Dam Dadi Do MV / Flipnote Hatena

When the morning come come I’m dancing like you’re dumb dumb And when the groove is high when dummies jump to sky if you feel the groove groove the dummies have to move move can you feel the beat the beat the beat You never tell me what is wrong ’cause now it’s time to be alone let me love you everyday so long you let the dummies play dance to the beat dance dance to the beat

8 thoughts on “Dam Dadi Do MV / Flipnote Hatena

  1. I loved this flipnote,but my dis got stolen but this brings back some memory's.. ^_^

  2. My DSi broke with this flipnote on it…  Memories of old Fleesveon are flooding back…  You should post a lot of your old stuff on Sudomemo (If you haven't already done so).

  3. Seriously all these flipnotes hitting me with the great power of nostalgia. O how I wish I still had my old dsi

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