Cuivre River State Park – Campground Tour – Park Travel Review

Hi, everyone and welcome to Happy Trails
hiking Kay and I are at Cuivre River State Park in Missouri and we’re gonna
take you on a campground tour Cuivre River State Park is north and west
of st. Louis Missouri near Troy these are their 2019 camping rates as you’re arriving the campground you’ll
see this sign alright camp in both directions we’re gonna head that way one
through 68 first we’ve been here during past camping seasons and Park naturalist
have hosted talks on birds of prey including owls and peregrine falcons and
other Raptors along with an amphitheater there’s also
a playground and a shower house this side of the campground also has for ad a
compliant sites it looks like the signage we’ve been
seeing that the campground opens April 15th for the season with full amenities
and facilities so but reservations can be taken online and you can look those
up on the Missouri State Park website well we are at one of the campsites here
whoever river with the lake behind us and we’ve done some hikes out here
before which I think we’ve brought you to but if you’ll notice we’ve got some
platforms over here and during certain parts of the year you can use very large
tents that are designed to go on those platforms as with most campgrounds are a
variety of different types of sites here at Weber River
this is site 41 it is a full true site there is no electric and water but it’s
big there’s plenty room for tent and lots of vehicles here we have 58 59 and 60 and these
three sites our group of really close together so if you’re gonna beat with
some French and you’re all gonna book them I might work out well but apart
from that it might be a little cramped campsite 30 is known as a family
campsite there’s lots of place to park and places to put tents as well as a
couple of picnic tables and fire pits that was one side of the campground and
there’s a few more sites to see over on the other side so we’re going to drive
that and then head out campsites 69 through 100 are on the left
as you go in the entrance to the campground these are the 50 amp sites
for larger rigs as you can see these are the 50 amp
miserable sites thanks for joining us for this tour of cuivre River State Park
Campground until next time this is ke and Matt from happy trails hiking thanks
for watching

12 thoughts on “Cuivre River State Park – Campground Tour – Park Travel Review

  1. The sites look spacious. And showers…wow always a huge plus. The playground is great for families. The platforms are great.

  2. Love the woodsyness! Love the platform idea. Very nice campground. Great review!

  3. This was awesome friends great place and share sledgehammered that like button and a full enjoyed watch

  4. There are some wonderful camping grounds in the states. Thank you for taking us on the tour. 👍🏽🙏🏽🤗

  5. Great video my friend. Beautiful park!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the support at Travel Global!!

  6. It looks and sounds like a great place. Thanks for another great review. 🙂👍🏻💕

  7. I love that Missouri State Parks offer so many classes and programs for visitors. Our state parks have similar events, but I don't think they are on par with Missouri. Those close together campsites would be perfect for one of our family camp outs. Hmm, possible destination for the future?🤔 Excellent campground review, Matt and Kay! Definitely adding this to our short list of parks we want to visit someday!

  8. Looks like a place to add to the list. Are the campgrounds closed in the winter or is it electric only? Enjoyed the tour. Love seeing camp sites before we head to the park. Helps with decision making.

  9. Hello I saw your channel and checked out your videos. I subscribed to your channel and look forward to seeing more. Take Care and Keep Exploring The Outdoors.

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