Cynthia Sue Larson’s first talk at Idaho 2019 Mandela Effect Conference

Hello everyone! For those who do not know, my name is Jerry
Hicks. I am Dark Wolf’s alter-ego. I don’t have any fancy PhDs to fly in front
of you; that I do apologize for. However, I have been a paranormal researcher
for over years. Now, before we do bring out our keynote speaker,
I would like to say a few words. Do you know why it is so very important that
you’re here right now? I bet no one in this room really knows the answer to that. It’s because of the solidarity that we all feel as affected people. Every one of us has dealt with this; we’ve
lost family, friends, co-workers, businesses, wives,
husbands. All of us have dealt with this somehow in the Mandela Effect. So we all know exactly what it feels like for just believing our memories, and not giving
in to the reality that we’re presented with. I’ve heard a lot of talk here as I’ve been
over the last couple of days enjoying meeting the speakers and all of you
attendees. And the ones that I have had a chance to sit down with and I’ve heard a lot
about mystery schools. And you know we are like a modern version of the old mystery
schools. It’s not like we’re hiding our information. Lord knows we try to tell people. But we get the craziest answers. We get those weird stares; they’ll just stare
off into space, and then they’ll come back and read you the entire
wikipedia page, word for word. The strange reactions people give or just… it
really kind of turns us off from wanting to tell people. Or they tell us we’re crazy, or insane, or
ridiculous, because we refuse to deny what we know is true. We’ve all learned our lesson with that, I’m sure. So we’re not hiding the information. People are hiding it from themselves. Personally, as a few of you have heard me
say already, I think we’re more like the UFO community. And the reason I say that is that when they
began, they were told everything they were looking into
was crazy, and they should stop. And my favorite: “That’s impossible. That can’t happen.” They didn’t give up though. Why? Because they knew something that other people did not know, and refused
to not look at it. They refused to turn the other cheek and just not
even pay attention to what was going on, or what they experienced themselves. To those people who had witnessed the UFO and abduction events– to
those people it’s as real as me standing here talking to you guys right now. There’s no difference; just as real as that we know the Berenstein bears had an “E,”
or whatever the Mandela Effect is that gets you. Year in and year out, the government and the
media would paint them in a horrible light. They would call them “conspiracy theorists,”
“tinfoil hat kooks,” or flat-out be called delusional by
some, and crazy by others. Yet year after year, they would meet together to share
their experiences, share their evidence, and prove that what they were saying
was true. After eight decades, they are finally being vindicated by both our government
and the media. But of course this isn’t about UFOs is it? This is about the Mandela Effect. So what does that have to do with the first question that I asked? Well, aren’t we all told the same thing? That we are crazy, or conspiracy theorists,
or again my favorite: “That’s impossible!” The reason it’s so important that you guys
take part in this weekend is because you have a chance to be in the company
of those who see the world a lot like you do. We might not all agree on the same effects,
but we can all agree that something supernatural is going on, and
we can’t explain that with logic and science as it is today–though some of my
speakers might beg to differ on that. But even more importantly, is that there are those
who were desperate to come to this event and were not able to so. The ones who are here are extremely lucky,
and we’re so very thankful to have each and every one
of you. So whether you are at home, part of the community, or here–you are all
a representative of this community. And as such, you should wear that like a badge
of honor, in my opinion. You represent those in this world who see that
something is wrong, and have had no one with whom they could talk to about
it. So please, thoroughly enjoy all that we have
to offer this weekend, and know that for at least a few days you are not alone
in this reality. Thank you. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, our keynote speaker
this evening knows more about this than probably anybody in this room. She has studied the effects of time manipulation, time travel, time vortexes, and all the things
dealing with time for probably plus years, correct? Yes Ma’am. She’s the best-selling author of six books, who helps people visualize and access
whole new worlds of possibility. She hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on DreamVision7
radio network. She’s been featured on the Discovery Channel, The
History Channel, Coast-to-Coast A.M. 56
and the BBC. She’s presented papers at international conferences
on science, spirituality, and consciousness. As an organizer, she’s also been an instrumental part of pulling together this
amazing conference for you guys. Since 99 she has shared findings from scientific
research in the fields of quantum physics, quantum biology, to the placebo
effect, positive psychology, sociology, and alternative medicine. Her articles have appeared in journals ranging from “Cosmos and History” to “Magical
Blend” and “Parabola.” Results from her “How Do you Shift Reality?” surveys conducted in and June document incidents of the most commonly experienced
types of reality shifts. Her website has compiled
one of the most extensive collections of reality shift reports in the entire world. Her ezine, “RealityShifters,” is eagerly awaited
each month by thousands of subscribers worldwide. She has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley,
an MBA degree, and a Doctor of Divinity. She reminds us to ask in every situation,
“How good can it get?” Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together
for our keynote speaker, Miss Cynthia Sue Larson. Thank you so much! It’s such an honor to be here. And thank you, Jerry, for having the dream to
make this come true. So when Jerry invited me to be part of this, I was overwhelmed
with this feeling of, “Wow, this is finally happening. We have reached a tipping point in the world, really, where this topic has come to the forefront
for a lot of people.” And many of us who are here today have come, as Jerry
said, a long way. And I have, as well. So my talk’s title is: “The Science and History
of Reality Shifts and Mandela Effects.” I’ll be starting by talking very much about
my own worldview from my own perspective. Each of us has a very individual experience of reality. It’s very subjective, in contrast to what
modern science would have you believe, that there’s
one objective physical truth and reality. That’s a philosophy; that’s not really what
science should be all about. So I’ll be telling you a little bit about
my background, as Jerry pointed out. Some of my curricula here is on this visual. I was “born aware,” which simply means that I remembered a blissful state of
conscious, pure essence before I was born. It was so good that I really didn’t want to
be here; that’s how good it is. I mean it is amazing. So do I believe in heaven? Yes, I really do. So I came in that way, and as you might imagine, being here is a
shock. It’s absolutely a shock. It’s hard to be here. It was for me as a young child. I’m not going to talk too much about that; I’m just going to keep moving
on. I mean I’ve been working on this field for
so long, but I want you to know that I come from sort of a different perspective,
if you want to look at it that way. I’ve got the degrees that Jerry mentioned:
a physics degree from UC Berkeley. I know physicists who are still there, who
know about my work, and privately are thrilled with it, and really
understand it; publicly it’s still hard to come forward and acknowledge that
some of these things are actually happening; I’m talking about world-famous
theoretical physicists. I had a Kundalini experience in 94 when I was years old, and
that absolutely woke me up to a level of not being able to discount and dismiss
a lot of what I know to be true. So that was the year, that I if I want to
look at a point where things really changed for me, that was the year where I
felt like, “OK, I have to be a lot more public than I’ve ever been up to that point
about what I know the nature of reality to be.” I’ve written the books that were mentioned;
I have published the newsletter. I’ve been creating YouTube videos since . I’ve
been helping to organize and run “Foundations of Mind” scientific
conferences since ; and so forth. OK. These are the key points of my talk tonight;
but first, here’s a cartoon. A woman–I think it’s a woman–is doing the
laundry; she says, “Where did all these extra socks come from?” and the caption
underneath says, “Meanwhile, in a parallel universe…” So this is where the field was when I started
in it years ago. It was sort of a joke, like “where do the
socks go?” and “how come I put my keys down, and they’re not where I thought
I put them?” That kind of thing. So I’ll be talking about my life with reality
shifts; and talking about the Mandela Effect overview–talking about what’s going
on, which this is a whole weekend that we’ll get to look at that; and talk about
quantum phenomena, an overview and then quantum logic and processes. So this is a picture of me when I was very
young, about three years old. So as I mentioned I came in blissed-out with this feeling of heaven. Basically, the person who got me the most
and understood that was my grandmother, who was
a devout Lutheran. When she passed away, the minister said, “I’ve
never met anyone with more faith than she had.” And thank God for her, because that really
gave me a grounding and a rootedness to be able to do all I’ve been
doing so far. Just the knowledge that God is real… but I was raised by an
atheist, so that’s okay too. I don’t have anything against any religion,
or any spiritual path. When I was very young, at about age five,
I envisioned reality as a web of consciousness. And I saw that I was here to help with the
raising of that. I got
56 a picture of a cobweb with dew drops, and
it kind of looked like that. I didn’t know about Indra’s web, but it’s
pretty much what it looks like. And then at about the same time when I was five
years old, I noticed that I was getting a very strong mind-matter interface interaction
kind of thing going on, so I could watch it raining, and I could think,
“Stop rain,” and it would stop. I could think, “Start,”and it would start. I had the innocence of a child; the purity
of heart; and just that faith. And I would get instantaneous effects in nature
all the time. When I was young, I showed my mother. I said, “This is so cool! I want to show someone!” So I got my mom, I said “Come and take a look
at this,” and then the effect stopped. And that’s when I… I mean it was hard to be on this planet, frankly, when you’ve got that kind of purity
of heart. But thank goodness for this Mandela Effect community. Because what I’m saying is a lot of us are coming to this point now, where we’re starting
to get those kind of effects. Other things that I would do–after I went
private with it; no more telling people about it–is like if the car didn’t
start, that’s a picture of the car we had, it’s an old Chevrolet, and that’s
a TV console like the one we had. These things would go on the fritz and break down
rather often, compared to what things do nowadays. But I could just love whatever it was very
much, and hear the sound of the engine starting and it would
start, or when my dad was working with the tubes inside the tube television and he when
he started swearing, it’s like okay, things are getting bad, I had better just
feel how much I love that television, and then it would work. But I didn’t say anything. So I was not talking about this. My family traveled all the time. We would go to places where they’d never seen white people before. That was a very big part of my life. So I was constantly going around the world to sacred sites where
I could feel the energy, and I was getting the benefit of it, and seeing
amazing things. This trip I’m just highlighting it here, in the 70s, we were
in Kashmir, staying on a houseboat on Dal Lake. It looks so beautiful. And my parents had purchased some custom-made furniture, such as what you see there. And I heard them promise the wood carvers when we finished building the
new house we were building, we’ll take pictures of the furniture in the beautiful
library that we are building and send it back. So I thought, cool, that’s nice of them to
promise that. So when they had finished building the house,
and built the library, and put the furniture in I kept waiting, wondering when are they going
to take the pictures and send it back to the wood carvers? And I couldn’t stand it anymore; I had to
ask them, “When are you going to take the pictures?” They said, “What pictures?” and I said, “The
ones you promised to the wood carvers that you
would take.” “We never made any promise like that.” And my parents weren’t lying. That was a really amazing moment for me, to see that we’ve got two very different
histories. I didn’t argue it, or press the point. But I thought, “Wow, this is big.” Another big one for me was in the 70s, when
I was a teenager. I heard a radio announcer on a pop radio station announce, “Now we’re going to play a brand-new
song that we’ve never played before.” I thought, “Oh, cool!” And then I heard it, and it was something
I was so sick of hearing, because I had heard it so
many times, and I thought there’s something wrong with
me–or maybe I’m confused. I don’t know the name of the song, because it’s so
long ago now, but I did ask my sister and my best friends, and to them it was a
new song and they didn’t know what I was talking about. These are early experiences. I had an experience of meeting my future self
in my bedroom one night. She just walked out of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors–my
closet mirrors–and walked across the room, telepathically communicating
with me. But I spoke out loud, to the point that my father
came to check on me, because he heard me talking to someone. What she did is she walked over to my desk,
opened the lower left drawer, removed something, closed
the drawer, talked to me some more. I’m talking to her, and she left, and then
my dad came in and asked, “What’s going on?” I didn’t know what to say. I thought I was dreaming, like this is too weird! And so the next morning I checked my drawer,
and there were some letters missing, and I accused my sister of
having stolen them. And she got very upset, saying, “I didn’t steal them.” So that was interesting to this day I’ve not
yet gone back in time to my knowledge and retrieved
those letters, but it’s interesting. So I’ve had some interesting experiences. This is my first alive-again experience; it was with my roommate’s cat
who was named Ashes. I was living with Ashes and Katherine on Cedar Street in Berkeley
in an apartment. I moved across the street to a new apartment, and this kitty
cat would come and visit me. And one day, my old roommate Katherine told me
some bad news, that Ashes had been hit by a car, and had died. And so that was terrible. I felt like I hadn’t really said goodbye, and it was too soon to lose
him. You know when you become attached to a beloved pet, and he felt like
my pet, he was part of the family when I lived there. But then, a while later, he visited me in
the garden across the street. It was definitely him. He was a little greasy, kind of like he wasn’t washing too well, but it was him, and that
was pretty amazing. I’ve had an interesting experience with time. I’m kind of sharing highlights of some bizarre experiences that I’ve had, that I know are
real, and then we’ll get into the Mandela Effect. This one was where time came to a stop in
the summer of 91. I was living in Lausanne, Switzerland, and we were living there for about nine months. The train station has a very hard floor, kind of like marble, and the people
and the ladies dress elegantly. They’re often wearing high heels, so you can hear
that “click, click, click” on the floor. My daughter was traveling on my husband’s shoulders; he was not holding on
to her legs like usual, because he had his suitcase and her suitcase. She was holding onto his hair… until she let go, and started flapping her
hands, like this, and started arching her back, and going backwards. At that point it was terrifying for me. I also had heavy suitcases; I was about six feet
behind them, so what I did is… well, you know when you’re a mother, there’s
nothing you can do at that point. I just wanted to catch her in my arms; that’s
what I pictured. What happened next was that I heard the sounds of the train
station just drop. It went from the “click, click, click,” high-pitched noise to very
low, as everything slowed down, including her falling. And I could move at regular speed, and catch
her, and it was extraordinary. I know that happened; that wasn’t me imagining
that time slowed to a stop. That happened. OK, now this is really cool. This is definitely very much like the Mandela Effects
we’re seeing today. This was 94 when I went to a conference in London, England. It wasn’t my conference; it was my husband’s conference,
and he was talking about software that he was designing. But what was interesting is that on the program
there was going to be a speaker from an architectural
firm called Ove Arup, and I noticed that, because it was the one of the
biggest architectural firms in London, and that was exciting. But then, at the break, the presenter was
no longer on the program at all–he just completely vanished! I checked with my husband, “Don’t you remember there was some one who
was supposed to be here from Ove Arup?” and my husband said, “Yes, his first name was Steve.” I can’t remember the last name, because it just vanished suddenly; he was
no longer on the program–nobody from that architectural firm was. And here’s one of my first celebrities who
was alive again; I mentioned this one in my book,
“Reality Shifts.” This is Larry Hagman. You know him from “I Dream of Jeannie” and
from “Dallas.” And what I saw was that he passed away back around 97, but then he was alive
again in just the next year. And I know that for sure. But this is again, remember, this is before we had this community on the internet,
where he could talk about these things. And so it’s just one of those weird things,
like “Well there’s another one. This is very strange.” So I’ve also… just in the realm of strange
paranormal… I have been witnessed bi-locating on a couple
of occasions. And from my point of view, I was daydreaming. On one occasion, it was a cold morning in
my house and I usually would wake my daughter’s up when they
were very young but that morning I thought, “It’s so cold! I’m just going to stay in bed for a little
bit more,” and the other time was when I was feeling cooped up
indoors at a book event. So here’s a picture of my daughters in their bedroom;
this is in the 90s, and this is when they were awake. So I was daydreaming that I’m just going to…
it’s kind of like you think you’re going to do
it, and you’re going to will yourself to get up, instead of walking down the hall and flipping
on their light and opening their heavy curtain in their room
that they can’t lift. But then, a few minutes later, after daydreaming
all this, my daughters came. I could hear them running down the hall to me,
and they said, “What are you doing back in bed?” I said, “What do you mean?” and they said
“Why are you back in bed?” They just didn’t understand it. I said, “Well, who woke you up?” “You did!” Then I’m up, out of bed, and I go to their room to
see the light is on and the curtain is up–they could not do this themselves–and there was no other
adult in the house. And then the other bilocation was when I was daydreaming
at a book event. I was cooped up indoors on a gorgeous day, looking out the window and wishing
I was outside. I was daydreaming that I was walking down this street, Solano,
with trees. And a friend of mine saw me, Katrina. And she said, “What were you doing walking
down the street?” when I knew she knew I was supposed to be at a book event. And I said, “Wow!” I asked her “Where did you see me?” and she said “On Solano.” I said “What time?” and it was exactly when
I was daydreaming about it! OK, now this is the original cover of the first version
of my book reality shifts, when I told my friends in the 90s about these
reality shifts. Two of my best friends who used to work at Citibank
with me– high-level managers there– I was asking them,
“Have you ever seen this sort of thing happen, where something just shows up
out of nowhere, like it’s been there all the time?” and they said they weren’t
sure what I meant. As they said that, here was something that we had never
seen that just showed up out of nowhere. And I said, “like this?” And this sundial sculpture, it’s interesting
that it is a sundial, because that represents time and
space. So this is one of the big ones that first showed up for me, and it was in
a place that blocks the view of another statue, so it was just very obvious
that it would had never been there before. But now it is. And I called the Harbormaster–this was at
the Berkeley marina–and the harbor master’s official
story was, “This has always been here,” just like what you hear nowadays when
you research Mandela Effects. It’s the same thing. I’ve witnessed instantaneous healing–so many
examples of it–massive amazing examples of it. And as Dr. Larry Dossey would tell you, people
try to put this stuff down as just being “anecdotal
evidence,” but really these are case studies. These are actual experiences. My grandmother’s liver cancer vanished; I had a friend’s broken bones instantly healed;
our family dog’s cataracts vanished; my daughter had a shattered bone
that looked like an explosion had gone off and
it completely healed; I had a friend come out of a coma; and blood blisters and
burns have instantly healed. Here’s a picture of my grandmother. This was 98; she had inoperable liver cancer, and she was getting quite elderly, so the
doctors didn’t want to do anything. They gave her just a few months to live, and
she kept it a secret from a lot of us. This is the one who’s so spiritual; this is
my grandmother who had more faith than most ministers
have; an amazing beautiful, spirited woman. And so she had been told that she only had
a few months to live, but she didn’t want to ruin our holidays,
so she didn’t really tell very many people until after the holidays. And then she just prayed to have courage to
face whatever came next. So here’s what came next: complete vanishing
of the liver cancer. My father is a civil engineer actually and what he was surprised by is that they he had seen the X-rays. You know, they had everything; they had tissue samples, they had all kinds
of proof: blood tests, CAT scans, everything. Complete vanishing of her cancer is what occurred. And so it was just very bizarre for someone who’s got
that view of reality to witness something like that. To me it made perfect sense, because I had
seen a lot of things changing. This is one of my good friends, Susan. I tell her story in my book, “Quantum Jumps.” She was camping and jumping from boulder to
boulder, when she broke her leg at Joshua Tree National
Park. And when we talked on the phone, I reminded her that she had once seen
me put my hand over a cut and open wound, and then I took my hand away and it
was healed. And I said, “Well, a bone is the same thing. It doesn’t really matter what it is; you can
just basically pray for receiving that healing
energy, and go to that reality where you’re fine.” And as we were talking she felt it starting
to get itchy, and I said “That’s a very good sign,” and sure enough
her cancer vanished… excuse me her broken bone vanished. I’m looking at my dog picture too. I’ve got two stories here. So that the picture of the dog–that’s our
family dog Susan’s hugging–that’s Prince Moonshadow. And back in , his eyes were glazed over with cataracts. When I first saw like that, I thought, “No! We don’t want our dog to get cataracts; we love him,” and then it
went away for me. And then I was approached next by my husband, and then my
daughter, and we went through the same conversations. Basically I would explain, “Well sometimes
it looks like he has cataracts, that can happen, but then we don’t
want the cataracts; we love our dog and then they go away.” And that went away three times, and he never got cataracts again. Then my friend with the broken bone that healed, the doctors didn’t know what had happened. That was a weird one, and it was hard for her to explain– why she took all
that time off to heal something that didn’t need fixing, when she was starting
a new job. It was a little awkward but it was good. Okay, here is my daughter who had the shattered
leg, and the doctors showed me the X-rays and said, “Look
at this. It looks like an explosion went off though this bone. It is not going to knit properly, it can’t heal. There’s no way all those little pieces and
little miniature shards can possibly come back together. What you will get is a bone mass blob, and that leg will be shorter She’s very young,
so that’s what’s going to happen.” And I said, “Did you say any of this to her?”
and they said, “No,”and I said “Don’t! Do not say this to her!” So then we just worked every night, just loving her leg, and it healed perfectly. And here’s a friend who had a coma, this is Chris. I was praying for his recovery, but I would
sense things happening with him, that there’s no way I could have known,
such as when there was pain around his heart, when he was intubated with his
throat– they did a little thing so he could breathe, and the emergency heart surgery. I even felt him lose his will to live. When that happened, that was that was a doozy. I was telling my his sister, who is my best
friend Lisa, I said “Wow this is not good. He’s losing his will to live. We need to help him. This is going to take extra special prayer. This is big.” So we just prayed that he’d regain the will to live, and I could feel that happen. He felt it happen, and he had some amazing things happen, when he came out of the coma;
there was sister Claire, an Irish Catholic nun beside him praying, and
he could see her glowing. So that was very cool. And my younger daughter got a blood blister
from playing on the monkey bars. I helped her heal those huge angry blood blisters
by putting my hands around her hand and feeling
lots of love for her. I took my hands away, and saw she was all better, and
she asked me, “Is this what your mother used to do for you?” I said, “No” and I described that weird mercurochrome red stuff, and she looked at
me like, “what is that?” I don’t know–funny! OK, so time loops are especially interesting. I want to talk about that, with my life with reality shifts. And of course, Jerry mentioned it briefly. This is a huge subject, so I’m just going
to go into it a little bit. I want people to understand that when it comes
to time loops, there are cultures on this planet that know about them, and have
words for them, and accept them as a normal part of everyday life. Such as the Norwegian word VAR-da-gur; that’s a premanatory sound or sight of a person
before he arrives, and the Finnish etienne — I’m not sure I pronounced
that correctly. I do have both Norwegian and Finnish heritage,
so maybe that helps in experiencing these things. But I did witness sequences of repeating events. Here’s a picture of a conference facility
that I went to: the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque. There was a Science and Consciousness conference there in in April, and I was talking
to a woman about these kinds of reality shifts. And as we were having this discussion, we
both witnessed a woman come out of the parking lot into the
lobby and walk past us we didn’t know her, but then we kept talking. A few minutes later, the same woman came the same way out of the parking lot past us, and
moved on through. And at that point I said, “Wait a minute; you know this
is exactly what we’re talking about, these kind of time shifts,” and so I stopped
the woman who was walking through, and asked, “Did you go through before?”
and she said, “No,” she didn’t know what I was talking about. But my, it was nice to have another witness,
so there were at least two of us that for sure recognized
that, yes, this did just happen. Another Vardoger thing where you hear someone
before they arrived happened to me a couple of times; for one
of them, the front door was slightly ajar. This is the front door–and I could hear my
daughter and her friends showing up, and I could hear their voices. I was in the kitchen, and I said I’ll be right
with you guys–but then I went to check, and there
was no one there. Then they showed up about minutes later, so another
kind of a circuitous circular kind of a time situation going on. Okay so for the history of reality shifts, we need to give credit to PMH Atwater. She’s the first person in this reality who has coined the term “reality shifts,’
and it was in her book, “Future Memory,” in 95; she has a whole chapter dedicated
to it. And it’s exactly the way that I’ve been talking about reality shifts. I didn’t know this at the time, but I was just thinking of a word or a phrase
to describe what are we witnessing in 98. This is a few years after that Kundalini experience
I had, where I felt like I can’t hide this anymore;
I’m going to have to go public, as embarrassing as this is, when there was no
Mandela Effect community. I’m going to have to go public with this, and
tell people about this really. So I started the first issue of RealityShifters
that featured Uri Geller. He came to San Francisco October th 99; I’ve got a
bunch of pictures of him doing spoon bending, sprouting of seeds, mind
matter interference and interaction going on. And basically I was delighted to see someone
had been doing this also, although more like a parlor performance
kind of a thing, but still acknowledging this is real. I think the first recorded recognition of
Mandela, Nelson Mandela, being alive again–I think
we need to give credit to Art Bell. Because in April of , he said he’d received
maybe a thousand emails so far from people who remember history a very different
way, “I’m getting an awful lot of emails saying, Art, I remember that it
happened this way, not the way it really has happened.” And so I think it’s kind of interesting that
it takes time for these things to catch on. So if you’re in a hurry, and you feel like
I just hit the Mandela Effect, and why isn’t everybody waking
up, keep in mind that was . That was years ago. So sometimes it takes a while. I’m hoping that we can get more people to recognize it, but it’s a process. In RealityShifters I’ve heard from people reporting Jane Goodall having
died in 85, and I remember Benicio del Toro–he died
around , I think. Both of them are still alive right now, I hope. They’re both really great people, it seems
to me. I did a survey in July just to find out who
are people noticing being alive again–who are the celebrities. It tends to be celebrities, because those
are people that we are all kind of peripherally
aware of. At that time, Bob Keeshan, who played Captain Kangaroo was reported
by a little over a quarter 56
of the respondents. Jane Goodall was another popular choice. And if you’re thinking, “Well, they got her mixed up with
Diane Fossey,” I don’t think so. Because the reason I was so upset about Jane
Goodall was precisely because first Diane Fossey had died, and then Jane Goodall
was also murdered; that’s what I remember. And it was just like this, “Wait a minute,
this can’t be happening, this is too weird, and it’s not
acceptable.” And then, the next thing I know, wow, she is alive– that’s good Larry
Hagman -percent. Bob Hope at that time I guess he was still alive, %. Jack Palance,
Bea Arthur, Ed Asner, Walter Cronkite and Mariel Hemingway. so that’s just a sampling, to give you an idea this effect has been around for quite
a while. Okay, so the Mandela Effect itself is famous, of course, for Nelson Mandela. And you know when he was born in . But what do you remember in terms of when
did he die? That’s an individual thing, but some of us, myself included, do
remember Nelson Mandela died decades ago. I’m glad it’s not that way now, but I do remember
that he was still incarcerated on Robben Island. This is a picture of him confined to that
small cell, keeping such a brave face. But there was all this turbulence after he
passed. It wasn’t the thing at all about the way he
passed more recently; it’s so much better now. But this was a very dark time. So the official current history, thank goodness, shows that Nelson Mandela died December 5th , and it was very peaceful, with people
lighting candles, and remembering his long, wonderful
legacy for human rights, and for the world. I’ve done a study to show the Mandela Effect
trends using Google Analytics, and this is a graph that shows
a spike. And you can see that even though
56 the ‘Mandela Effect’ term was coined in around
by Fiona Broome, it didn’t really break through to public awareness according
to the Google search engine until about . So when you hear people say,
“This is pretty new for me, in the last few years,” that’s really we’re seeing–that
it really is true. This picture is packing a whole bunch of Mandela Effects
on one page. And what’s interesting about this–just take a look if
you can see it; I hope it shows up; I can read some of them. There’s Berenstain Bears or Berenstein bears;
there’s “what if I told you everything you knew was
a lie,” from the Matrix; there’s a Haas avocado on the upper right, spelled the way
I remember it. It’s from California; with two A’s. Why else would you call it “Haas.” You know, in all these examples, you’ve got the
tail on the little monkey, Curious George. Star Wars is a big one for me; you’ve got
56 C-3PO in the bottom left, with supposedly
not all gold he’s got a silver leg. And I remember Stouffer’s Stovetop Stuffing; I don’t
know what happened to that. And of course, the lion and the lamb. I think our other speakers are going to talk
a lot more about this, so I I’m just putting this
up here, because what you’re seeing on this page–none of these are the current
official history. So if any of these look right, then that’s something to
think about, because what we’re seeing is everything here is–you know, people would
tell you, “it’s a lie; we don’t have Jiffy peanut butter.” There never were Berenstein Bears even though that’s how people pronounce it. And why would they do that, if it was always Berenstain. And you’ve got geography briefly mentioned;
we’ll have people talking about that this weekend. So again, this is just a sampler. So you get the idea that this is huge. I think we’re getting an explosion of thousands of these Mandela Effects; there
are sites tracking them. And it’s just amazing. So you can ask yourself which bear family
do you remember? Well, I remember the Berenstein Bears. I know, I know, it’s horrible; it’s hard to see them side-by-side. Yes, okay. And I remember, this is a weird one, I just put it up because some people like literature… I remember something different than what has currently
supposedly always been true. What sounds right to you? This is the Oscar Wilde book. Would you remember the “Portrait of Dorian Gray,” or the “Picture
of Dorian Gray”– which one sounds right? The Portrait? Well, it’s now always only ever been the “Picture
of Dorian Gray,” and I’m not sure what that’s about;
that’s interesting. And then it gets really interesting. I was fascinated by this story out of England. I followed it in one of my blog posts, because sometimes
you’ll notice an entire town is divided about what they remember. And this affected a town in England called
the town of Bolton. They had meetings about this topic; it was
so heated, because the newspaper even did a poll to find out what
do people remember. Half of the villagers remembered that there was a large
dinosaur back in the 60s that had always been prominently displayed at the
very opening of the Natural History part of their museum; and the other half of
the people didn’t quite remember that. But it made people wonder, why do we think
that that was the case? Where would this memory have come from if it wasn’t true? So to me, it sounds like another case, very clearly, of the Mandela Effect. We’re now seeing the mainstream media increasingly covering the topic, I think due
to the fact that more and more people are acknowledging it, and no longer
dismissing it out-of-hand. Let’s talk about false Mandela Effects. This does happen when people think that there might have been a
Mandela Effect, when actually it was a case of a logo changing, like NBC’s logo has
definitely moved and changed over the years; it’s been
modified. Genuine Mandela Effects are often… you’ll see them in the form of
art, either someone’s sketch, painting, drawing in their journal notes…
and that’s because when you’ve done something yourself, and you’ve drawn it, and
you painted it, then it’s kind of like part of you interacting with it, and
it’s very much it’s a record of your subjective experience. And so that’s showing you something that that
was the way that that person did remember it. Flip-flops are fascinating to me, as I’m showing one that happens at my neighbor’s
house next door. I would look across to the house next door, and sometimes
they had a leaf guard that prevented leaves from getting caught in the gutter;
other times they didn’t. And it would kind of go back and forth. It was kind of fascinating, and weird, like
okay, what’s going on with that. And then also, the other example that I mentioned earlier, was our dog having cataracts and
sometimes not. It does help if you’re observing realities with people who are friendly
and supportive of what you’re observing, and choosing with you. This is just a bizarre picture; it’s just
to show something surreal. I think we are glimpsing other possible realities,
and so this picture is showing a giraffe joining
people at the breakfast table. this is just showing us that what you believe
it to be possible is more likely to be something you can experience. So to the degree that you’re open-minded, you’ll actually be able to witness more things. And to the degree that you’re kind of closing it in, that’s going to narrow
what you’ll be able to observe. Okay, so what is happening–this is where
I think it’s interesting to talk about, and we’ll have lots of conversations this
weekend about it—what I’d like you to think about, are four top contenders
that I hear a lot about. Maybe it’s because of the scientific community that
I hear from a lot number one: we’re living in a computer simulation–that’s the
idea–that’s kind of got glitches in it, and sometimes you know there’s a glitch
in the matrix. Number two, people have false memories; it’s confabulation. People get misguided; something reminds them of something, and that’s why we got you know Biko mixed up with Mandela;
why we got Jane Goodall mixed up with Dian Fossey. I know that’s not true, but a lot of people
think that’s all that it is. Number three: scientists at CERN are tampering
with reality, or perhaps some other cyclotron; there are others. Number four: quantum phenomena occur at every scale, from
small to large. So these are four possible explanations, so let’s take a look
at number one. If we are living in a simulation with glitches, one of our top
proponents of this theory is 56
Elon Musk. He likes to announce that the chance that
we are not living in a simulation is 1 in billions. I think that takes a lot of chutzpah, to say that. But anyway, he thinks that there will be computing technology that will soon be indistinguishable
from real life. I don’t know what real life he’s talking about, but
again maybe that’s his reality. Ok. Yet I would say that the qualities of our
life experiences to me feel so much richer, more joyful, and more meaningful than
anything that you can get from a computer simulation. To me, real Nature and really interacting
with wild animals and with other people with just that level of
participation that you get– don’t think you get that from a computer program,
and I have worked in Information Technology; those are some of my earliest
jobs. I did work at Space Sciences; I programmed in about 4 or 5 different
languages; so I do know what I’m talking about. I’m not just saying this randomly. I really think that there’s a difference. So this is a joke on the right, you’ll see
a digital billboard in Odesa, and it malfunctioned in
the fog. I don’t think you can quite see it, but that’s the Windows 98 ‘fail’
message — so it convinced unknown numbers of individuals
not only were they living in the Matrix, but it was being run on Windows
98. So I think that’s kind of silly, you know. The kind of glitches you’d get would be different than the kind of things we’re seeing. A lot of what we’re seeing is making more sense, and we’ll talk about that
this weekend too. So what is being simulated? What is base reality? I think that’s the key to this whole simulation thing. People think like, “Oh, they’re done; it’s
a computer simulation. We solved it. It’s over. Ha ha! Done.” But really, it’s not done. So what are you simulating? What is this wonderful thing you know? Who is in that control room, operating all of it? What is this real reality? So they haven’t really solved it; they just pushed
the dirt under the carpet. Theory Two: Shared false memories and confabulation. “People sometimes have defective memories,” is the idea here. And people are suggestible; you’ll see magicians demonstrate this. They’ll be able to get people to draw a certain card, or say something– they know how to
do that. But it doesn’t really make sense about why so many of us would agree on all
these details, and it wouldn’t really explain the Flip-flops, either. So there are a lot of things that don’t really make sense. But if you start looking at human decision
and cognition models, such as with this fabulous theorist
named Jerome Busemeyer who I’ve interviewed on my show, “Living the Quantum
Dream.” He says in his book that he co-authored with Peter Bruza, and
that’s the the cover of the book, 56
“Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision”– he says “the wave nature of an indefinite state captures the psychological experience
of conflict, ambiguity, confusion, and uncertainty,” and boy does
it. I mean, if you’re in it it can be very very unsettling, as it’s not comfortable. it’s not comfortable always to be in that state. So we don’t like it. … “the particle nature of a definite state captures the psychological experience of conflict
resolution, decision, and certainty,” so you can see right there why
people would prefer to believe let’s just stick with material realism. Let’s say there’s only one reality, you know. Let’s believe in this fairy tale of objectivity,
and in the things that can be materially true. Only something that I mention in my book, “Quantum Jumps,” is called flashbulb
memories. And here you’ll see the example of the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion,
that occurred in a moment in time when some psychologists thought it was the perfect
opportunity to ask all of the 56
psychology students to write down, “Where were you? What were you doing? Who were you with? How did you find out?” about this calamity. And so the students wrote that down in their own handwriting, and turned
it in to their professors. And then a little while later, like a year or two later, the
professors asked the same question again, because this was a great opportunity
now: “What, where do you think you were, who you with, what were you doing,
how did you find out?” and and then students got their original papers back. And several of the students said, “That’s
my handwriting, but that’s not what happened.” And that’s interesting too, so it’s kind of very cool. Okay, theory three: scientists at CERN are
tampering with reality. Some wonder if strange goings-on might be
happening at the Large Hadron Collider. You’ll see conspiracy theories about the logo
for CERN with a 666, and so forth, and all sorts of things saying that
scientists opened a portal; created a black hole; or ripped a tear in the fabric
of space. And you know, maybe they did. I don’t know. I would have to tell you these people are the farthest people from doing anything
like that that you’d probably ever want to meet; they’re very focused on
what they’re doing. But anyway, my feeling is that consciousness, including God,
is always going to be greater than all of that. That’s my opinion, so I think that based on
what I’ve seen and what I’ve witnessed; my own experiences. Here’s a picture of some particle physicists; do they look
to you like the types that are, you know, dancing with goats and having blood rituals? I don’t think so. Maybe… maybe these people are being directed
by dark forces. But even so, God is greater. So theory four: this is the one that I’ve been proposing most often in my writing, in
my books and articles. But even here, if you go far enough, you’ll
see consciousness plays the role. 56
So this is the idea that macroscopic scale quantum phenomena is occurring. And I believe this is true. I believe that our reality is primarily quantum,
and the classical scale is a subset–a very special
case subset. I know you can derive all of quantum physics from six simple
postulates, which proves that you can say this is the whole world as we can
conceive of it–not what matters to us. Not love. Not consciousness. And not how you know that you’re real. I mean science can’t really do that. But if you look at quantum physics, you’ll notice that all of the strange
quantum behavior is occurring at every single level of reality. I just hit the wrong button… there we go…
hello again Okay. Now I’m going to give some examples of what
I mean. So when you see a flip flop, which there’s a picture from my book,
Reality Shifts, where one morning I hadn’t changed the bird feeder, but I just
came out at two different points in time, and the levels of the bird feed was
dramatically different. This would definitely indicate that we can see examples
of quantum superposition. But this is something that you’d expect to see
occasionally; that two different states of the bird feeder might be observable,
if you’re open-minded to observing it, because you’ve come to this
conference, or heard about the Mandela Effect, or whatever. Most all instances of Mandela Effects change
simultaneously is a big part of quantum physics; it’s called
entanglement. So when systems are entangled, such as your families and people
you care about, you tend to usually agree on most things. There’s a level of collective consciousness
going on. Here’s a picture of my childhood lunch box. I remember Charles Schulz was spelled differently
than it currently is. I used to stare at this lunch box every day, and
it did have a “T” in it, but now it’s just Schulz. I see people nodding to it. This is a big one for me, personally,
56 because every day I would look at that lunch
box, and that’s kind of weird. But with quantum entanglement, the reason
that you get everything changing all at once is because it’s all entangled
together; very much a part of quantum physics. You would expect to see instantaneous telepathic
communication also, because of quantum entanglement. And these are books by Rupert Sheldrake, “Dogs that Know When their Owners are Coming Home.” He is the scientist who has actually proven that this is true. another great researcher was Cleve Backster, who wrote the book, “Primary Perception,”
also talking about similar topics. And here’s my friend and great researcher
and great physicist Henry Stapp. Doctors would not necessarily witness physiological
Mandela Effects. Why would that be? It’s due to the Quantum Zeno Effect. So it means that when you’re close to something, you’re going
to be like if you have obsessive-compulsive disorder… kind of a
“check, check, check, check” checking 56
something, because you’re working with it every single day. For you, it’s going to be locking that system into that state; you’re
locking it in. And so of course that’s going to be true. Whereas people who don’t work with it would not notice it. Retrocausality and time travel: that’s a very
natural part of quantum physics. Here’s the organizer of a time travel research
conference, David Sheehan, and he says “to say that it’s
impossible for the future to influence the past is to deny half of the
predictions of the laws of physics.” So there we go. You may think that’s far out, but quantum physics denies a singular history. that could be true. People being teleported to safety is one of
the top most closeted things going on right now. When I give talks, I’ll have people come to me privately, and admit, “I was teleported
to safety. A car was coming right at me, and the next thing
I know, my vehicle is on the other side of it.” They feel embarrassed to say these things,
because they know people are going to say you’re crazy;
that couldn’t have happened. Well it’s happening a lot. So it’s good for people to know it is happening,
and it can be life-saving quite often. So this is interesting; the cover of my book Quantum Jumps used to have a section explaining
why this is the cover. In the process of getting ready for this conference,
I spent maybe three or four hours looking for where I wrote that
in the book. It is gone. I love that! Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of Mandela
Effect! So what’s going on with this? You’ll see the illustration, and I put our
beautiful logo there, because to me it’s very similar. I feel like what we’re witnessing is just
this… here… the next slide to explain what is not in the book:
entangled black holes can be pathways through the multiverse; they can
be very small, and so what you’re seeing is the possibility for something on an astronomical
scale to be tied with a quantum property. And we have researchers proving this. Leonard Susskind and Juan Meldacena postulate that wormholes, which
are also called Einstein-Rosen bridges, can be viewed as entanglement between
black holes. And then MIT’s Julian Sonner shows that the creation of a
pair of entangled quarks can give rise to a wormhole connecting the two of them. So you can get these things happening on a very small scale, and there can be a mechanical
mechanism for what’s going on, which people want to know. You know, they want that mechanism. Ok, going back to these four theories that I’m looking at tonight; when I look at all four of them, when you
go to the bottom of each one, you end up at the same place. They’re basically all taking us to consciousness. And what do we mean by that? Well, that’s a whole other thing. So this is really a Mandela Effect conference,
but to me, it’s a consciousness conference, also. And that would be in agreement with the founder of quantum physics, Max Planck, who
said, “I regard consciousness is fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness; everything that
we talk about, everything we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” OK, now we get into the history of this whole thing. How far back does this go? I’ve talked about this occurring through my whole life, so what I’m saying is this
has been with us for a long time. Here’s a history of the universe kind of a chart,
just to get us to think about that. Well, let’s take a look at exceptional experiences
of consciousness. This is extremely important. I started tonight by telling you that I’m
‘born aware’–that I remember a blissed-out state
of being pure consciousness. That’s extremely important. Who else shares that experience with me? These people do: ET and UFO experiences; lucid
dream experiences; people who have mystical experiences; people who have near-death
experiences; people who have out-of-body experiences; and people who have
Mandela Effect experiences. So this is something that is worth taking a look at. Characteristics of exceptional human experiences were documented by scientist,
Rhea White, and she said that spontaneous transcendent new experience of
self is all part of this; that in their experiences of connection there’s a direct
experience of reality. Sometimes there’s no sense of separation whatsoever. You can get tingling and rapid heartbeat; you can get swooning; raised
hairs; goosebumps’ breathlessness… all these kinds of physiological things. So to be sentient– to shift reality–you can consider it operating outside of conditioning. Just deciding we’re going to
56 be a little bit renegade here. And we’re going to be a little bit different. And so when we do, that we’re joining a very long
tradition that goes back thousands of years. You may think that’s never been the case,
that’s not true. We’ve had people thousands of years ago that
have been documenting these kinds of things. These would be yogi masters; martial arts
masters; Nei Kung masters; Tibetan Buddhist masters; and shamans. So yoga masters would be practicing siddhis, or super normal abilities, and this
is extremely well documented. Dean Radin wrote a book about it recently, “Supernormal.” And these people can demonstrate reality shifts such as bilocation;
teleportation; materialization of objects; invisibility;
weather changes; time travel; levitation; and more. I’ve experienced most of those myself, so
these are not made-up fictitious things. These are real. That’s a picture of me with my martial arts master; I practice martial arts I like to
focus my mind, and bring my mind-body-spirit together. That’s In Hyuk Suh; he’s the Grandmaster of
Kuk Sool Won. And again you see a younger picture of Henry Stapp up
at the top; he’s there with another scientist, Helmut Schmidt. They together did some research to observe
if people could affect something that has happened
in the past. And they thought well that sounds kind of far out, but Henry
step is great because he likes to think about these things; he thinks, well
it should be possible; quantum physics shows us it should be possible. Let’s find out. Let’s get some focused people. I wasn’t part of that study, because it happened
a long time ago, back in the 70s. They found in replicated studies that martial
artists who were very focused could affect the random
radioactive decay of an isotope that had occurred previously. What they were doing was watching green and red lights, and just shifting it in a direction–green
or red–no problem. But how was that possible? And so the the conjecture there is that same thing that you saw at the time-travel
retrocausality conference. Of course it’s an expected feature of quantum
physics. Nei Kung masters such as John Chang, who was featured in a
documentary on video, where he was called “Dynamo Jack,” he was seen to heal with his
hands; catch a bullet from an air rifle in his hand without it going through; he pushed
a chopstick through a table top; and here’s a video of him starting fires with
energy from his hands. And so this was in a documentary called “Ring of Fire”
about Indonesian energy masters. Tibetan meditation masters are similarly gifted
with these abilities, and Tibetan Buddhists have been instructed
to disregard these kinds of shifts in reality, because they can distract
you from the spiritual path. But they’re definitely saying that these things
are happening; they’re just saying, don’t get obsessed with
it. Don’t make it part of your ego. Tonight Jerry said this is a great team this
weekend. I agree, because we’re not getting people caught up in their ego, like
“look how great I am,” or “look at me, changing things.” It’s really not about that, and if you start
making it about that, it’s gonna kind of go in a sideways
direction. I met a Mongolian shaman whose name is Zorigtbaatar
Banzar; this is a photo in . He spoke to a bunch of us; we authored
a paper with him. We magically found a translator who spoke
Mongolian at this tiny conference–someone who just happened
to be there, who spoke Mongolian, and stayed up late with us. We found out that this Mongolian shaman believed
that we need to be more connected with one another,
and that’s really what is necessary right now. This is interesting to me that the Hopi Indians I wrote an article called, “Comes True, Being
Hoped For,” for Parabola magazine. I was fascinated by two things. One, they talked about UFOs, and two they talked about reality shifting. And so I put both in this article, and it
got published. I thought this was cool, because they talk
about a great flood on the planet, just as you hear about when you study Christianity–that
there was a great flood. But then they go on and talk about the ‘ant
people’ who came and rescued people, and that’s not really covered so much
yet in the Bible–not that I’ve seen. Who knows? Maybe later we’ll see it, I don’t know. But it’s kind of cool, because the Hopi have a word for this; that
when you hope for something with a pure heart and with a clear crown chakra,
that what you believe can come true. And I would agree with that, too. I think the purity of heart is really important in keeping that clear crown chakra, so that
you’re open to divine guidance. That
56 really matters. And again, Max Planck, founder of quantum
physics, said “When you change the way you look at things, the things
you look at change.” He knew, on a deep level. Niels Bohr, another physicist, said, “Everything we call real is made of
things that cannot be regarded as real.” So in other words, things are mostly empty
space. They’re mostly energy. Now in physics, you’ll often see this. I have got a cartoon here that shows on the left side it’s the ‘quantum realm’ and on
the right side is the ‘classical’ and that’s been a nice way for physicists to kind
of divide things so they don’t have to deal with quantum weirdness. Those days are over, thanks to technology and quantum computing. It was nice while it lasted, that people could
shut up and calculate, and not have to think about
what’s really going on. Those days are numbered, and I think they’re over. So what is happening? I would say quantum phenomena is occurring everywhere, and at
every scale. And I’m telling you I’ve talked to some of the world’s top theoretical
physicists; they agree. So it’s time for us to reconsider our assumptions
that we’ve instilled in ourselves that material realism is where things
are at, because you can measure it, then that’s all that’s real, right? So things like entanglement; superposition of states; conscious observation;
tunneling; teleportation; spooky action at a distance that used to be
that you could ignore–but it’s creeping into every single branch of
science. We’ve got the quantum invasion. That’s kind of like the Beatles invasion,
but now it’s a quantum invasion, and it’s hitting every branch of science. And the old guard is a little bit reluctant
to deal with it. Like, “Oh, gosh no, we don’t want this in
biology,” but some scientists are thrilled that finally we can understand
things. The assumptions that are going out the door have been assumed to
be part of science for so long, but they’re not really true assumptions. Like reality is entirely made out of matter; wholes cannot be reduced to smaller parts;
and you know that is what’s true; you can’t always reduce it. Actions can take effect non-locally was never allowed for people to believe. Observers could be objective–but now we know that’s not true, and probabilities are best
when you get into that quantum situation; causes definitely can precede
effects. This is strange territory. So what I’m suggesting that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of is quantum logic rules
the universe. That’s the big set; that’s the Universal set. Classical deductive Boolean logic of the world of yes/no true/false is a very specialized
subset, and certain aspects of physics can never admit a classical
understanding. That’s how you know this is the case. and the role and domain of classical logic
obviously is limited. And subjective perspective can therefore literally
change the physical world. These are a couple of physicists that I think
are doing some great work, when these pictures were taken. I think they were at the Perimeter Institute and also London, then. David Jennings is on the left saying “Nature functions in a quantum manner.” They may not agree with what we’re talking about here–remember, you’re not going to
get a lot of physicists saying, “Oh, yeah, this is real,” but they are giving us
the foundation to understand what is happening. And on on the right is Matthew Leifer, who says, “We now have a range of precise statements
showing that whatever the ultimate laws of nature are, they cannot be
classical.” That is true! So I’ve been talking a lot about this, assuming that you
might know about things like the double slit experiment. I think a lot of us do know that, but let’s
review the double slit experiment. It is so classic, because it shows us that
the observer makes a difference. So here in this experimental apparatus, you’ve
got a 56
scientist taking a look at these two slits –like two doors, kind of like doorways. And he’s in the situation where one photon
at a time is being fired through. That’s happening because there’s an observational
device that knows exactly where that photon is going through. Photons are quantum particles, so the smallest piece of light–the little building
block of light, if you will–has the property of either behaving like a particle,
or like a wave. When it’s acting like a wave, then you’re getting the kind
of diffraction pattern with the effect of either destructive or constructive interference which
sets up these kinds of ripples- on-a-pond effect, where you get these lines. And that’s what happens when the the wave-like situation is happening. The waves can occur as long as you’re not measuring which slit the
photons are going through, even if you’re just firing one photon at a time. This is very confusing to a lot of physicists. It is, because we still don’t have one interpretation
that everyone agrees with as to what’s happening. But what we know for sure is that quantum superposition is real. The Schrödinger’s cat experiment is another famous example of bizarre quantum
effects. In this example, if you’ve got quantum material, such as is radioactive,
it’s basically a random trigger that can trigger the hammer to break
a glass vial containing poisonous gas, which would then kill the cat. Meaning that the cat’s life is completely
being controlled by a very quantum process and because the quantum process
back in that day when scientists thought you can have your
‘quantum realm’ and your ‘classical realm,’ they were still kind of
trying to think that way–then it is kind of bizarre, because now the cat is suddenly
based on the quantum particle being in a superposition of states– because
the cat is entangled with that– they’re both in a superposition of states. So does that mean… is the cat alive? Is it dead? What’s going on? And we know this is happening. We know it’s happening at every level of reality,
but we don’t know exactly why. We don’t have an interpretation that says
why. This is an illustration from a paper by physicist Yasunori
Nomura, and it shows that when we see the outline of something behind an
obstruction, like the edge of a chair, we expect that the rest of the chair is behind
the obstruction, because it’s entangled. We don’t have half the chair is just a blur,
you know, of wave functions, blurred out over all probability
space. And so Yasunori says we see almost classical physics, because we,
who are part of the state, are correlated. We are entangled with the rest of the multiverse. So what happens in the quantum realm–it doesn’t
really stay in the quantum realm. It’s like housekeeping, where you try to sweep
dirt under the rug, and that dirt just gets bigger and bigger. So you can’t hide it. And I think that’s what’s happening with the Mandela Effect. You know we’ve hit that tipping point where people are starting
to see that this is happening, for sure; we’re definitely observing something. And we don’t have any such thing as objective
reality. And this is something that a lot of physicists would say is definitely
true, but again it’s cutting edge, and it flies in the face of what we
think we know. There’s research this year, in that experimentally
provew that there is no such thing as objective reality, and
two simultaneous objective observers that are both equally trusted at
the same time and place will absolutely observe different things. That’s amazing! I never thought I’d live to see this wonderful development! But it’s true. Two observers, this is from the physicists at Heriot-Watt University
in Edinburgh, and the University of Vienna, Austria. This cartoon has two people looking at a figure
on the ground; one sees a six, and one sees a
nine. And just because you’re right does not mean I am wrong; you just haven’t seen life from
my side. This is really true for those of us who experience the Mandela Effect. I co-authored a paper with George Weissmann, a physicist, and it is called
the Quantum Paradigm and Challenging the Objectivity Assumption. We wrote that paper two years ago, and we did that because we both shared a fascination
for that Tibetan Buddhism I talked about, and because we’d read the same
books about, “Time, Space, and Knowledge.” We got to write this, so we did, and presented it at a conference. Basically, the quantum paradigm can be intellectually comprehended as well as embodied;
one can live in quantum reality. A good metaphor for this is life as a dream,
with no real objects as distinguished from experienced objects. And we’re going to hear more about that, I think tonight. OK, so who are the Mandela Effect affected? I did a study to check and see if there’s
any sort of a correlation with the Myers-Briggs interest inventory,
because I thought, well, maybe there is something. And what I found was interesting, because
if you’re familiar with that test, you can take it online in about minutes,
and find out what you are. There are different versions of it. What you’ll see is there’s a huge percentage of people that are intuitive feelers with
that “NF” combination; either they are INFP I think on the far left is pink and then
at the top right is ENFP, and then INFJ. What’s bizarre is that these are not the highest
percentages of these people in the general population… these
are not. So the people who are experiencing the Mandela Effect are actually
the rare types–yes, they’re being affected. And here’s a chart that shows the personality
types key. The intuitive feelers are at the end that you
see, as opposed to sensing, and the feelers over the thinker’s. Now that’s not to say that you have to be
an “intuitive feeler” to experience the Mandela
Effect. It just means that that’s the majority of the experiencers. So in the shamanic view, the world is as we dream it: sentient beings dream reality into
being. Which raises the question which I think is the most important unspoken
question that most people– including physicists–never look at: who is
the observer? And what is consciousness? Here’s a cartoon: can we see that trick again,
please? It is just showing a bunch of neurons, this neural net map, and
then “Bing!” consciousness. And most of the theories look something like that, right
now, so it’s kind of funny. When you think about it, how does that happen? I think that’s ludicrous! We have to recognize that consciousness must
be primary. I have to agree with Max Planck. And so because we’ve never yet found consciousness in the neurons; we’ve never
found it with phrenology–that little chart of the bumps on the head. You know that’s silly, isn’t it, but we’re
still looking at things like MRI scans. They were thinking we can find consciousness
there. You might find a correlate of consciousness,
but I don’t think you’re going to find consciousness in any measurables. So I’d like to go back to Leibniz, who was one of the inventors of calculus,
and also the founder of science as we know it, with the idea of elegance as something
you look for when you look at a good theory. Leibniz views consciousness is requiring both
a first-order perception of something, and then
a second-order reflective perception. So this is the dude coming up with calculus. If you know calculus then you’ll notice, “Oh, that sounds like calculus!” If you don’t know calculus, don’t worry about it. It just means–don’t get scared– don’t panic, as they say Hitchhiker’s Guide–so what you
want to do is just recognize, “I’m observing something,” but Who am I? I’m the observer of the one who is doing the observing. And that is where the sentence comes in that
is the key to it. And then of course, I’ve talked to people working with
artificial intelligence, and they’re trying to build this sort of thing, and it
could be possible. But you know, what is consciousness, really? I think you can’t look into a machine and
find it–you’re not going to find it there. So as Leibniz said in Principles of Nature and Grace, “it’s good to make a distinction
between perception, which is the internal state of the monad representing
external things, and apperception, which is consciousness, (conscience),
or the reflective cognition of the internal state,” and he really
believed in the soul, and really believed in God. Basically, consciousness and perception of
it arises from unconscious perceptions. And again we see this with the Mandela Effect;
we’re looking at collective consciousness happening
on a global scale. Conscious perception arises gradually by degrees from
perceptions that are to minute to be noticed, usually, until they start jumping
out at you. So who do we mean when we say “I”? What is that–what is I? These are pictures of me at different ages. Is that all me? None of us are ever who we were yesterday– not exactly. We assume we know who we are, and human infants
can pass a self-identity test, where you look in the
mirror and you know that’s you. There are some animals that can do; humans
do it by months of age. But who is that? Here’s a cartoon showing an old lady in a
wheelchair; she’s shadow dancing, and remembering an earlier
age, when she could ballroom dance. So who you know yourself to be is different
than who your friends and family see. I think all of us in this room can agree,
especially if you’re Mandela-affected. We have many selves. “A man has as many social selves as there are individuals who
recognize him,” said American psychologist, William James. And self awareness can reveal that you can
start getting a sense of it. “Do you recognize perhaps, also you, now;
that a minute ago you were another?” This quote is by Italian author of “One No
One, and a Hundred Thousand.” And just the idea that you don’t even know
who you really are. We’re choosing that by choosing who we can be, and how good it can be for
us–how good we can be. We’re making those choices. And you think maybe other people don’t notice–everybody
notices there are many realities. I think Philip K. Dick tuned into that; he
wrote a lot of futuristic science fiction that we’ve seen
in movies like “Blade Runner,” and so 56
forth. And when you look at all these different realities
he took sort of a dark view, actually, remember that who you
can be is who you’re allowing yourself to be. Where are you aiming? What are you aiming for? He did go in some dark places, but he had an idea here that
“Maybe each human being lives in a unique world, a private world different from those
inhabited and experienced by all other humans… if reality differs from person
to person, can we speak of reality singular, or shouldn’t we really be talking
about plural realities? And if there are plural realities, are some more
true, more real, than others?” and we’ll definitely
be looking at that this weekend. You are not your thoughts. You are not your feelings. Remember why: because you’re the observer of those; you
are sentient. There’s nothing more important to true growth and recognizing that
you’re the one who’s hearing that. And here’s another great book by Michael Singer,
“The Untethered Soul.” If
56 we’re looking at levels of self, who are we? So much of what we call self is basically operating in that subconscious manner
that Leibniz identified, and William James was talking about. So it’s not a singular operator, so much as
a multitude of unified subsystems that are working
together. And if you don’t know what I mean by that, then this is something
that I was really clear on when I was a young child. I was looking at people like, why are they
just going all these different directions? They’re thinking one thing, feeling another, and forcing themselves to do what
they don’t even need to do but something different. It’s a mess. So it’s a big jumble. Here’s an illustration from my book, “Aura Advantage,” showing that
you can line that up; you can work together with the “I am” awareness. What we’re noticing–what those exceptional human experiences that I’m talking
about is you’re getting some additional perspective with dimensional depth. This is giving you the ability to start seeing beyond just your two eyes to
see into what you might think of as other realms–high sense perception. And that was a picture I didn’t explain it; this is a illustration from my book, Reality
Shifts, showing “flatland,” which is just the idea that you can have a world of
two dimensions that’s very flat. If you push a 3-dimensional object through it
or move it through it like a rose, the inhabitants of flatland think it’s magic…
like it’s going from a circle to this weird shape that’s like a leaf… and
then zooms back into a circle. Kind of like a UFO or something. And conscious dialogue is really the key to moving forward with the Mandela Effect. Biological order comes from information flows. Here I’m standing next to a researcher; this
is Anthony Bell. He was presenting a paper at UC Berkeley about the
idea of emergence / submergence and noise; how brains probably
work. I’ve been working with researchers at Foundations of Mind who are
on the same track, that there is no such thing as noise. You might think things are random, and it’s
just stupid, and a waste of time; we’ve got a speaker this
weekend who’ll be talking about how that’s not the case, and you’ll be seeing
it. You might experience it this weekend, as well. So basically, we’re getting the opportunity
to communicate–to bubble things up from the subconscious, and
bring great wisdom in. And here are two more researchers that I’m standing with:
the great Walter Freeman, who said that “consciousness exists as an emergent
field in the brain,” and then next to him is Giuseppe Vitiello from Italy;
he talks about dissipative quantum models of the brain. This is that quantum idea again, that we’re
very much feeling the fields of energy around us. We’re connected to ourselves on many levels. If you’ve heard about brain waves, then you
know that your brain as you’re dreaming is in a different
state. We move through these every day. So we get the beta wave of excitement, full
sensory awareness; the Alpha state of passive awareness and deep
relaxation; Theta drowsiness and unconsciousness; and deep sleep of Delta. And here’s a cartoon from Futurama: this is a quantum power of observation–it is kind
of cool. So on the upper left it shows this is a horse race, “it’s a dead heat”
and then the next moment “they’re checking the electron microscope” then, “and
the winner is number three in a quantum finish,” and then the guy who has placed a
bet says, “No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it!” So this is really what we’re dealing with. Can you work together with other people? Can we build a world together that we all can agree on? Are we able to do that? If we’re in our ego, are we going to have
to find a better way, so macro scale quantum
phenomena occurs everywhere? That is what I’ve been talking about; it’s
not just happening at the Planck scale of tiny little quantum particles; consciousness
is the essence of how one identifies as oneself amidst a
history of interrelatedness, that through observing, brings forth that world. And there do exist many possible realities. Your identify as a conscious observer is a
three-part process now of going through this motion of how you
select your reality. Quantum phenomena, such as entanglement, coherence,
and superposition, and tunneling then can occur. So you’re the observer; you’re changing things
on a global universal scale. And you’re doing it with your compatriots
with other people, with big hearts, and big visions, and big mind. And that means you can envision a positive past. You might have been given a diagnosis by a
doctor; they might have told you some bad news. You don’t have to believe that. You can look in the rearview mirror, and see a rainbow. And you can start with that small little glimmer of hope, and build it into something
big, and you can do it. I’ve seen it happen. We’ll be hearing about that this weekend. So you can experience “No When,” with visions of positive futures
and positive pasts. This is that thing that the shamans do all the time. And you can access blissful, beautiful everyday reality full of exquisite joys, subtleties,
and wisdom. So I’m going to ask you guys now I’m going to be handing something
out with two people helping me. You’re going to get an opportunity; if you
don’t have a pen, don’t worry about it. I’m just going to ask that when you get something,
don’t open it. Don’t open it. Just kind of feel a state of love, gratitude,
and reverence. That’s your job here, is just to feel a sense
of quiet mind. Relax your breathing; it is all good. This is just a fun thing, it is absolutely
wonderful. And if you want to doodle or write something
on it, you can. You don’t have to; you just sort of think about it. What kind of feelings and images are coming to your mind? Entering into that kind of quantum state here,
just for a moment. To have some fun I’ll wait until everybody
gets one; I’ll just lead a little meditation here. Everybody got one? OK. So now you just hold it, and you can hold it in your hands any way you
like. Keep your eyes open, or close them if you
like, and just feel the presence of this sense of what this is, and just feeling
love, openness, and joy. And whenever you feel like you might be getting
some feelings of something and you want to write it down, go
ahead. You can doodle; you can write a word; anything you like. And you can’t possibly fail. This is all good; it’s not a test. It is just good fun, and it’s private. You don’t have to share it. So whenever you want, you can open it, and take
a look at it, and this will be something you can share or not share with
other people. It’s interesting if it’s this whole idea that there
is no such thing as noise, as I mentioned earlier, and that’s part of this
quantum experience–there is no such thing as noise; it’s just interesting
things; so you’ll get something, and you can see what it is, and
you can have fun with it. You can share it. OK. And so why is the Mandela Effect happening? I’m just gonna be wrapping this up now, and we can move on to questions
in a minute. I want you to think about that. And my answer that I mention in Reality Shifts
is “Be Cause.” It’s that thing you never want to hear from the
adults when asking, “why? why? why?” Well, what if you take the word “because” in two words–what
if WE are the cause? What if we are consciousness? We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for. Here’s a quote by Nelson Mandela, “May your choices
reflect your hopes, not your fears.” and I’d love to keep everyone thinking “How good
can it get?” so thank you so much. We are going to do a Q&A; session; if anybody
has questions about what you’ve just heard from Ms. Cynthia, if you would like
to be a part of the Q&A;, we have a microphone set up right over here. Please help yourself; walk right up to the
mic. Ask your question and enjoy. Who’s for Cynthia? OK, so my question is
56 I’m sure you experience a lot of Mandela Effects;
have you noticed that over time it becomes harder to remember the
old ways, like it’s like a memory–I call it a memory fuzz, but it’s like the new
way has more power, and it seems like it kind of picks on you to remember it the
new way. Do you notice anything like that for yourself? Yes, sometimes that’s true; there can be. And there can be confusion, sometimes, like what is going
on. You might be uncertain that you’re even experiencing anything. There can be that initial wave of doubt where the new the new can be so overwhelming at
times; yes I do feel that sometimes, and then other times especially,
if you’ve noticed a flip-flop where you’ve had strong emotional involvement
then it’s harder to shake what you remember to have been true. But yes, that’s a great great observation. Thank you; thanks for the courage to ask;
another brave soul; in your opinion dealing with quantum physics and physicists,
and working real closely with them, you suggested that the macro scale quantum
physics could be just around the corner if you will or at least evidence there
of in a scientific field about how long in your opinion do you
think we are away from that actually being observed. We’re getting it day by day, week by week. So we’re getting lots of macroscopic evidence
in the realm of quantum computing. That’s where, because technology usually leads
the way. Just like when we left the Stone Age and moved
into the Bronze Age and so forth. We’re definitely in the Quantum Age because
the technology is leading that charge. And so, reluctantly, people are dealing with
things like what does it mean when you can have entangled diamonds
that you can see in your hands and they’re totally entangled with each other,
because scientists are working to build a quantum computer. That’s true. I found it very interesting about the Meyer Briggs; I am an INFP, and I saw they’re
about the same I also realized that INFPs are either experiencers, who have
had many paranormal… so I’m seeing that correlation. So I just wondered if you wanted to get a
little bit deeper on that, if there’s anything else you observed. Well I think it’s cool, because I think these are some of these INFPs, INFJs… these are very small subsets of the general
population–or so you would hear. What is it–like one or two percent, usually. Yet, when you look at the Mandela Effect community, these are the majority of
the experiencers! So the minority is the majority in a way. And I think it’s very interesting. It kind of gets into this idea of being like
a small child seeing things innocently; feeling things in a pure state;
and maybe being more aware of what’s actually happening. Yeah, is that what you think it is? I think so. So a person affected is a little more aware, a little
more open. Yeah. There’s nothing wrong with the other types; we need all of them. Right. And they all can be experiencers. So just because it’s a tendency, doesn’t mean
it’s the only way. Thank you. So I’m thinking back to what you just talked
about, and how when you were a very young girl you would
be able to look out a window and think I’d like to rain to stop, and it would
stop, you would think I would like the rain to start, it would start. In a way would that almost be you were causing a Mandela Effect of the rain? Yes, it’s like this ancient shamanic practice of working with the weather, absolutely. And recognition of being in an aligned state within oneself, and communion
with Nature. So I think it’s easier for children, in a way, to access these levels,
because no one’s yet hopefully told them that you can’t do that. So again what you’re able to allow yourself to believe could be possible; can be the guiding
force. So overall you would say that you think consciousness
is probably the cause of most of the Mandela Effects? That’s what I’m noticing, regardless what
theory you might be pursuing, if you go far enough. Because if you stop too soon, then you can say it’s a simulation, but a simulation
of what? What are we simulating? You know they didn’t go far enough. They’re like, “Oh, we’re done. We got something shiny.” Fantastic. Thank you. Thank you, thank you for a great great talk. A lot of the map changes have just been completely blowing my mind, and we have a map on my daughter’s
wall that we’ve both just been looking at, and it’s looking completely
different from how we remember it. And I’m wondering if you have any theories,
in terms of like pilots and captains and that sort of thing,
and all of the navigation that has to take place, why it’s not causing more disruption. Why… please rephrase… what do you mean? Why is what not causing more disruption? Well, the changes that we’re seeing in the map, because you’re noticing
for sure… Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, remember I mentioned the Quantum Zeno
Effect, and that often doctors won’t notice, for example that the kidneys have
moved, because they’ve been checking kidneys? They won’t notice anything changed; they are
so entangled with that system state, that they move with it. And I think that’s definitely true for all the navigators as well. When you are close enough to a subject that
you’re a subject-matter expert, you won’t notice that
this is happening. And it would be easy for you to say that this does not happen, and the Mandela Effect is hooey, because you’re
only going to notice it in your peripheral vision. If quantum physics is having something to
do with it–and I believe it is–therefore anything that you’re
focused on to the point that you are that subject matter expert, it’s gonna
be a lot harder for you to witness these Mandela Effects. Therefore, those pilots and those navigators
are going to be just fine. To them, it didn’t change. I’d like to
I’d like to understand your perspective on when one has more of a range
of known effects in their life coming in as well as interacting with the
observer effects, and if you see this getting much more ramped-up in the future,
as people observe more and know that it exists, and test the boundaries of
what consciousness can do, and if there might be future studies into the equation
that it requires for someone to 56
understand how this could be used for good. Well I’ll tackle the one about everything’s changing and with all this influx
could someone see as more people come on board– can we see an expansion? I think yes. I think we are seeing that. I think that is what we’re noticing with that
graph I showed, that that so-called tipping point
happens, and we’re getting that effect. So there’s a grand awakening happening on the
planet right now. People are laughing about the Mandela Effect; it’s a joke, you
know, because if you are that subject matter expert you could pick on that and say,
“Well this is not happening. I know for sure,” because to them it’s not. But your question then goes… can you rephrase the other part? Oh yeah. As more people observe it, and want to understand
how it works, and science takes it to the next level and understands
how this whole mechanism 56
works, do you think it can be used for good nature? Oh, definitely. Yes, this is I think the possible solution to most of
the so-called unsolvable problems on our planet at this time. So yes, I think this has all sorts of range
and ability to be extraordinarily useful in every
possible way. Thank you. All right ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Cynthia
Sue Larson!

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  18. Thank you!!! Your life is a living example of hope!!!! I thank you and look foward to shifting 👍😊🙏!!!! Love,light and tremendous joy!

  19. The first lady asking about the new reality having power over the old way kind of surprised me because I was thinking that same thing almost the whole time I was watching the presentation.

  20. Every time I take a Meyers Briggs test it tells me I'm a different personality type than I was before. It seems like it is more a test of what mood you are in rather than your personality "type." The Chinese Zodiac seems to be closest to what "type" I am.

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