DAM CHANNEL TV with Morning Musume’17 ( English sub)

I: Good afternoon,
All: We’re morning Musume’17. I: Today, we’ve done recording for the DAM channel, I: Yoko-yan, could you leave your mark? Y: Yes, I think I’ve left good facial expressions. I enjoyed it. I: How about you, Kaedee?
K: I, I think I’ve left a good facial expressions too. I: How about you, Marian lovelin?
M: Me, too. I: Me too? You said that even though you’re not good at English. I: Well, I don’t need ask about Oda.
O: Why? I’ve left them too. I: Well, please watch the web only video which couldn’t put on the DAM channel. All: Dozo. Interviewer: Morning Musume has continued a long time, hasn’t it?
All: Yes. Interviewer: That means there are many traditions or things taught by the seniors, Interviewer: What kind? From who? and What? told by? I: There are SO many things. O: Nakazawa Yuko-san, she is the original member and the first leader. O: Whenever we saw her she always says ” Please take care of Morning Musume’s future.” ” Hello Project as well” O: It’s not just lip services, O: She is saying from the bottom of her heart, trusting us about Morning Musume. O: I think ” We’ll try hard” Interviewer: Is there any episode about the seniors which you didn’t expected about them? I: There is a rule about choosing Obento( Lunch box) from the seniors, I: When we have , for example, three types of Obentos, I: Karaage ( Deep fried chicken), Syake( Salmon) and Soboro(Mince) I: If there is the senior who wants Karaage, then the junior took it before her, I: The senior can’t take it, can she? I: So we’ve got a system that the seniors choose first. I: When I was at the youngerst, I: I took Karaage Bento which one of senior wanted. I: It was Tanaka Reina-san. I: She is from Fukuoka, so she’s got quite strong dialect. I: ” Where is Reina’s Obento?” I: I never forget. Interviewer: What did you feel? Your blood frozen? ” Yabai, it was me” I: Really, I’ve already eaten one monthful. I was like ” Was it this one…?” I: I thought I might be get away, but I couldn’t. Interviewer: What kind of Obento was left until the last? N: Karaage Bento is popular, gone quickly.
All: Yes. Y: I’m the currently last person to choose the Obento. Y: Mine is usually Fish one. Y: Fish. OK, Fish again. Interviewer: Oneday Yokoyama-san can get Shoga yaki( Pork Ginger) Y: One day. O: Probably not going up to the Hamburg.
Intervewer: Might come to get the Hamburg one too. Interviewer: Not for the while yet. keep going.
Y: Yes, I will. Intervewer: As an idol, What point is something you are strongly feel that you are doing better than others? O: There is a big screen when we are doing the lives, O: When our face is focused, that moment , we think how we can make a strong impressions? O: That is all of us are trying really really hard. Interviewer: Let’s try with this camera. K: Using my front hair. I: You can do more.
Y: More? K: Do it like usual Yokoyama.
Y: Usual Yokoyama? All: Seno
O: It’s different. K: She is nervous.
Y: Yes, I am. Sorry. Interviewer: I think you’ve become Syake Bento. Y: I’ll try harder.
Interviewer: It was really good.

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