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The Method of Dam Milana (Seeking Spiritual Help from Spiritual Dignitaries) I previously mentioned that if you recite the Chapter Muzzammil (Koran 73) 12 times at all 4 corners of someone’s grave, then their soul comes. This knowledge [of requesting the presence of the souls of spiritual dignitaries] is so that you can obtain spiritual benevolence from them. And there is another method through which you can call upon them. Sometimes, people say, ‘It rained because that saint prayed for rain.’ Or they say that the prayers of different saints solved a variety of problems. Praying for rain will not make it rain. Whose job is it to make it rain? [The Archangel] Michael. Whose job is it to make it rain? It is Michael’s job. When someone comes to you with request – suppose Zahir here is a great saint. And all the people in Peshawar come to him and, considering him to be a pious man who is close to God, they say that it has not rained in Peshawar for a long time and they seek his intercession in this matter. They come to Zahir Shah asking him to pray for rain. Will he actually pray [to make it happen]? If Zahir Shah is a saint of God, what will he do? He will seek the spiritual help of Michael (Dam Milana). The saints of God do not say prayers [to get things done]. [The method they use] is Dam Milana. When he uses the act of Dam Milana, what will happen? Michael will become present within him. Michael [the Archangel]. And Michael’s spiritual power will be loaned to the saint. Then the saint will say, ‘Let it rain,’ and it will rain. Do you understand? Imagine there is a huge tsunami coming and people are crying out for help. And you want to save them. Then what will you do? You will use the act of Dam Milana with Khidr. Once you have [successfully been loaned the spiritual power of Khidr], you will just put your hand forward and stop the tsunami. These things are not done through prayers. Supplications are like writing letters, whereas now you need to FaceTime. No? You need to use FaceTime. Sometimes, you need to use the act of Dam Milana – – and sometimes, if you have enough spiritual power [on your own], you don’t need to use Dam Milana. When you have enough spiritual power, then your inner faculties become dependant upon your thoughts. For example, you have the remote control to your television. If you want to watch the cricket channel, you will press the appropriate buttons to switch to that channel. The channels become dependant, so to speak, on the buttons you press. If you want to watch the news channel, you press the corresponding buttons and watch the news. To watch films, you press the right buttons and watch the films. Similarly, your inner faculties – the subtleties – become dependant on your thoughts. You thought [about going somewhere] and they left your body [as soon as you thought it]. Whatever place you thought of, your inner faculties left your body and travelled there. When you reach this stage, you can use Dam Milana. But this method is for the Kamileen (saints who have reached the culmination in spirituality). For the first time in life, I am giving you all permission to carry out Dam Milana. I am talking about the permission to perform Dam Milana. Not Dam (spiritual healing) where you blow upon people to cure them. Yes! [I am giving you] permission to carry out Dam Milana. Who will this permission I am giving apply to? Who will it apply to? Whosoever has the Personal Name of God in their heart. The permission to perform Dam Milana will work only for those whose hearts successfully invoke upon God’s Personal Name. And if you don’t have the Personal Name of God in your heart, it will not work for you. For this to work, it is necessary that you be able to clearly visualise the Personal Name of God. Whoever has the invocation of the heart and can see God’s Personal Name inscribed upon their heart when they visualise it, this permission I am granting applies to them, whoever they are. Whoever they are. Whenever a problem arises – – you go to apply for a visa, for example – – try it and see for yourself. [Use this method I am about to explain when you] go apply for a visa or something else or you deal with other difficulties. First, visualise God’s Personal Name on your heart and then shift that visualisation from your heart onto the person in front of you [who is in charge of your visa]. First visualise it on your heart. When you see the Personal Name of God on your heart through visualisation, shift that visualisation onto the person. Close your eyes in front of that person and shift the visualisation of God’s Personal Name onto them. If it is successfully shifted onto the person, you will actually see the Personal Name of God hovering over them. When you see God’s Personal Name hovering over them, consider that [what you wanted done has been] done. This is how to use Dam Milana through the Personal Name of God. This is Dam Milana through the Personal Name of God. You can do whatever you want through it. I tried it too. This was in 1987 when I used to study at the Urdu Science College [in Karachi, Pakistan]. I came to know of something spiritually. I was feeling hungry. It had been 16-17 days since I had last eaten. I was then told, ‘Whenever you face any difficulty, simply visualise the Personal Name of God and the problem will be solved.’ So I had been hungry for 17 days. And I thought to myself that nothing could be more difficult than this. I thought I might die of starvation. So I visualised the Personal Name of God upon my stomach. When I visualised the Personal Name of God upon my stomach, I saw that many tiny Personal Names of God had begun entering my stomach. So many Personal Names of God entered my stomach that it became full and I had energy. I thought perhaps that I was being superstitious. I stood up and ran and I had the energy to do so. The divine energy of the Personal Name of God began to fill the stomach. One day, it was extremely hot and I was very thirsty. I did have water, but I thought no. Just as when I was hungry, the visualisation of God’s Personal Name upon my stomach filled it, now I wanted to see just how a fakir manages to not be dependant on anyone. A Prophetic Tradtion states that a fakir is not dependant upon anyone. An evil whisper came to me that a fakir is dependant on food and water. Then I found out that no, a fakir is neither dependant on food nor water. He is neither dependant on human beings nor the Lord. When I visualised [God’s Personal Name] upon my stomach, the stomach was filled with divine energy. When I visualised God’s Personal Name upon water, my thirst was quenched. What happened? [Audience: the thirst was quenched]. Those who obtained this knowledge will certainly say that Imam Hussain didn’t need water [in the Battle of Karbala]. Imam Hussain didn’t [need water]. For this incident, I recall a stanza of poetry. I do not believe that Imam Hussain went thirsty and hungry [during the Battle of Karbala]. My faith says, ‘Who can say that Imam Hussain thirsted for water?’ ‘Who can say that Imam Hussain thirsted for water?’ ‘It was water that thirsted to touch his lips.’ ‘It was water that thirsted to touch his lips.’ It was the water that was thirsty. And it was thirsty to touch the lips of Imam Hussain. Who could possibly keep Imam Hussain thirsty? Did he not have the Personal Name of God? Couldn’t he have visualised it upon his stomach? He must have done so. When a common sinner who has become part of Prophet Mohammad’s Nation can visualise God’s Personal Name upon the stomach and fill it [then Imam Hussain must have done so too]. Right? During those days [when I was in college, I used to wonder how Prophet Mohammad had any energy in his body when he would fast every day. And then the thought also came to me that Prophet Mohammad forbid common people [from fasting every day]. He would tell them not to fast every day like him, for he was being fed by his Lord. We used to think that perhaps God would sneak food to Prophet Mohammad through Gabriel and give it to him in his room. Prophet Mohammad said, ‘My Lord feeds me and quenches my thirst,’ so this is what we understand. But in the 3 year period I went through in which His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi spiritually trained me, I saw that the way God feeds and quenches one’s thirst is through the divine energy of God’s Personal Name. With the divine energy of God’s Personal Name, the stomach was filled and hunger was satisfied. I gave you permission of using God’s Personal Name for Dam Milana. Write it down. Whoever has been granted the Personal Name of God and they can clearly visualise it – – now they should not ask me to pray for them when they have problems. Rather they should use Dam Milana [with God’s Personal Name]. At least test it! Test it. So that you can find out whether I am telling the truth or lying. Test it and see. By the way, let me tell you something: this permission [for Dam Milana with God’s Personal Name] is not something that is common. This permission is only granted to saints of God. This is not for average [people]. It is not common. This permission will not work for people who have the invocation of Ra Riaz in their hearts. There is something else [entirely] for them. ALRA TV: Bringing Light, Love and Peace in Your Life.

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