other zombie.
    1 bring the boat back and 2 humans go. One of each human and zombie go back and 2 humans go together. At this point, the only zombie go back 2 trip to take 1 of the zombie each time.
    At this point the only zomb

  47. It was never said that you had to have a pilot so you could send them across in pairs also in your solution there was a point where there was more zombies then humans

  48. I tought when 2 kill 1 why in the last there was only one zombie and 3 humans???

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