Cyklotrasy 029 – Litovelské Pomoraví (host Jaroslav Cabicar)

Cycle Trails (for MTB) 029 – Litovel Region of Morava River In the center of Olomouc my uncle Jarek Cabicar lives. He was always a great athlete, and despite being 84 years old, he is still on his bike. Today he is going to be our guide. Olomouc natural swimming pool Poděbrady. Excellent water, one of the cleanest in the country. I once swam through Mácha’s Lake. You understand. Without any escort. Yeah. Or over Těrlice Dam, I fool. So I was young. Of course. Now man is thinking. Good! Uncle Jarek not only as a boy overcame Mácha’s Lake and Těrlice Dam, but he also went from Hradec to Olomouc on a bicycle without a derailleur, with a torpedo. In order to relax from the hills of Wallachia, wolves and bears, we went together to Litovel Region of Morava river. It’s a full plane, and we meet maximally beaver or nutry. The House of Nature in Horka is a gallery that serves as a gateway to the nature of the protected area. And there is a terribly overproduced beaver, even nutria, and I’m not talking about the dendras. But the beaver prevailed, Olomouc is still a lot of grabbed trees, beaved by beavers. You can go directly from Olomouc, where you can see the clock with the worker and chemist from Karel Svolinsky. It was originally supposed to play the international, but fortunately it has gone. Or from parking at Lake Poděbrady, where swimming is perfect. River Morava lazily landscapes through the alluvial forest. It couldnť flow more lazy, it has so slow flow, that its flow in this part is referred to as an inland delta. Our first stop will be The Old Mill Pub in Hynkov. Cheers! Cheers Railway Station! Uncle Jarek was in the study in Hradec Králové. And because he was bored after school, he began to box with his friend Milan Majer. That was 1950. When he worked in the Uničov Machinery, he founded a junior boxing club there in 1960. He led it for 18 years. The heart laughs on it. In Pod Lipou (Under the Linden) Pub in Lhota nad Moravou they have a great smoked bacon. And a ribbon. It occurred to my wife. I would never buy it. But she was lazy, she wanted an electric bike. And then there were two. Yes, my uncle has an electric bike. He bought it when he was eighty. Today we ride at peace. The pub Near the Water in Březové is also very nice. We’ll take Litovel ion drink. But who will move on an electric bike once, he does not want to go back. That’s such a difference and something amazing. You enjoy driving. Wind – not wind, hill – no hill, tread you have to, but it will make it better. Litovel Region of Morava River is a protected landscape area of ​​the floodplain along the Morava River, which stretches from Olomouc through Litovel to Mohelnice. Now we are heading to Haná Venice, namely Litovel, a medieval town built in the middle of the seven arms of Morava River. The pride of the town is the neo-renaissance grammar school from 1901. In the square, where there is a baroque plague column, we will visit the Art Nouveau Café Restaurant Záložna. Servus. Servus. In 1972, uncle Jarek became the chief executive of Northern Moravia and then coached junior representation at the Dukla Olomouc. With the young boxers he has achieved many victories. And his offspring is the current coach of Miroslav Vrba. And it started to rain. Again. The weather forecast isn’t good again. The river Morava is popular among boaters. From Litovel to Olomouc it is suitable all year round for Little Water and Mlýnský potok, from 1 August to 31 March only along the main stream for the protection of birds and other animals. And now we will stop at the renowned Hunting Lodge restaurant. Cheers. Today’s ride is relaxing. We already had sausage, smoked brisket, chocolate cake and finally deer goulash. We’ll put it down in the hills next time, because we do not have ebikes. We’ll buy them when we will be eighty. There were such meadows here, we called them Hejčina meadows. And they always flooded and we went to skates from Dobrovsky Street, it was amazing. And we played hockey everywhere on every meadow. The River Morava is oil, as the watermen say, but it can be dangerous. Mainly the weirs. There was a school trip somewhere from Ostrava. And they stood here in that gallop. There are four turbines here and there is the cylinder that returns the water back. And the boy did not say anything to the teacher and jumped into the water and when he did not returned, so the teacher jumped behind him. There remained also the teacher there. And they still had a waterboard instructor, an adult, I think twenty-five, who was a great musician and he jumped behind them and also … All three drowned there. So take care of yourself. The next time we will go to the Lusatian Mountains. So ahoy! Howgh.

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