CuVoodoo #025 – live scare jump

I am Zizou I am Giselle’s grand-son Giselle was my grand mother, satanist and nymphomaniac But since the was accidentally buried alive she haunt the real of the living, and makes me do disgusting things she possesses me she torrures me I can’t bear it anymore Sometimes … I watch her coffin; she is dead inside; but I see her coffin move it moved no, it didn’t move, did it? – no it moved nnoooo she’s coming back – come back Gieselle go away Giselle, go away where is she? – she will be close
– no, she is finally gone – I told you – I was certain she is gone is she there or not? – are you here Giselle? – she scares me is she gone? is she gone for good? is she gone through here? she is not here have you seen her?
– yes, we saw her, but now she is gone – through there she is not here she is not here is she inside? she is not inside she is gone
– but where is Giselle? Welcome to CuVoodoo, the sorcery of copper. the event is called “balloween”
(it takes place around a pool filled with balls) this is not a sponsored video.
there is an entry fee, but it barely covers the costs.
all the staff work for free, and it is great fun 🙂 input power: 20 mA @ 3.0 V=60 mW
output luminous flux: 9 lm @ 150 lm/W
(approx. white LED efficiency) input power: 30 W
output luminous flux: 2400 lm
(according to the sticker) *look close up switching on and off causes thermal stress on the filament *flood lights the classic 2N7000 N-channel MOSFET can switch up to 700 mA at up to 60 V *relays like when a switch is closed (normally=per default) *into COMmon *yellow LED *relays this=the large plate *top metal plate pthe play you saw *distracting preventing the immersion *wear off *wear off Solid State Relays (SSR) also exist for DC *isolation transformer
this allows me to safely play with AC
(see previous episodes for more details) do not connected the ground probes of the oscilloscope to AC if it is not isolated
this would trip the Residual Current Device (RCD) look for “Generator PWM LCD 1Hz-150Khz 3.3V-30V” on AliExpress it is particularly visible on the isolation transformer because it is purely inductive the disadvantage is that the switching speed is maximally twice the AC frequency I chose this model because it was small (e.g. easy to hide)
and had several buttons (for different strobes) *sensitive *if the battery in the remote still has enough charge *sensitive this is a PT204-6B this is a QSE159 but I still do not recommend this USB infrared toy
(it is far simpler to build your own than to understand how this device works) PT204-6B photo-transistor rise/fall time: 15 μs
QSE-159 photo-detector rise/fall time: 100 ns *are 38 kHz is the closest standard frequency *sensitive this is a VS1838
(38 stands for 38 kHz) *9.1 ms wiggling=bits chip behind=micro-controller where the decoding will be implemented SB-Projects has a collection of IR protocols it prevents the SSR from blowing up and creating an electric hazard this is a HLK-PM01 or at least not too hazardous blue pill board

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