Dam Easy Flood Protection Barriers

>>NARRATOR: Flooding is becoming more frequent
than ever before. And while traditional defences can be time-consuming
and at times ineffective, preventing flooding in your home or premises can be made easy. DamEasy! The Dam Easy flood protection barrier is a
quick and easy to install and highly effective solution. With no tools or brackets needed, the robust
and tough barrier is simple to store and can be secured in place quickly. The entrance is tightly sealed up to the barrier
height of twenty eight inches, leaving the interior of your property flood-free and safe.>>BRIAN: We looked at all the flood barriers
that are available out there and when we came to buy this, the thing that we were impressed
with most, one is the research has gone into it. It’s very easy to install and probably the
most impressive part of it is the absolute seal that is created by that pneumatic seal.>>NARRATOR: To begin installation, place
the Dam Easy barrier in the entranceway with the jack handle and the pressure gauge facing
into of the building. The jack handle expands the unit to tightly
fit the entranceway walls and extends from thirty one inches to forty-three inches as
required. Rubber bumpers surround the seal while a pump
handle then inflates the seal. A pressure gauge displays the air pressure
and the air release button allows you to deflate the pneumatic seal once the barrier is no
longer needed. Be prepared! Don’t let flooding damage your property! Dam Easy. Flood protection made easy!

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