DAM Successfully Hosts 2nd Year Anniversary Programme

Today 2nd February 2020, DAM has organised their programme for the 2nd year running. Many Deaf individuals and lecturers have attended this session. Have a look! Here all Deaf individuals are playing housie with extreme focus! 3 winners will be given a prize. People are very excited and focused playing housie. Now let’s see who are the lucky winners! DAM’s second year programme was organised by General Secretary Pradeep More and President Anand Gollar. They both have worked very hard for this event. I have a question for the General Secretary of this event. In Mumbai there are a number of association. So why did you establish DAM? Earlier there was no DAM. SLAD was affiliated with many associations in various districts except Mumbai. Since Mantralaya is in Mumbai, SLAD affiliated with DAM so that protest can be carried out easily. That’s great! Since 2 years you have been the president of DAM. What are your responsibilities? I am the President of DAM. In last year’s programme, there was a lot to learn from the various leaders. The SLAD wants us to help and support Deaf individuals who suffers alot. I hope with your hardwork DAM develops as this will change the lives of the Deaf. Thank you both of you. He’s from Thrissur, Kerala he has came all the way to Mumbai to give a lecture at DAM Association. His name is Herry Sunny. I have a question for you. By presenting your film, how do Deaf persons stand to benefit? At the DAM Association, we want to teach people how to act. Hearing community are progressing but there are no Deaf actors. This is why I wanted to give a lecture on expressions, acting, body language, etc. So that Deaf people can also learn. I develop their acting skills just like Hearing people. Wait! I have another question. You showcased the signature poses of various film actors. Why did you do the same for Deaf individuals? When I watch TV, I keep learning and imitating their acting. Similarly Deaf persons must also learn and master various expressions. Skilled actors with knowledge of acting must be selected for the success of the movie. Unskilled actors will compromise the integrity of the film. In bussiness as well talented workers are interviewed and hired so that bussiness develop. If unskilled people hired, the business won’t grow. Similarly skilled actors must be selected so that the film succeeds. I wanted to showcase this. Thank you for sharing. He was a guest at the programme and gave a lecture about IDM. Please explain your duties at IDM. My name is Vinay Gehlot. This is my sign name. I am the CEO and Sandeep Agarwal is the Founder. IDM Aims to make sure the Deaf benefits. For example, Many hearing people use shaadi.com & Jeevansathi.com. But Deaf people are not included in it. IDM is benefit for the Deaf so they can quickly pick their soul mates. Two couples got married throgh IDM.

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