Crossout – SECRET MILITARY PROJECT! – Fuze Drone, BC-17 Tsunami, Goblin & Spike – Crossout Gameplay

100 thoughts on “Crossout – SECRET MILITARY PROJECT! – Fuze Drone, BC-17 Tsunami, Goblin & Spike – Crossout Gameplay

  1. HEY TACOS! What do you think about these new weapons? Which is your favorite? Do you think the fuze drones are too op?

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  2. This whole event is terrible for players who don't have a lot of credits, but you gotta admit that the new weapons are pretty great

  3. Search for a build called fuze. Created before video- also added a rocket drone and a side buddy. Even the best player can not avoid all 4 of them. Love the build

  4. they seams to lock on the closest enemy from you when u release them, that's why they went for the guy under the bridge when u was above him

  5. those drones are not nearly as fragile as he thinks they are…  Hard to shoot down.

  6. i like using the tsunami, and the spike together, i dont have the fuze yet

  7. The fuze drones will definitely be nerfed and does the goblin shotgun have unlimited ammo?

  8. Look for 360 on ps4 en the exhibition and check out my 360 no scope 🙂

  9. Awesome video Entak taco brother and if you like try my new recipe it is called Hot Tamales Ice cream when someone want hot and cold then try my recipe put any ice cream you love and then add Hot Tamales and other toppings to make it good and it does taste great. You might like it because it is great taste.

  10. I think if you did a flip them over fuse drones build plz plz plz

  11. Tak, how come u don't use a carjack? I noticed that I about every video you flip over

  12. You should have inverted those blades on the bottom of the one that cloaks!

  13. Hey Entak, I think you should try out one of my latest builds. It's one of the best low power score (sub-3,000ps) Tank Destroyers in my opinion. Excellent at sniping and can take a few hits as well. It's called Black Fang by me, lio9844. Let me know what you guys think of it.

  14. I like the Fuze Drones. People haven't seen those very much and probably not sure what to do about them.

  15. I haven't played with the fuse drones yet, but it seems they lock onto a target and go for that one only. No idea if you can target with them or not. Also, when you were using fuses on the bridge and the enemy tow kind of glitched around? That same thing happened to me today.

  16. I didn't even realize this till the end of the video but that guy who didn't do anything about the fuzes was my platoon mate XD he was running a twin pyre and Tow truck… this is why he never shot them X3

  17. LMAO at 19:53, if you watch carefully, you will see the 3rd drone go flying from the explosions of the other two drones.

  18. lol at 19:53 one of the fuze dronez were sent flying from an explosion

  19. next patch : – decrease Fuze drone damage by 50%
    – increase Fuze drone power score by 250


  20. I still like the Harvester+Firebug+Chameleon build better, but those fuze drones looks stupid op, like the kind of thing that makes me ragequit.

  21. Entak, did you notice that when your generator explodes one of your fuze drones is disabled due to the lack of energy ?

  22. That's my Sniper Jeep!!! The 6 wheeled Tsunami vehicle is my build. Thanks for promoting my channel Entak

  23. TACOOOO!! There two recent stealth builds I was working on which are really fun to play .. one's a dual cricketlauncher build called "Crickety Crick 2" and the other is a melee build called "OM NOM NOM" … Author is WibblezAtWar .. check em out if you please! love the video's too

  24. You need to use radar with fuse drones they can find targets across map with the radar

  25. Yo entak can you please do a vehicle with a hard back and you can escape with your back at thier faces

  26. fuzes are broken atm even my tankiest build is sitting on it's frame by 2-3 drones. premades where u have 4 ppl thats 12 fuze drones, 2-3 cripple a player instantly. do the math

  27. Im eunning triple fuze right now soo much fun need 2 other people with triples to make total chaos lol

  28. Fuze drones are beast but the a.i on them is retarded just the like the sidekick

  29. Seems like Fuze drones are pretty similar to TOWs as far as damage and blast radius.

  30. Now I know how long it takes to get good clips because I was in a ton of games with you while you were trying to use your drones but you were getting rekt lol

  31. Any drone based weapon is op that’s all that people are using it’s annoying

  32. The panic when you seen the barrage of missiles headed towards your face was hillarious ?

  33. You could remake the fuse with a growl for that extra energy

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