Custom Trailer Work Lights and Safety Strobe Lights

How are you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George in the Wicked Warnings shop, here with a big ol’ nice custom trailer
build. What we have here is an extra height enclosed trailer. It’s gonna get used for
snow removal purposes and the customer requested that we get some warning on
the outside, some floodlight on the outside, a house battery, as well as some
floodlight on the inside with a nice controller to do that. So first, let me
demonstrate to you our floodlight option and keep in mind that this trailer is
not hooked up to anything right now. It is meant to be used off the vehicle
or on the vehicle. So what we have highlighted on this trailer is our Thin-X Strip Light. We’ve got our 28-inch version on the front and we’ve got our
newly released smaller 12-inch version on the sides. We’ve got 3 down each
side, as well as 28″ on the front and the back. They have a flood mode option like
this and let me show you what it looks like with the shop lights off. As you can
see on the walls, it’s definitely bright. Let me take you around the other side and
show you the display. Here you can see, over on the left side of my shop there,
how that wall is fully illuminated. That’s definitely all by the trailer. Let
me show you what the right side looks like on this trailer. Of course, over here
we’ve got the same 3 lights with the flood mode. We’ve also got one on the
rear of the trailer as well and you can see on the wall there, how much light
this actually puts out. This flood mode definitely puts a very good amount of
light. As you can see, has no problem lighting up the entire shop. Let me show
you what the warning mode looks like. Here’s our Thin-X LED Strip in the
warning mode. I’m going to kick the shop lights back on so it doesn’t blind out the
camera like this. Hang on. That’s a little bit better. You can definitely see how
bright these Thin-X Strip lights are. Now we can go ahead and add in the left side
and the right side for warning mode. This has control over all the different sides
of the trailer, front, back, left and right. So if he happens to be up against a
residential area, he doesn’t have to be shooting warning off into that direction.
This is going to be pulled by a snow plow vehicle that we also fully lit and it
holds snow removal machinery inside for sidewalks. And what he does, is he gets on site, disconnects from his trailer and lets the machines from inside the
trailer work while he works with the blade on the truck
and he leaves the warning running, just in the parking lot there until he’s done.
He loads everything up, hooks back up to the trailer and moves on to
the next site. Let me show you the other side. As you can see, we’ve got the same
kind of image on the both sides of the trailer. We went with a reversing color
synchronized pattern on the 3 side lights. The front ones, we chose a little
bit different pattern that skips a beat and we did not sync the front and
the back to the sides, just to keep it moving a little bit, keep the pattern
changing. Let me show you a little bit about the front of this trailer and what
we did with the house batteries. Up here on the front tongue of the trailer, you
can see how we’ve mounted a battery box. Inside that battery box, we’ve got a
deep-cycle marine battery that’s powering all of his accessories. We’ve
also got a 2 amp trickle charger and what this does is, not only does it power
this battery and charge this battery when it’s hooked up to the tow vehicle.
You can also plug in that trickle charger, which the cord is hanging out
right there on the right-hand side and at night, once you’re done working for
the day, recharge your deep-cycle battery here with the trickle charger overnight.
This was customer requested, so he can plug it in at night and as well as charge it
off his vehicle and this marine battery will keep these lights running
for many many many many hours before it needs a recharge. Let me show you a
little closer view here. We went with a NAPA grade trickle charger and a NAPA battery. That way, if we have any issues, he can stop at any NAPA
anytime and simply swap it out for a new part. So I definitely like the high quality
that NAPA offers and it’s all enclosed in a nice box here for a waterproof
compartment. Strapped down super tight and once you pop the lid back on, everything
is completely sealed and it’s kind of discreet. Doesn’t look like much. Black
matches the trailer. Alright, around the back of the trailer, you can see the
sides and the front are flashing away illuminating the whole shop there for us.
We’ve got two different floodlight options on the rear of the trailer. We’ve
got the factory installed floodlight to the right, as well as our Thin-X Strip
above it center on. Let’s show you the factory light first. Alright, so there you
have your factory installed cargo mate little floodlight on the right-hand side
and we also added in the rear flood mode with the Thin-X Strip light on there as
well. So when he wants a little bit of extra light, as you can see, the entire
trailer will flood out and you can clearly see how much brighter the Thin-X
Strip is than that pimpy little freebie light that the trailer company puts on
the side of this. That rear stick will also do a warning mode when we turn the
flood off, just like the front and you can see, we’ve got the matching skip-a-beat pattern on the rear 28-inch stick as well. The reason I went with an all-on
all-off pattern like this, is because this trailer is so high and I wanted to
have long distance visibility on this. I could have split the Thin-X Strip
pattern up to a couple of smaller illuminations that bounce around but it
wouldn’t reach out as far. Being that this trailer is so big and tall, I really
wanted a large display of light. So as you can see right now, we’ve got about 20-something, 26 inches of amber and white light alternating in the back and
that’s gonna be clearly visible for quite a ways away. Let me show you the side here from the back with everything warning. Here’s that side shot once again
and as you can see, we’ve got the opposing colors flip-flopping and that’s
again, what I did with the side lights is I wanted to illuminate the entire light.
I wanted to give this trailer the largest flashing light that we had and
this is it. This trailer will definitely have no
problem being seen. Let me show you what we did on the inside of the trailer as
well, as far as the interior lighting and some other treatments that we did to
this trailer. So inside the trailer, we had a little bit of a lack of interior
lighting there, came with two factory small freebie roof lights and once in a
while, we might have an equipment failure with this trailer and we may have to
work on something in the trailer. So the client requested that we have a little
better interior illumination, so we went ahead and added some strip lights down
each side. You can see here. That way, you can pretty much perform surgery inside
this trailer with the amount of light that we have inside of it. It definitely has
a much better effect for working. We also Line-X’d the lower half of this
trailer, as well as added a whole mess of E-track and tie downs for the snow
machines. You can see that this trailer was finished inside. It came to us fully
sheeted, so we had the permission from the customer to run our wiring on the
inside with the split loom and keep it tidy around the top of the trailer there,
because we did not want to disassemble the interior of the trailer. So we were
able to just keep it nice and tidy inside the trailer. Let me show you our
control panel on the inside. We chose our very popular 6 button controller, so we
could give the client a lot of different features and we mounted it right here
next to the factory switches. Let me zoom in and show you his feature set
that we put on the labels. Okay, so here at the control panel, you can see we’ve got
front, rear, left, right, flood and the main. The main is the power to turn everything
off, then you can turn it on. You can also activate your front and your left, your
right and your rear and we are controlling the interior lights with the
standard interior switch. We just tied that into the already existing trailer
rocker switch that was in place. Let me show you once more on the outside of
this trailer because I know y’all are just itching to see them lights one more
time. So here we’ve got pretty much everything lit up. We’ve got the inside
lighting, we’ve got the rear OEM flood, we’ve got all the warning going as well.
This is what it could look like with the maximum of everything or if we hit flood
mode, we’ll see every light on the trailer put in white here. Now you can
see that we definitely have plenty of light. Let
me show you that with the shop lights off once. Alright, so there we’ve got our
warning and as you can see, it’s just lighting the whole shop up no problem
here with the warning, definitely have plenty of power. When we go ahead and
throw everything on flood, who needs shop lights? We’ve got plenty of light
throughout everything right here to do anything we want. So let us know if you
need a trailer customized like this. Bring it right on down to Wicked
Warnings here in Naperville, Illinois. We can take care of everything that you
need. We can give you flood mode, just like this or we can put it back into
warning mode. We can do a variety of any kind of build that you want and we can
definitely take care you and thanks again for watching. Be sure to check out
our social media feeds and once again, this was a feature video showing our
Thin-X Strip lighting, available only at Wicked Warnings. This is an exclusive
product. These links and color combinations are only available here. You
cannot get the product anywhere else in the country. Thanks again for watching
Wicked Warnings. Don’t forget to subscribe, hit the like button, hit the
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gonna kill me because this video was ten minutes long. If you still made it and
you’re still watching, thanks again and stay tuned for more cool videos.

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