21 thoughts on “D.C. commuters and residents experience flash flooding

  1. If you are aware of Washington,D.C.'s history then you know that the city was literally built on top of a swamp. So..go figure.

  2. 🏝🛸Anunnakîs are not happy with DC, We wonder why??? 🤔 🌬🌊

  3. I've never seen so much rain before at one time!! We definitely got hit hard!

  4. D.C. probably flooded due to the diarrhea coming out of the Capitol and the White House.

  5. GET RIGHT WITH GOD, D.C.! HE IS SPEAKING (SHOUTING) YOU TO TO REPENT AND COME TO HIM! You too, Washington Post – you den of vipers! Repent, and turn to Jesus Christ! Things are only going to get worse!

  6. Someone should tell that bus driver that its a no wake zone.

  7. Vengeance is mine sayeth the L-rd!  The plagues will continue until you let my people go, Donald Trump. The end is coming.  Repent Donald.  Just last night New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft sat at the same table with his friend President Trump as the two attended a Washington, DC state dinner for the emir of Qatar. Kraft was photographed sitting at the same table as the president during the dinner at the Treasury Department on Monday. Why not invite Jeffrey Epstein, too? Oh, right, he's in jail awaiting his bail hearing. Maybe next time, Jeffrey!

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