Cryptid Paranormal and UFO News. River cryptid seen, human hybrids and UFOs over New York.

It has been a bit of a while since we last had a “news video.” So I have three new stories and I will try
and be a little more regular with this type of video, if that is something you guys would
like to see? So let’s get things started First up is the return of a Lake Monster. At the end of last year December 30th to be
exact a photo was captured of what is claimed to be an unexplained creature in the Catawba
River. For the longest time there have been legends
of a monster snake said to live in and along the shores of the North Carolina waterway. The legends date back centuries, the Catawba
first Nations people, are indigenous to Charlotte and have long told stories of many cryptid
creatures in the area. Their folklore tells of monster snakes, and
giant leech creatures which are said to attack people who unwisely venture into the water. The Catawba cryptid has little in the way
of hard evidence but for the longest time many have speculated on what the creature
be. Alligators have occasionally been seen and
captured in the river. Lake Norman, another site near Charlotte created
by damming the river, is said to be home to a creature called the Lake Norman Monster. A website is devoted to alleged sightings
of it, which some say is a giant fish more than a monster snake. There is a grainy photograph which was snapped
at the Sunset Point picnic area on Lake Wylie. The photo, posted online shows what many think
to be the head of the creature poking out of the lake, as it moves through the water
it leaves a wake of several feet behind it., a community networking site
was a buzz with theories on what the mystery photograph showed. Jessica Plate captured the picture and wrote
online: “Lake Wylie monster?” “I know this picture isn’t the greatest,
but tonight while walking around the lake in our neighborhood we saw this 3 to 4 foot
‘thing’ moving in the water. At first, I thought it was a dog or deer,
shoot, maybe a scuba diver!” She managed to capture the image around 7:15
p.m. on a Saturday, and the thing appeared at first to be swimming toward her, then turned
away, she said: “The wake it made was enormous! Please, does anyone know what it was!” Plate claimed to news reporters that she was
unaware of the myth of a river snake until she saw the responses to the image that she
put online. Not being a believer in cryptids she thinks
the sensible explanation is that it was an alligator, despite the fact alligators don’t
live in Lake Wylie. Others suggested that it was “a big nasty
snake,” with the more skeptical saying it was nothing more than a floating log. “Beavers, muskrats, and otters were a few
other guesses,” Plate said. “There is no way, this creature was way
too big!” So what do you think was captured swimming
in the river, is it a cryptid of myth and legend a mystery out of place animals or simply
floating debris. On to the next story which sees scientist
experimenting with gene editing that could go horribly wrong. From planet of the apes to the island of Doctor
Moroe the creation of chimeras, human animal hybrids has never been portrayed in a good
light. This has Scientists not dissuaded to go ahead
and Put the Human Intelligence Gene into a Monkey. Researchers in china have gone about trying
to improve the short-term memory of monkeys in a study published in the Chinese journal
National Science Review. The researchers have been hoping to achieve
increased memory so that they could develop treatments that could help people with brain
is illnesses that effect memory. Geneticist Bing Su of Kunming Institute of
Zoology, investigated how a gene linked to brain size, MCPH1, might contribute to the
evolution of the organ in humans. Science is aware that all primates have some
variation of this gene. However, in humans it makes brains larger,
more advanced but slower to develop; the researchers looked at the differences that evolved in
the human version of MCPH1 with the gene in primates this they hoped might explain our
more complex brains. Using macaque embryos the human gene was introduced
and the monkeys were left to develop, the scientist saw some strange results. Although the monkey’s brains remained the
same size and in general their behavior did change they did become sharper. The transgenic monkeys performed better and
answered faster on short-term memory tests involving matching colors and shapes. Some question the ethics of inserting a human
brain gene into a monkey. Rebecca Walker, a bioethicist at the University
of North Carolina, argues that this could be the start of a slippery slope toward imbuing
animals with humanlike intelligence. Something, which if science fiction is to
be believed will not work out for us!!! Walker is worried about where this research
leads saying: “Could we enhance human brains through these
methods?” she asks. While she thinks we’re nowhere close to
that yet, she notes that science can advance surprisingly quickly. For instance, CRISPR — the gene-editing
technique that once seemed far removed from human research — was used in China to edit
the genomes of twins in 2018. It does feel worrisome to be doing this research
in primates,” Walker says. “And then potentially thinking about how
that could be used in humans.” Could we see the creation of man-imals will
these creatures be part of a future society or will they be a genetically created inferior
population used by humanity. What do you think, drop me a comment below. Time for the third and final story and it’s
onto to ‘ufo’ news with a triple report of unidentified flying objects over New York. A posting on Facebook shows a possible that
was witnessed by at least 35 different individuals. 35 New Yorkers reported UFOs, three times
during 2019. Manhattan and Queens had the majority of reports,
with there being 12 sightings in each borough, this according to data from the National UFO
Reporting Center. Brooklyn had eight sightings, and Staten Island
and The Bronx came in with just two and one respectively. These reports tell of a plethora of craft
most popularly described as “silver, cigar-shaped objects” and “bright green orbs”
Also many witnesses said they saw “star bright/white dots” appearing over Prospect
Park, according to reports to the Washington-based center, one Brooklyn resident, Katherine Kocher
King, posted a 30-second video of an orange ball bouncing around the sky. Another witness in Kings County had an encounter
that involved six floating craft with flashing red and white lights on Dec. 12 at 5 a.m. The witness said:
“This is not the first time I have seen alien craft outside of my window at my home
in Brooklyn,” the person posted. “The first time was in October and I swear
I almost got abducted.” A cigar-shaped object was seen in the sky
on Sept. 20 at 3:30 p.m. in Brooklyn. The witness for this sighting reported:
“I looked out my window … and saw a very clear trail of exhaust in the sky,” he said. “I happen to live in an area where airplanes
regularly fly on a few set routes and I have gotten to know their pace/speed and general
flight paths. … There are also frequently helicopters
flying slightly lower in the sky than the planes. The craft [were] … moving at a remarkable
speed.” In Queens, a driver told of how he had stopped
for a red light at 112th Street and Northern Boulevard in Corona on July 22 at 3:55 p.m.,
looking up he transfixed by a “flat saucer-like object” that released a “bright green
orb.” Above him. The state of New York saw a 52 percent increase
in UFO sightings to 164 last year, from 108 in 2018. Why, what is going on in New York that is
of such great interest to these extraterrestrial visitors? This wraps up news stories for this time,
let me know what you think of the 3 stories and if you enjoy this news style format
in the comments below As always ……………………………………………………………………………………………

5 thoughts on “Cryptid Paranormal and UFO News. River cryptid seen, human hybrids and UFOs over New York.

  1. Oh absolutely the Catawba cryptids exist! North Carolina has many cryptids including Bigfoot! I'm not telling you what I think but what I know! Having said that cryptids qnd many, many "cryptids" exist in Africa! Many I have seen myself in Africa so have my people and many tribes!!

  2. Yes I do enjoy the news format. I will say this about the river creature. It had to be a live animal she saw because a floating log wouldn't change direction nor make a big splash as it left. As to what kind of animal it was I can't be sure. Interesting about the New York UFO sighing. Thanks for another great video IF. 😊❤️

  3. For those who experiment on animals for any reason without repentance hell will be their home!!

  4. I even stopped watching this video when you started talking about torturing these beautiful creatures God gave us! So let me call b.s. on your b.s. and the next video of yours I see even remotely discussing animal experimentation I'll unsubscribe!!! I'm sure one person unsubscribing doesn't matter to you but I'm ok with that!

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