D.A.M. Effzett Microflex 2-10g 2.30cm | Amatorska Recenzja i Ugięcie Blanku (eng subs)

Hello I’d like to tell You about fishing rod which I use for a one year, Its DAM Effzett Microflex 2-10g 2.30 m. Im using it with a reel Okuma Pulzar PZ-30a. At the end of this video will be showing a curve of rod using some heavy “lure”. Here is a cork and a foam. A blank, a foam and a place for the reel. A place for a reel is not A Fuji. Micro-guides of SeaGuide, not Fuji. This is how it looks. About… “water”… Its my uniwersal fishing rod, Im using it fishing on lakes and rivers. A San river has a fast current. I was fishing with Microflex and it was ok. Of course using some lures. My llures which I use to Microflex: Savage Gear Cannibal 5 or 7 cm. With jig heads 5 gr. Berkley Pulse Shad 5gr jig head. Another Savage Gear 5 gr. Some Relax lure. Here is 10 gr jig head. I used it in Czarna Sedziszowska city and it was ok. I use a 10 gr jig head, because the water is so deep in there. Another Cannibal on 5, 7 gr jig head. Fox Rage Zande Pro Shad. Here is a 5 gr jig head. Berkley Pulse Shad 3 gr. As I said before maks weight of jig head is 10 gr. And its ok. In this rod is a fully blank, without inserting top. (hope You understand). The smallest jig head is 1.5 gr Im using this in lakes and water reservoirs. Not in rivers. My last video is recerded in Koniecpol, where I caught some pikes and perches. Its a Gunki lure. Its a great lure in all water. 5 gr Keitech. Another Gunki on 5 gr. Here is a crayfish. On 5 gr jig head. Its a similar 1.5 gr. I have here some new lures, which I never use. Some lure of Gunki. A beauty masculine colour. A nymph. Some lure. I tried fishing using a drop-shot method, but I had no fish. It’s my fault, maybe. About jigging. About jigging using a 1.5gr jig head I cant feel when a lure landind on a bottom. I only see it on a braid or a monofilament. I also cant see it on the top of fishing rod on a water reservoir of one meter deep. Its better to see a jig of 2 grams jig head. For example using a Gunki lures. In the same conditions on a water reservoir of one meter deep. A jiging is more seen. But I still cant feel it but I can see it on the top, but a little gently:) And a jig head 3 gr and above. Its very good to jig with this jighead. It can be see on the top and a braid. And I can fell it in my hand. But its perfect to use a 5 gr jig heads and above. Using that jig head You can see it on the top and feel in hand. So when I use a 1.5 grams jig head I focus on the braid. Seeing how it moves in the water. About wobblers… Im using many wobblers. Something like that For a chuba and perches. And for a trouts. Some minnows. Made of Salmo on water reservoir and little rivers. Effzett Pro-Lite Minnow. 5 and 7 cm its great to use it. Wobblers like that works great on Microflex. I love these wobblers. Also using a twitching method. Mikado Duende. Its great wobbler and it has a rattle inside. Chubs likes a 3D Crucian Crank of Savage Gear. A Decathlon’s lure for perches. It swims more deep. Some Dorado wobbler . And Salmo Hornet. It moves realy widely. Pikes and perches likes that lure. Some Effzett wobbler, goes deep to the water. All these wobblers are about 3, 4, 5, cm. Im also using a 7 cm wobblers. In water reservoirs or lakes. Or in rivers throwing to the up of river. Using a twitching method. And some spinners. Savage Gear Rotex Spinner size #2. Some Effzett size #2. Size #2 of spinner I fell it really good. In lakes or rivers. Size #1 of spinner I feel only in rivers. In fact I never use a size #1 spinners. I also got size #0 but never used it. I also use that little lures. Its about 3 cm. Im very happy of using this rod. It would be nice to feel a 1.5gr jig heads. But I know its impossible. I mainly use wobbler and spinners when is warm outside. Rarely jigging. In autumn and winter I use jig heads. The quality of workmanship is at a high level. The handle is perfect and softly to hang. I can feel very good fish, that are attacking lures. Next will be shown a curve of fishing rod. A friend helped me:) A fishing rod cost me about 250 PLN. It was about one year ago. I also was thinking about many other rods. I never had this rod in my head before buing it. I decided to order it because other fishing man said its a good rod for my conditions. I do not regret the purchase/ Only what is missing is the handle for lures. Everything looks great. This rod is strong. I am not afraid when there is a catch of f.e. some tree in water. Im not affraid to broke it. I caught using this rod an asp 60+ cm. And many pikes 50+ cm. I also use some jerks of Salmo Slider the smallest one:) I never had a problem to take a fish out of the water. Sometimes I cant fell a 10 cm perches or smaller. But I feel that I got something on my hook. I perfectly feel a perch of 20 cm and more. For that fish this rod is made for I think thats all I got to say. Now I will show You a curve of fishing rod under a bait. In my opinion the action in throwing is like “fast”. And having a fish on hook its like medium. I recommend to use a jig headt between 2/3 to 8 gr weight. A 10 gr weight of jig head + lure is maximum for this rod. This rod is for me very universal. I fish perches, pikes, zanders, chubs, trouts, hmm Silver carps, asps. Thanks for watching. And sorry for my language. Ask in comment if You have some questions. There will be some photos of lenght from bottom od rod to grip. Thanks again and see You soon.

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  1. Mam ten model lowie nim na warcie z lodz hornetani 3.5cm i brombami lipinskiego.daje rade ryby z niego niespadaja.

  2. Też myslałem nad tym kijkiem,ostatecznie kupiłem kiuing tetona 2-10cw,ma uchwyt fuji, dobrej klasy przelotki i… same dobre noty na yutube,za parę dni przejdzie test na solinie………..

  3. Czy poleciłbyś tą wędkę do twitchingu/na poppery? Czy szczyt nie jest za miękki do tych metod?

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