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Unveiled in 2017, the 106-passenger Crystal Mahler is one of four nearly identical “Rhine Class” river ships launched by Crystal Cruises in 2017 and 2018. The hub of Crystal Mahler’s interior is the Palm Court, a sumptuous lounge that fills the front of the vessel on its top-level Crystal Deck. The Palm Court is partially covered with a glass ceiling that creates a geometric pattern of light in the room during the daytime. A cozy bar lines an interior wall of the Palm Court. The forward area of the Palm Court features a dance floor. A grand piano sits at the front of the Palm Court and is used regularly for evening entertainment. A seating area in the Palm Court. The entrance to the Palm Court on Crystal Mahler is located on the starboard side of the vessel at the back of the ship’s casual Bistro Mahler eatery. The entry area of the Palm Court offers a small seating area and library. A large screen in the entry area to the Palm Court shows the locations of Crystal Cruises ships around the world. Near the Palm Court on the Crystal Deck is Mahler Bistro, a casual eatery that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A small bar along one wall of the Mahler Bistro serves up espresso drinks in the morning. The Mahler Bistro encircles Crystal Mahler’s central staircase and elevator. Comfortable leather seating lines one side of the Mahler Bistro. One wall of the Mahler Bistro features banquette seating. A small buffet area in the Mahler Bistro offers fruit, pastries and cold cuts in the morning. A self-serve counter with instant noodle bowls is located in a corner of the Mahler Bistro. Just off the Mahler Bistro is The Vintage Room, which can be booked for private wine-pairing lunches and dinners. The indoor swimming pool on Crystal Mahler is located at the back of the ship on the Crystal Deck. Crystal Mahler also features an indoor swimming pool, something that is relatively rare on river ships. The Crystal Mahler swimming pool area is lined on both sides with comfortable lounge seating. Towels, water and tea are available at the Crystal Mahler swimming pool. Crystal Mahler passengers also will find lockers available for use at the ship’s swimming pool. Lounge chars at the Crystal Mahler swimming pool. One deck down from the Palm Court and Mahler Bistro is Waterside, Crystal Mahler’s main restaurant. Located at the front of the vessel, Waterside is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Waterside boasts a stylish, contemporary decor with large, floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic views. Waterside offers a large number of tables for two and four — a relative rarity on river ships where space is at a premium. Larger tables for six also are available in Waterside. The back wall of Waterside features banquette seating. A seating area in Waterside. At the top of Crystal Mahler is the Vista Deck, which features comfortable covered and uncovered lounge areas where passengers can relax while watching the passing scenery. Fully-reclining lounge chairs with plush cushions are among the allures of the Vista Deck. Crystal Mahler crew place freshly folded towels on the lounge chairs on the Vista Deck. A seating area with tables, chairs and umbrellas is located toward the back of the Vista Deck. At the far back of the Vista Deck is a covered area with more lounge chairs. The Vista Deck is home the one of the most unusual deck-top bars in river cruising. Dubbed the Vista Bar, it can be lowered into the floor when the ship passes under low-hanging bridges. A cluster of colorful, more casual lounge chairs is located at the front of the Vista Deck. Comfortable outdoor sofas are among the furniture on Crystal Mahler’s Vista Deck. Crystal Mahler and its sister ships are relatively unusual among river vessels in Europe in that their bridges are not located on their top decks. In the place where most ships have a bridge, they feature a narrow walkway forward that is lined on both sides by the glass roof of the main lounge below. At the very front of the Vista Deck is a forward-facing nook where passengers can get uncluttered views of the waterway ahead. Stairways lead down to the bridge area, which is one deck below. Instead of being at the top of the vessel as is common on river cruise ships, Crystal Mahler’s navigation bridge is located one deck down from its top deck. Crystal executives say the unusual design offers more safety for the navigators in the bridge when the ship passes under bridges. A small open area that is accessible to passengers is located just in front of the bridge on the Crystal Deck. Crystal bills Crystal Mahler and its sister ships as the only river vessels in Europe where every cabin is a suite with a balcony. The most common type of cabin on Crystal Mahler is the Deluxe Suite with Panoramic Balcony/Window. The rooms measure 237 to 253 square feet. Both U.S.- and European-style electrical outlets are located next to the beds in Crystal Mahler cabins. Glasses and other items for making cocktails are tucked into a drawer in the built-in desk found in a Deluxe Suite. Deluxe Suites offers large, marble-lined bathrooms with walk-in showers and double sinks. The walk-in shower in a Deluxe Suite. Showers in Crystal Mahler cabins feature upscale Hans-Grohe fixtures. Cabin bathrooms on Crystal Mahler feature Etro products. An Apple iPad is located in every Crystal Mahler cabin for passenger use while on board. Most rooms on Crystal Mahler come with a walk-in closet. Every room on the ship features a panoramic, wall-to-wall window that slides open from the top to create a balcony-like feel. A stairway at the center of Crystal Mahler leads down to the Harmony Deck, which is home to a guest laundry, fitness center and spa treatment room. Crystal Mahler’s guest laundry room features washers and drivers that can be used by passengers free of charge. Detergent also is available at no cost. Crystal Mahler’s small fitness center offers several bicycle machines and a rowing machine. A wide range of free weights also are available in Crystal Mahler’s fitness center. A self-serve refrigerator in Crystal Mahler’s fitness center is stocked with bottled water, and a wall with towels is nearby. Crystal Mahler has a relatively modest lobby for a river ship with a small reception area. A circular stairway leads from the main lobby area, which is located on the Seahorse Deck to the rest of the ship’s passenger decks. Among the little touches on Crystal Mahler is a bank of umbrellas near in the reception area that passengers can use off the ship during inclement weather. Wool blankets are available on the Vista Deck for use on chilly days. A hallway through a passenger cabin area of Crystal Mahler. A life buoy at the ready atop the Crystal Mahler.

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