Crystal River, Florida: Manatee Festival and Three Sisters Spring

60 thoughts on “Crystal River, Florida: Manatee Festival and Three Sisters Spring

  1. This was wonderful to watch. Hi Robert, I'm a little confused with the ending credits. It say it was done on June 2018

  2. Thanks Robert,
    We really enjoy your videos. We have the same model camper and have learned a lot from you. Keep the videos coming.

  3. Wow, more festivals in Fla need to provide those free shuttles. I love going to the Manatee viewing. So are you snowbirding in Fla this year or just making a short visit? One of our neighbors just had one of those custom covers installed. It is super nice. We are thinking of getting one but have to put in a pad first.

  4. Good morning Robert! Thank you for yet another fabulous video. We love them all, but our favorites are w/out a doubt your FL RVing. Love those sweet sea cows & the pelicans that "Fly!!!!" lol… sure hope we can somehow see u in Oct '18 if you're able to make it to Ft. Myers, or Matlacha! 👍😎

  5. That was amazing! I saw a mother manatee and her calf over in Ft. Pierce this past December but the water wasn't nearly as clear as this. 🙂

  6. Another awesome video Robert. How much was a nite at the campground. Thanks for the video. Can't wait to get moved to Florida

  7. Great tour! Your narration is fantastic! I don't know how to do voice over on my videos yet. I really yours.

  8. Brrrr…. 40 degrees! …. almost as cold as Buffalo! Loved the manatees!

  9. When we kayak on Middle River in Wilton Manors in the Fall it's beautiful with manatees swimming next to & under us. It's also nice to see them drinking fresh water running from the hoses left open on docks from residents.

  10. 65 bucks for lunch,OUCH. At least the pictures were gorgous and that looked like a great place to eat and watch boats go by.

  11. Hi Robert,thanks for sharing yet another great video with us here.A true ' titbit' as always.By the way,I recently became a subscriber to Rolling Earth Ship(Luis) and City Nomad(Jay) as well….I do not know about Jay but Luis you seem to know very well as I saw you guys (and Lidia) 'hobnobbing' in one of your recent videos…..Greetings from William in Bruges,Belgium,Europe

  12. Robert Crystal River area is beautiful, i would have been pissed if i got a camp site like you got but u maned up and made the best of it, good one Robert.

  13. "Hey Manatee, look at the pelican fly. Come on pelican! Fly Manatee Fly!"
    Famous Scarface quote

  14. Thanks for sharing. Love seeing those manatees. They are one of Stacie’s favorite animals. Such an interesting species!

  15. It does my heart good to hear all of those Tom Petty covers!!!  Great video Robert!!!

  16. Ha, 48deg, here in South Wales Uk, that would have everyone out in t shirt and shorts

  17. Mr Robert gracias por todos sus videos ,I'm from Virginia / Washington DC border, I love to travel around Florida ,your videos help me a lot ,thanks again.

  18. Robert, 3 days we are watching your videos, as i mention you are wonderful guide and the atmosphere you create – magnificent. Greetings from Bulgaria, Europe.

  19. So cool Robert! I just published my Crystal River video too and we stayed at Crystal Isles RV Park too! Looks like you encountered quite the party. We saw NO Manatee but it was still very beautiful 😄It's great to see the springs filled with Manatee here in your video- great work and happy travels!

  20. I'm glad you showed us around. Crystal River was beautiful and the Manatees and nature. Glad to see what was there. But I gotta say, I'm surprised all the wild animals didn't kill every human being on the planet. Crazy ppl go to a serene, wooded place along a lazy river and not only pull out electric guitars and scream as loud as they can but they do so over speakers that amplify the noise even more, day and night. It's a down right shame and disgrace.

  21. You’re traveling in my old stomping ground Robert. I must meet you w hub/. On my bucket kist

  22. Hey Robert why don’t you do a tour of the Florida springs? There is Ocala national Forest of all the springs up there. Too many people up in the Northeast even out Wester not know about the Florida springs

  23. Hello Robert. I love in crystal river and was at that festival. We have many other festivals in that town. It's a good town

  24. Do people go swimming in the Crystal Spring in hot weather…? Does anyone know ?..

    Also I was wondering if anybody knows if that little Lake where they were RVing has any Alligators.

    When were used to live in the Tampa Bay area , pretty much every little Lake near us had alligators.

  25. Do you have a video of Manatee springs state park in Chiefland? I think you would like it.

  26. They definitely need to get better ENTERTAINMENT for the festival & in Florida bars.

  27. i herd manatees used to be hunted for their meat, even tov the point of almost extinction. but i also would love to try manatee and see how good they are.. am i fucked up?

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