Dams in Yalong River航拍雅砻江梯级电站

Yalongjiang(Yalong River)originate from Bayan Har Mountains Import Jinsha River in Panzhihua annual runoff 60.8 billion cubic meters total length 1571km Aerial Yalong River Planning 22 cascade hydropower stations total capability 30GW It will become the third largest hydropower base in China Serxu county, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Xinlong County,Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Yalong River in Xinlong county Lianghekou dam bridge,265m high,220m span beam,pier 172m 295m high Lianghekou dam(under construction) Yajiang county,Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Yangfanggou Dam(under construction) Jinping reservoir Jinping I Dam(305m high,the tallest dam in the world) Jinping II Dam Yalong River Jinping Grand Canyon(about 2700m deep) Guandi Dam Ertan Dam(240m high) Tongzilin Dam Hydropower company base Panzhihua City wind power and solar power base Shoot by Yalong River hydropower development company

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