Culture Statement at Fox River Valley Public Library District

be curious be kind be honorable be
genuine be resilient be fun we welcome all
we welcome all we welcome all we welcome all todos son bienvenidos team members uplift and inspire each
other while greeting and showing enthusiasm for assisting all who walk
through our doors our passion and dedication reaches out into our diverse
community beyond the walls of the library we meet all challenges head-on
by being flexible and ready for change all of our team members work together to
support each other in an always evolving environment we commit to a life of
learning while unleashing our imagination and expanding our curiosity
everything we do represents an institution whose sole purpose is to
provide free access to information knowledge and culture we celebrate who
we are by encouraging laughter play fun is a part of our everyday you belong
with us go on Dona tu tienes una spacio nosotros
you belong with us you belong with us you

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