Crossout – THE TSUNAMI SNIPER IS BACK! – Crossout Gameplay

39 thoughts on “Crossout – THE TSUNAMI SNIPER IS BACK! – Crossout Gameplay

  1. It's back! Let me know if you have any idea of builds I should play next 😉

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  2. So funny how he blames lag and stuff on the server, i play this game everyday and never have any issues. Im guessing its something on ur end entak.

  3. Was great playing with you lastnight, even though I didn't notice you until the end…at least we won, Lol! How about a dual impulse grenade build? They seem to be making a comeback! Cheers, keep up the great Crossout vids man!

  4. Hey Entak, just wanna say this but quite often you'd take vehicles from the exhibition. Normally popular ones and now subscriber ones but here's an idea. How about YOU make vehicles suggested by subscribers but like a challenge? So for example it could be make an effective vehicle with as little as parts as possible or something along those lines. Person makes a comment and the most liked one is featured in the vid and you build what they challenged you with. Just an idea.

  5. hi Enak i made a trick shot montage on big back scorpion pls can you check it out!

  6. Entak, I was Holdxn lol, I was capping but at the last second to the cap, they killed me 🙁 I was also in a squad with Brandon and Ram, this dude tried to pull a trickshot as I was capping but failed too, with the pyre.

  7. Check out my Triple wasp build under nickname MesTToZZ, (build name :Triple Wasp). Cheers

  8. I'm a noob at Crossout, but why not a Rapier autocannon in place of the 57mm?

  9. i think maybe in a year i will play again… i always hoped to run into mr tacos but i dont think i ever did…. or at least i cannot remember doing so.

  10. The aboriginal and down under paint is a special event for the release of Australian servers

  11. On the Tsunami Build, Put the scope more to the front and add two more wheels in the front and put the tracks more to the back , that will help you alot with the recoil

  12. This guys voice is perfect for videos. It's not so loud where you have to turn your volume down low and then have to turn it back up when you watch a new video. His voice is soft, but not too soft where you have to turn the volume up really high, then click on a new video with some kid that has an ear raps intro even when it isn't loud. It's perfect.

  13. Hi, I'm the creator of the "Entak All Roundr" and I'd just like to say thank you for featuring my creation.
    I've been watching your videos for a little while and am really glad to have found your channel Entak.
    I live in Australia and made that creation to be pretty good at anything. It's pretty fast, is pretty agile, has a fair bit of structure, is good up close and at mid-long range, it looks reasonable but is functional and the front is meant for ramming/pinning (wasn't meant to lift).
    It was also designed to complete missions and season tasks while also being a platform to mount all kinds of weapons.
    Thanks again, keep up the awesome videos and look forward to seeing you in-game. 🙂
    Knee_Lube (a.k.a. Adrian)

  14. Excelent rides, I'm probably following on the right steps, still I'm not level caped, so a long way to go still… BUT, well… Like them builds.

  15. Entak do you want to have a laugh with a tsunami? Take a 6×4 frame with a DustDriver on top, put hovers on the corners, and the tsunami on top. Makes a backflip after each shot! XD

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