Dam Building Project Update

hey you doing everybody Randy Richard in
the shop and this is a little damn update and we have all the rocking done
and the cross fencing you can see sit on a corner right here and all the fencing
is all complete to keep an the horses out of the Creek area so we’re gonna
take a quick look at these dams and see how they everything is good doing so
here’s the bottom dam and you can see how it’s backing up really nice I think
the flow is pretty much stopped we’ll be checking that as a well about a foot
before it will go over this over the dam but you can see how it’s all been rocked
got it all rocked in here very nice all over there and this just should work out
extremely well we’ll go up and look at some of the other ones
this is dam number two a little bit of a backup but there’s almost no flow ain’t
happenin here so good this is looking really good all the edges are now rocked
at the corners and filled in number three got more rock in here also and
it’s gonna look at it’s looking pretty good there damn number for the big dam we’ll see if there’s it’s just a oh wow
there is just a small small sign of water flow a little trickle that’s why
we’re not getting any real backup or anything but this did boy the Polliwogs
are in there like crazy though just did back up a little bit
foot deep to help on this little pool right here there’s a fence decided to
fence off the entire pond it’s fenced off on this side what they did is a big
cross France of the whole area and then it comes up here all the way up and
around another gate and up to the final fence up farther there here’s a game
number five all finished and rocked in nothing just no flow and no real backup
it’s evaporating it’s hot now it’s just about evaporating faster than the flow
is so not gonna get a lot but this this is leveled out the water level in here
all the way to the next dam so that’s gonna look real good in game number six you know I expect this dam will have to
be built up you know probably a shorter order of time compared to the other ones
even just because it’s it’s not going to take a lot for it to go over the
spillway and this could silt in quite quickly actually could being the the
highest elevation dam and then more logs would have to be added to this but
that’s okay and this water is backed up here also a
lot of by the algae growth in here and that’s gonna plug up that filter real
real quick and easy and we have a nice backup into this pond here those of you
from the top end this is our largest last pool on the highest Dan and the
Creek on down the way you can see there’s a lot of vegetation and some
more willows are gonna probably get planted along here but it’s all fenced
off from the animals now which is a good thing help keep the horses out so there
you go guys just a quick update on the dam project and this fall we’ll be
checking on it and see how all the waters backing up and filling in the
dams to work out just fine we’ll catch you guys in the next one

31 thoughts on “Dam Building Project Update

  1. Dam, good job. Andromedus fish will swim up that there river and the Army Corp will regulate you. Be prepared to put in locks for the barges.

  2. Thanks Randy, that was a good dam update. Any chance that you might go back in the late fall or whenever you boys get some decent runoff from rain?

  3. Great job. Helpin’ Mother Nature. Look forward to further updates.

  4. Looking good. Seems to be doing its job. Thanks for the update

  5. You do realize of course that you have stopped the creation of the next Grand Canyon…
    Other than that, great work!

  6. I know most weather events that happen out there are not the same as those that happen here in TX. But it is mostly the same here, after July 4 it gets hot and dry until Fall. If you get a chance to film even a short update when those ponds get fuller, I'll watch it! (like I ever miss any of your videos).

  7. If you drive out there in a good long heavy rain, we'd like to see the video. Interesting project.

  8. A little bentonite should stop the leaks, and is a great alternative to using plastic as a liner. It should be available at any supplier for irrigation pumps. It's commonly used a liner for man-made lakes and landfills, and is used extensively to make drilling mud.

  9. Thanks for the update. I learned from these videos. Will be building a dam for hydroelectric water wheel to supplement my son's solar power system.

  10. Looking good Randy – certainly be very interesting to see this all when you have had some rains.
    The remaining ''puddles'' do look horribly like mosquito heaven!

  11. More rock at the upper end would finish it. Why the thing didn't erode before is baffling. Wonderful job Randy.

  12. Awesome, Randy! Looks like they are doing their job as planned. Nice when a plan comes together!

  13. Water you talking about Randy? Weir hoping for a dam update. Glad you didn't ditch us.

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