Dam removal project to clean up Mahoning River begins in Lowellville

taken for the two- million dollar project to remove dams on the Mahoning River. First News Reporter Briana Ray-Turner tells us what Lowellville can expect from this project. At one point in time, the Mahoning river used to be an open waste container for the steel mills. But now-a-days, things are definitely changing. JIM IUDICIANI, MAYOR OF LOWELLVILLE:”WE’R E GOING TO CLEAN THIS RIVER. WE’RE LOOKING TO ATTRACT TOURISM. WE’RE BUILDING THIS INTO A 13 ACRE RIVERSIDE PARK FOR PEOPLE TO COME OUT AND ENJOY.” But the beginning of this process took time. The program started in 2011 and now its finally on its way. IUDICIANI:”THEY’RE DREDGING 1.2 MILES UP THE RIVER. SO THEY’RE GOING TO START HERE BEHIND THE DAM. AND THEY’RE HOPING TO GET ABOUT 600-700 FEET. AND THIS IS ALL GOING TO BE NEW EMBANKMENT.” All the dredged material will be pumped through pipes and then put in an impoundment area for the de-watering process. IUDICIANI:”AND THEN ONCE THE WATER COMES OUT OF THERE IT’S GOING TO BE PUMPED INTO OUR SANITARY SOURCE SYSTEM AND TREATED IN OUR WATER PLANT.” Iudiciani says the whole project and all the dam removals are about improving the water quality for the warm water habitats. iUDICIANI:”IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT LOWELLVILLE.IT’S ABOUT THE SHENAGO AND THE MAHONING VALLEY AND CLEANING THE RIVER UP TO NEWTON FALLS.” The goal is to have the project completed sometime next year. IN LOWELLVILLE, BRIANA RAY-

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