Hi welcome to this DAM video, I am Bertrand MALLER, French DAM consultant. I’ll introduce you a great lure, the EFFZETT POWER STRIKER. There are two sizes of EFFZETT POWER STRIKER : 8cm and 11cm, it is available in 10 colors. You can see these colors in the D.A.M catalog or on the D.A.M website. POWER STRIKER 8cm weighs 14gr, the 11cm weighs 27gr POWER STRIKER is jointed in two parts. When retrieved,this joint will generate lot of clacks which will attract predators attention. POWER STRIKER is very realistic, it looks like a real prey fish, the fins are constructed in soft plastic painting make it look lifelike, down to the smallest details, such as the DAM logo in the eye of the lure. The painting is beautiful and very solid, this lure has caught many pike and the paint is only slightly scratched. This lure is very well designed, the hinges are very solid, also you will find heavy duty split rings and exclusive SUMO trebble hooks. To fish with the POWER STRIKER, I use a Futron 20-50GR rod and QUICK VSI + reel This lure is very easy to cast and retrieve It is slow sinking, you can use your rod on high or low position depending on the desired swimming depth, average depth is approx. 1 meter. The easiest animation is steady retrieve and stop and go. The lure will naturally make an underwater “walking the dog”, you can retrieve the line very slowly ! Steady retrieve action Remember to make pauses, that will induce follow fish to attack. At spinstops, the lure turns on its side and shows belly flash to the following predators At spinstops, the lure turns on the side You can also twitch the lure, the POWER STRIKER will then turn from side to side ! Twitching action You can combine all these animations to trigger more attacks … …strike !!! during explanations not a big… slowly … it’s a jack …. what a funny color ! it’s a two tones pike 1 side clear , 1 side dark ! please , release and take care of your catch see you later … This D.A.M video is over, I wish you a lot of success with the POWER STRIKER , see you soon for a new video ! what are you waiting to try this lure???


  1. slt Bertrand comme dab leurre dam introuvable au nord de paris dommage pour la marque

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