Current Battle of Light and Dark

Hello everyone. Thanks for joining us
again. This is our Friday evening presentation with Michael MIrdad,
Spiritual Insights with Michael Mirdad, so thanks for joining us again. We’re
going to cover maybe one or two topics, things that are seemingly very, you know,
very pressing, it seems like on a lot of people’s minds. So let’s start with this
to begin with. I’ve had a lot of folks joining us or or participating in our
recent online Awakening the, Developing of the Inner Christ, you know, it has to
do with awakening that Christ self, Christ consciousness. So a lot of folks
have been participating with this and or in this group it’s an online course and
you can still get in on the course if you like but it’s it’s really really
really really deep powerful study and it covers everything from bringing that
frequency into kind of in every part of our being we include learning and
sharing and very deep studies about about Christ consciousness and what it
means in US and how to awaken that but there’s there are some of the
participants are sharing lately a bit about the light that happens and so I
want to talk about this concept of what Christ means it’s a light you know in us
and it awakens and so some of the students are kind of having these really
phenomenal experiences where they’re starting to see differently they feel
lighter but some are actually seeing like and speaking to one person just
today which is why I decided maybe we’ll talk about this but one person was
sharing today how they had an experience where they were shopping finished
shopping and then after this this tremendous wave of light came to them
and I’m only gonna paraphrase the experience in a simplified version of it
but they had this intense wave-like overwhelming amount of
an intensity of this this light that came to to them and you know and it’s
it’s all predictable as it’s part of this course but it’s also something that
happens to folks even not in this course but it’s just more rare in that what
happens is when we’re when we’re doing studies that are unique enough powerful
enough and certainly related to the Christ frequency Christ consciousness
and and I’m doing a five-day intensive in case you’re interested a five-day
intensive in just a couple of weeks in Sedona so you know you’re welcome to
attend that in-person it’s different than the online one but it overlaps a
bit too so it’s along the same subjects right so whenever you study something
that intensely and with a commitment and so forth it’s not that every body that
meditates sees certain lights it’s not everybody that studies Christ
consciousness sees certain lights but what I’m leading to here is that when
we’re on the path it just tends to happen that you start to see things
differently light is just a a metaphor of seeing differently because we’re
starting to change consciousness so what starts to happen is you might a Course
in Miracles calls this light episodes you will start to have light episodes
and it means you might start seeing auras around people doesn’t use the term
but it’s what it means you’re gonna you’re gonna start seeing lights
sparkles charged molecules in in in the in the air around you you know etheric
energy auras ins and chakras and oh it’s what it means
it just doesn’t use it doesn’t choose to use the the new agey terms for it
and so when we’re in a certain state things start to change just like you see
when i’m when i’m sometimes I’m touching my nose it’s the
psychic center start to get activate as soon as I start talking when I’m done
and I don’t stand around doing this so when I’m teaching it often happens and
so the psychic centers which run along each side of the spine as well as
through the central part of the spine they come up into the head and you know
that’s that often seen as that Kundalini energy you could say and and in a sense
it it comes to the top of the head and pours over and sort of that it’s almost
like it’s a serpent energy they call it and it it’s the tip the head of the
serpent the Kundalini would be in this area here the third eye and affects the
psychic senses so light episodes psychic senses third eye opening all these
things are part and parcel to to doing spiritual work but not everybody has
exactly the same phenomenon and it’s not important let’s get that clear first if
you don’t see purple lights and you don’t feel angelic beings you don’t hear
celestial music it’s not a big deal at all
because in fact when you start looking for those things first of all you can
shoo them away but also when you start to look for those things you’ve now made
important something that’s really only just supposed to be an aside you know
just a an aside a a little something a little decoration on the cake as it were
but it’s not the whole cake it’s not the whole the whole the whole focus so if
you have those effects if you have those special effects if you have those
experiences they’re fantastic but know this when you meditate when you pray
when you live a humble and dedicated life these things are happening your
mind is likely filtering them and you’re not seeing them for whatever reason it
looks like you’re not feeling them seeing them but on some level you really
are so kind of breathe and be rest assured with that back to the light
so what this person saw was this overwhelming light and they were asking
me what was this it was just so bizarre they ended up checking it out medically
you know the professionals say we can only call it some sort of a seizure but
we’ve never seen anything like this one of the attendants medical attendant said
strangely too to this person you’ve been out of your body so you know that was
kind of a curious thing for this person to hear you know a medical professional
saying somehow we can tell you’ve been out of your body but that’s what they
said so this again this overwhelming light so I want to tell you a story
about that if ever you’ve seen light felt light felt the third eye opening
felt tingling in the forehead these are all the same and even if you haven’t
felt anything but a sense of peace when you pray and meditate if you’re not
feeling anything at all like even occasionally a sense of peace a
lightness a sense of issues sometimes dispersing like they’re forgiven then
you might be doing an ineffective form of prayer and meditation because I’m not
saying I’m pushing the special effects but there should be at least feelings of
peace or something beautiful that shows up once in a while the thing I’m saying
you don’t have to push for are the external special effects or they seem
external so anyway this light that happens there’s ancient teachings that
are really far older than the Bible that say that once upon a time mankind lived
in an identical eden-like state of being which is heaven like but yet we’re
outside of heaven seemingly and so we’re somewhere in creation living as though
we’re in Eden and so this is happening and you could say
that another way to say it is mankind was created as spirits and living in
heaven and then started perceiving believing in creating or making up a
feeling of separating from God when that happened we didn’t come straight to
earth first we entered a heaven like state which is Eden now in a way
Eden is partly us living again in a heaven like state but imagine it being
where we’re kind of living in our upper chakras to a degree not yet creating a
body to have even to even have lower chakras then in a way it also means when
we descended into the heart chakra that’s kind of another version of Eden
and this is a very high dimensional state of being but in these ancient
teachings and some of you if you do if you do your study will come across this
somewhere but it was said that when the the children of God living in Eden
called Adam and Eve but it means all of us really when the children of God were
cast out of Eden they were never cast out what happens is when their
consciousness shifted they can no longer be in heaven because their consciousness
shift did they they went into a consciousness of guilt over the you know
the Apple it was all symbolic and all that but anyway these children of God
leave the the ancient the legends say when they left an angel was left to
guard the gates of Eden but to to make sure nobody re-enters so God heaven and
then this angel guiding the gates of Eden because there’s God heaven but then
here let’s say there’s Eden as we’re starting to move this direction into
manifestation so we go through this one veil that takes us into being Souls
which is the heart chakra but we move from the
centers into Seoul and then there’s another veil between us the heart center
and the next lower three chakras the human centers so there’s a an angel with
a sort of light guarding the gates of heaven or the gates of Eden actually and
but it has a sort of light which means when a human being starts meditating
well enough re-entering the Garden of Eden which is partly a state of the
heart shock or opening and it’s a state of the soul but it’s also partly
remembering and penetrating back into the upper three chakras where we re
experience heaven to some degree in a really mundane way to a degree when we
pass over in what we call death when we pass over a lot of people say I saw this
brilliant light and and felt a piece of God that doesn’t mean you’re in heaven
per se but you’re getting a feeling a glimpse of what it’s like to experience
that higher dimensional state really doesn’t hold a candle compared to it but
it’s at least a glimpse so when this person who I was talking to today and
others maybe some of you ever see a light and in and really meditating and
imagining a light in the center of your head it’s not like you have to make up
something like that but when you imagine in the center of your head a light it
represents God and the reason we’re imagining light in the center of her
head sometimes when we meditate is because it’s like here’s the presence of
the divine and there’s a light and that light has a sound and a feeling and it
calls to my soul which is right here and then it calls the souls also passing
that message along to my human self which is manifested or symbolically
represented in the lower chakras so it’s like God is calling the human self then
needs to say I hear you soul and the soul then says
I hear you God you see so it’s it’s this beautiful it’s this beautiful it’s this
beautiful process of us being called home Yogananda describes us a little bit
in his meditation techniques so the idea is that I’m just trying to simplify that
when you hear about that light if ever you see that light or even imagine that
light what you’re really doing or experiencing is the light of the sword
of the angel that guards the to a degree the gates of Eden and the gates of
heaven and it’s quite amazing because the sword of light you could say looks
like this the handle would be here and then here’s the sword like that so the
handle here and the sword here that sort of light by strange coincidence is
shaped like this but really it’ll look sometimes like a dot of light and then
sometimes it starts to elongated wonder why that is though but it doesn’t just
elongated also starts to broaden in the middle which is the shape of the female
genitalia the yoni as we call it in in Tantra the yoni which means sacred space
but it’s the vesica Pisces which is the shape of an eye sideways you see like
this turned this way because it’s the third eye so we are born through that
shape in a woman when we’re born physically but we’re also born through
that shape here when we’re born spiritually so it’s a really beautiful
symbol to see this light just do not see it is not a big deal if I never saw that
light it wouldn’t affect my spiritual work at all to see it as more like wow
that was cool I would keep it light but also we certainly don’t have to pretend
that you must downplay it it’s amazing and fantastic being all that laughs at
it enjoy it and and all that at the same time if it hasn’t happened just have a
very light attitude about it it’s not a big deal really it isn’t you know what’s
important is as I shared with this person and many people
people like you as I’ve shared in talks here what’s important is you can say oh
my god I saw purple itis a brilliant light I saw Christ’s light as a golden
white light I saw a light that was feeling like bliss and joy and wonders
great the most important thing is how does it change you as a person
that’s all I didn’t see any light but I became a nicer person is better than I
saw a brilliant light and I’m still a jerk honestly you know you might say
well how would that be possible to see a light if you’re really a jerk well
that’s really hard to explain first of all because I was exaggerating but so
typically you wouldn’t if you’re a jerk but it can happen that people who have
lived even a rough life addiction hurt hate and so on might be wired they just
might be wired a certain way to where their their energy systems light up more
apparently than other people who might have meditated for years and had no
special effects it just happens that way sometimes that’s why I’m saying keep it
light and don’t worry about it because you can’t compare and compete with that
you can’t say well I’m more spiritual than you because I saw light before you
it really doesn’t work that way just like a person can be practicing
prosperity for a few years and then manifest an amazing financial gain
there’s other people on this planet that don’t do any prosperity work and they
can still win the lottery it just happens you don’t measure it by
that but what’s really cool is when you can be loving and win the lottery when
you can be loving and see the light when you could be loving and dot dot dot fill
in the blank or whatever so in contrast to this story this example in in one
respect what I’m sharing is this and we’re halfway through this already
light the light of God this is what I’m about this is what I’m dedicated to I’m
not a fundamental advocate of any particular religion I’m not but I am an
advocate of Christ consciousness which means the awakening of God within us
I’m absolutely all about that and yet I believe in doing that in a very
practical way applicable way not so much praying to some being out there
somewhere but talking to God as though it’s right here within our own heart
creating that personal relationship and yet living it every day you know being
at model the demonstration of that beautiful light now with the teachings
that I’m doing I do every Sunday morning you can join us at 9:45 live from unity
of Sedona the teachings that I share there I started there about seven years
ago and at first light for the first year or so I shared just spontaneous you
know but teachings of whatever was happening at the time but just general
spiritual teachings which were great always kind of Christ or God centered
but spiritual teachings because I was you know there for a while just helping
out then when they wanted me to stay longer we decided to make videos and so
we started filming for a couple of years video sets so those services Sunday
sacred services went on a little longer in minutes and so we could film them
tape them and give some really quality teachings on video set so we did that
for a couple years we completed that a year or two ago and now what we do is
were able to just launch into things I’ve never been able to teach on because
I wasn’t at anyone’s spiritual center often enough to to start going into some
of the things I can go into now so instead of kind of teaching things that
would be for a church that a spiritual center or church that I’m just visiting
and kind of honoring where they’re coming from and teaching but where
they’re at and also not teaching for specific subjects for video sets which
are all available you know for sale or for rent or whatever online we started
filming the ones that are now free on YouTube but there and and on Facebook
live and all that there’s there’s I guess collections of all these somewhere
here and there but what we’re doing now is just launching into things I’ve I’ve
really never been able to focus on or teach
deeper teachings mystery teaching mystery school teachings deeper about
consciousness than I have been able to do before teaching things of the deep
hidden teachings within a Course in Miracles that other people have not
taught or addressed but you know just deeper and deeper things and I love that
but also my 5-day intensive and my online course on more and want Christ
consciousness just deeper stuff and I’m not saying this as an ad I’m saying or
to advertise I’m saying this because spirit is calling for these deeper
teachings it’s not just the coincidence of two years this is one year at Unity
for me this is what’s happening Spirit is saying you know it’s like your
fundamental Christians are waiting for the arrival of Jesus the second coming
of Jesus it’s similar in that what we’re all experiencing is the second coming of
Christ but in a different form it’s the Christ born within you and me so we’re
all pregnant with the Christ child the Divine Feminine is not just a like a
feminist movement out there somewhere it’s not it’s it’s you know that’s a
misunderstanding or misrepresentation or misinterpretation of what’s really
happening which is a profoundly feminine movement not feminist movement and not
the way other people are interpreting it the birthing the the manifestation in
this world of the Divine Feminine is that our souls which are feminine all of
us male or female our souls are becoming pregnant impregnated with and pregnant
with a an anticipation an expectancy we’re all expecting not the ego version
we’re all expecting and it isn’t in our tummy it’s in our hearts so the the
goddess in all of us for lack of a better word the goddess in all of us is
is pregnant and has it pregnant with child and she’s ready to birth that
child but the child is not baby Jesus it’s the Christ within each of us it’s
the highest version of the inner child that modern or pop psychology would use
inner child but it’s the Christ child within us all and it’s the highest use
of the term or the concept of the Divine Feminine it’s not just the Divine
Feminine by a term nor is Divine Feminine to be confused with say
feminism or feminist this is the feminine soul my receptive feminine soul
is readied it is expectant and ready to have child and the child is birthing the
Christ within in the book of Revelation which is a book about the end times it
talks about a woman who’s pregnant ready to give birth but it describes a beast
that’s waiting for her to give birth so it can devour it now hang in there with
me a sec this is describing today today this year this decade this period of
time and it’s the time you and I are living in where we are the woman who’s
pregnant living in the wilderness they call it living in the world and pregnant
with child and there’s a beast that’s ready to devour that child the beast is
the ego that’s trying to rebel and create a greater level of fear in the
world and if you haven’t noticed there’s a lot of very strange things happening
in the world not only in the last year or so which is true year or so you know
roughly elections and upset people about a duality and polarity of races you know
police vs. civilians black versus white male versus female South versus North
all these things you know and even east and west middle east and west all these
things that’s going to continue that’s the beast that’s trying to devour the
Christ child that’s being born in you and in me do I believe that Christ child
is being automatically born in everyone yes every soul on the planet even the
ones you don’t think deserve it do I think everyone is aware of it no
not at all most or not do I think that they’re going to be aware of it no some
people will not in this lifetime come to realize that something was there and
they didn’t see it in other words they’re all pregnant but some will have
a stillborn you know a miscarriage sort so to speak and that may sound kind of
gruesome but it will mean a miscarriage I’m missing the mark a a they have the
chance we all during this time have the chance to recognize the birth of the
Christ but some are gonna miscarry they’re not gonna get it in this time at
this time but they did have a chance and a toy and made a choice unconsciously in
most cases it’s an unconscious choice but TIFF is there come towards a close a
bit there’s a lot going on but some of that of what’s going on is there are a
lot of people who are falling ill they’re manifesting illnesses or they’re
manifesting recurrence of illnesses this is happening a lot now I’ve been seeing
it and I’ve been waiting to talk about it figured I would come to it maybe in
the next couple weeks but somebody emailed me just a little while ago think
about half an hour ago and asked you know what is going on so I thought well
let me just address it here today so that’s part of what’s happening there’s
this intense level of of crossroads that were at choose whom you will serve God
or man a reality or illusion love or fear so it’s a choice we all will make
one way or the other healthy or not this is a choice we’re all gonna make whether
the recurrence for you is an addiction or whether it’s an old relationship
please see it for what it is I’m not telling you in all cases it’s going to
be a death in all cases it should be say no to a partnership that’s coming back
to you I’m saying that you should pay close attention to it because it will be
more exponentially than ever a manifestation of either the light or the
opposite fear darkness the past unhealthy stuff
so pay some close attention and make a wise choice choose life meaning
choose birth the birthing of the Christ self you know this is just beautiful
timing it’s profound I see so many things happening that I haven’t even
talked about yet and see them happening now and coming to pass and you guys help
me by the way I don’t just say well God decided to me to share this today
which is typically going to be the case when I just share spontaneously like
this but sometimes you’re that voice of God sometimes you’re the voice that says
Michael can you address this or that and it’ll click for me and got it and then
I’m on it and I can tell that that spirit was
talking you verified so so please you know feel free to to share a question
whenever you feel truly inspired or or even when you’re just deeply concerned
about something I would love because I’m here to be helpful in any way I can
while I’m on earth you know and so lastly I just think it’s so beautiful I
just think it’s beautiful that the experiences people are having in my
Christ oriented classes because it’s so beautiful because it’s exactly what’s
happening in my groups but it’s happening with individuals here and
there on the planet that are not in the groups per se and there’s also a bit of
you know this darkness so to speak challenges that sort of thing going on
hurt fear death disease and and if you succumb let’s call it for lack of a
better word if you were to succumb to disease or change my seating here please
do not think that has to do with failure in any way shape or form please do not
let your head your ego take you into some weird place with that if for any
reason you say wow I’m one of those people Michael’s talking about a
recurring illness it’s not about failure it’s about ending
and if that ending takes you out of this world do not care look at it as it’s
still I’m done it’s closure it’s just that for me sometimes that closure means
that job cannot be resuscitated that relationship cannot be resuscitated this
body can’t be recessive sometimes that’s just the case and it’s okay it means
nothing about failure it can in some cases when we’re say say ending a job
that we were abusive at and we lose the job yeah we screwed up there if your
health gives up and your body gives up because you’re doing nothing but abusing
it and not choosing to change anything about it maybe there you could call it a
failure a relationship where you refuse to get counseling or they refuse to get
counseling or whatever you know you fail to do be nice to each other
those yeah those would be obviously failures what I’m saying to not call a
failure is when you’re doing your work and you are attempting to resuscitate or
let’s say rather get counseling in a relationship for example and it can’t
work then it’s an ending you did all you can this is that saying again change
what you can and accept what you can’t so the endings you’re in whatever kind
they might be if you’re experiencing this but remember I believe that that I
don’t just attract people watching me there are some that are just curious
onlookers but I believe typically when people watch because I believe in my own
integrity and my own focus in spirit and and quality and so forth I believe that
I attract people that are often not just kind of browsing you know you might be
one of those because there’s a few here and there but generally I believe that
the people watching are kind of uh you know a bit more advanced or awake or
willing to be awake so what I’m saying and that is that I believe you are
likely if not you going through what I’m describing watch because there’s going
to be people coming to you that are going through these things
so step up I just educated you a little bit on it
maybe you have your own ideas – that makes sense
so now that you heard me verify that this is going on take what I’ve said
take what you know to be true as well and also give some feedback to each
other on the page you’re watching from on Facebook live give some feedback you
might say god this has been happening lately Wow I needed to hear this I’m on
it or you might say yes not only am I on it
this happened to me today and here’s some feedback I gave someone you can
share how you shared with someone help someone and that’ll help someone else
I’m saying in this last five minutes I’ve been talking is that I believe that
I’m asking you to step up as teachers as healers as counselors as parents as
partners and make light more part of your work make this this light work a
more sincere part of what you’re doing okay it’s profound it’s beautiful and
see that you’re not alone you know start to see these trends you know start to be
able to predict the last lesson we just did in my online course had to do with
or one lesson ago had to do with me asking the students in the course to
practice predicting you know seeing these patterns because you should be
able to if you’re opening up the spiritual divine self to be able to spot
things and call things you know out there in other words prophesying to a
degree being able to see these things that way you can advise people warn
people you know in a good way I don’t mean negative warning but just the the
word beware turned it in to be aware so what
we’re doing when we predict these things is to help people be aware of what you
know what we’re dealing with we’re struggling with or what other people are
dealing with okay and and I just love this guys I just there’s just such an
awe a beauty to at all to imagine that we’re in the midst of birthing this
consciousness to imagine that we’re what does it mean you know so sit
sit and meditate when we’re done here sit and meditate if maybe just five
minutes and sit and just clear the mind for a moment maybe you know maybe a sound maybe a vibe like
that just a tone that could be spontaneous not just traditional ohm
which is also fine but just a soul a sound from your soul that goes up and
down a little left and right just you know let it move a little so that it’s
kind of a soul song and just let it let it vibrate don’t just ah like flat oh
let it create vibration in the throat the body the mind the the third eye and
so forth just sit with that for a moment you know when you’re done just just
breathe for a moment to relax and then just start the chant for maybe just a
minute of that maybe two more if you like but that but then come to a place
when you’re doing that toning imagine a light in the center of your head and as
you’re you know imagine that light just growing
like it’s excited by your toning it’s becoming brighter because it’s getting
more and more excited at this vibration that’s happening but then also add what
is that light just a light no imagine that that light is heaven it’s like
angels and God opening up and welcoming you as you’re starting to tone and say
Here I am you’re toning is is the humble Here I am and I’m rising to meet you and
I imagine myself just rising up into my head and into that light and then
letting that light grow and grow and grow and be in that light for a bit and
then let the light also wash over to flood every cell of your being take time
to experience that you can listen to this description again when we’re done
if you happen to lose track of it but just allow that to be there and give
yourself some time to to really just enjoy this imagine that this light is in
and around me it engulfs me every particle of my being but there’s no
separation between me and the light anymore I’m sitting basking I call it
just basking in this light like wow just Pleasant beautiful and and there’s a
feeling to it it’s peace that surpasses understanding it’s a it’s a joy that
surpasses understanding its life it’s light it’s God’s presence and be in that
and before you come out of any such meditation or anything like that always
remember you’re in that light you’re now one with God for all intents and
purposes so don’t leave that light without wishing it upon other people
so imagine world leaders let me gift you with this light that I feel right now
religious leaders family members whomever comes to mind people struggling
and even prayers of people you don’t even know anyone in this world right now
that’s crying out with poverty pain you know suffering in any kind abuse
whether it’s child abuse or whatever kind you can just send love on some
level they’re gonna feel it on some level there’s a frequency to it see
you’re not in your head you’re not in linear space and time if I try to get my
body right now to give like if I had a dollar in this hand and I go okay well
anybody in the world that’s struggling with poverty here where how’s it going
to get to them this body can’t do that but when I shift
into a divine state and I am one with abundance I cannot not do that because
I’m in a god-like state all I can do is be one with everyone and share it’s
absolutely guaranteed to succeed on some level it’s gonna take my ability to
believe in it not gods my ability to believe in it and then
whoever’s out there their ability to be receptive to it you know if they’re not
receptive to it of course there’s less chance they’re gonna pick up any comfort
or frequencies from my soul to theirs but I say my soul and it’s my and our
soul because there’s more than one of us doing this light work so hopefully this
is all made sense and I really again I keep saying because I’m I’m just sort of
startled by the beauty of it all of what’s happening people in my course and
people in the world and the planet you know and the awakenings that are
happening and the strange illnesses and recurrences of things this is this is
that battle between light and dark so to speak we’re at a crossroads and it’s a
very key time so we have to choose wisely and I also noticing as I’m saying
that some of you know I’ve talked about this in the last couple of weeks that
we’re putting our our souls together in creating a place called Eden Shire Eden
Shire has a website Eden Shire org you can look it up
Eden Shire org and Eden Shire is like the term means like a village of Eden of
a village of like heaven on earth so we’re looking to create a
retreat but it’s so much it’s there here it is it’s like a retreat for spiritual
goal you know to an oasis and breathe for a bit
but we’re also looking at it being a very eco-friendly like model for the
future we want people to know when you listen to God man you can have a
spiritual oasis on this planet which is Eden I totally believe that we are meant
to experience Eden again that’s inevitable everybody’s gonna experience
Eden but I believe we can experience and manifest a well we we can we can put
together a manifestation of Eden even on the 3 dimensional plane I’m gonna do a
little video or something about this sometime soon I think maybe this weekend
and we’ll post it on the Eden Shire dot org website where I can share a little
bit about more about that vision but it’s just beautiful but it’s just funny
that that’s happening as well as all these other things that are happening in
the world where light is being born more and darkness is fighting more it makes
total sense you know so for us to even think about manifesting an identical I
case where people can go and learn or watch things that will put online people
can heal go and heal or receive healing from distance from online people can
live and that’s a tricky one because you know you you you can’t necessarily
create a place of a thousand people because there are rules and laws and and
things like that in this world that want to make sure that not too many people
get along in one place like that so you know there’s all kinds of things to
prevent that sort of thing from happening and it’s you know it’s sad
because it’s you want to create something beautiful and healthy but it’s
it’s challenging in some ways so how many people could go there you know and
people are asking can we live there man if I had my way if I have my druthers if
I won the lottery tomorrow say ten million dollars I would I’d buy the land
myself I would have all the buildings built and
I would I would just let people live there you know I would and I would
that’s how I am and I would do that rather than everybody paying for it and
me living there like and some people do I would do it the other way whether I
live there or not because I’m at unity of Sedona and I plan on being here for a
while I would still put something together and let people have it because
it’s meant to be it is meant to be for God’s children to feel God and
experience God on a regular basis and this world is getting so much more prone
to saying no to that to blocking the feeling of having God well on this earth
and it just it’s just a very sad thing because it’s God’s will that we feel the
presence of God and the world keeps trying to put in more and more of the
opposite to keep people from to keep people in a state of doubt and fear I
mean I even see people having doubt and fear about a retreat like this kind of a
thing you know or doubt and fear about spiritual materials that come out they
you know a lot of people are skeptical about the belief in angels or miracles
you know that’s this world trying to put this dark cloud over things that are
good so I a this is made sense and I I pray
that you join us more you know more often on these Fridays if none of this
is your thing go find your thing go find someone or something online whether it’s
you know political spiritual or whatever else is out there that you might like go
check it out but find something you like in life but I recommend something
spiritual personally and and I just appreciate that you join us when you do
remember join us because there it’s all free the Friday nights this is all
always free if you want to donate you can go online and we appreciate that you
you can click on the proper buttons or whatever or go on my websites and donate
there you know if you want to donate to eat and Shire that’s a blessing thank
you thank you thank you but anything you want to donate to great but really this
is free Friday nights are free the Sunday
afternoon the Sunday morning services are free people can donate but there’s
not a mandatory fee of any kind so just you know absorb it while you have it you
know and I pray that this you know works for you that it feeds your soul and I
pray right this second that all that you hold as grievance or grief either grief
of hurt or grievance of resentment towards anyone on this planet whether
it’s me or someone else on the planet a public figure a relative or you know
anybody you hold even the slightest grievance to understand this too shall
pass and you get to decide when that’ll be you can just let it go I know that’s
not always easy so we’ll talk more about deeper healing when possible when we can
you know but we can just say I don’t think so man I’m gonna choose God I’m
gonna choose heaven I’m gonna choose Eden I’m gonna choose the light being
born in me let my let my third eye open and let these eyes not tell me
everything all the time don’t let your ego the past your senses your head find
fault with people all the time just say you know what’s good is that gonna do
you know find fault why you know and and start with people that aren’t that
horrible and not find fault with them because if you find fault with people
that are fairly good people you pretty much have nothing left
start with the ones that are the easiest to see good in knowing that we all have
make mistakes but let go of that first and then work towards people that are
maybe more challenging as you can but at some point the day will come where you
hold no grievance towards anyone ever again including yourself and that
possibility probability is here and now so we can choose again now or whenever
but why suffer why wait right pray this all made sense
many many many blessings to you all I really love and appreciate your time
your support and anything I can do to help I love to be helpful so that’s what
I’m here for whether it’s me helping as a teacher
here me helping as an author who’s written book
me helping with free uh the things that we put out there or the the work um you
know trying to support what the folks doing
Eden Shire I will support that in any way I can because it’s just a beautiful
thing and I believe all these things are God’s will just like you’re being here
today alright blessings to you all remember to
support each other with extra comments that might be helpful okay peace be with
you all bye-bye

8 thoughts on “Current Battle of Light and Dark

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  4. I am choosing God, thank you for the affirmation in the Unity of living in the light. Bless you Peace ???

  5. wow, this relates to something (s) going on in my life right now. And I feel better about stopping something from re-igniting.
    I knew it had to end then, and I'm glad I stuck to my guns now. Thank you Michael for this talk. Blessings

  6. Thank you Micheal for this video. Ever since I found your videos I have been awakening more to my spiritual life. Synchronizations a lot. I have been listening and falling to sleep to the sound of OM. This is another one going into my MM file. I go back and listen to them more than once. And I absolutely love interacting, learning and sharing in you Facebook page.

  7. Hey everyone…… I finally found a spiritual home……feels sooooooo good

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