Dancing Funnel Technique, Cold Process Soap Making, Glycerin Rivers February 2019 Soap Challenge, #3

Hi this is Teri Endsley with Tree Marie
Soapworks. I am going to show you today my process in making Dancing Funnel
Soap and I’m forcing glycerin rivers by having higher water content and using a heating pad. This soap right here I made a long time ago and I noticed I got
glycerin rivers in the dancing funnel and in the hanger swirl ones. And I took
really good notes back then so I use the same recipe in those, so I’m using that
recipe today. These are my colorants from Elements Bath and Body. This is how I mix my colorants. I always take this extra step because I don’t like getting those
little clumps of color and I probably wouldn’t have to do it for this mica but the oxides sometimes are really clumpy so it just really helps, so there
was not those little specks in there. I use a palette knife and a sheet of
plexiglass and that color was Pretty in Pink and this one is just Brown Oxide
which I like this Brown Oxide because it’s a darker brown. It’s a
really pretty brown. And I used my little squeeze bottle it has olive oil in it. And this takes a bit of time here, but it just is one extra step to really ensure that you’re not going to have those specks and here I’m preparing my three squeeze
bottles. I’m using a liner and these I believe are twelve ounce squeeze bottles.
And then I’m using the tips of the pipette because I’m using a log mold it
takes a little bit to get into the corners and you can’t use just a regular
squeeze bottle. It just doesn’t work it’s too short, so I’m using scotch tape and
using these four extensions. And here’s my lye water and I’m putting sodium
lactate in it one teaspoon per pound of oils and I always strain my lye solution;
I usually don’t need to but I always like to be on the safe side in case
there’s any clumps. And here’s my liquid oils going to into my other oils
and my fragrance oil which in this case was Autumn Fig Harvest from Bramble
Berry. And here’s my lye water. This recipe is just made from olive
oil, castor oil and, coconut oil for your oils. I’ll post a link to where I found
it. And the white I diluted in water and it really didn’t come out good. I thought it would do better for this recipe, but I normally dilute with oil and I’m probably not going to do
that with water anymore. I like the oil method better. It just seems like it’s
hard to mix in when it’s in water. And I decided to add a little more Titanium
Dioxide to the pink later on I love this stick blender. It’s it’s from
a company in Canada. You can set the speed on it, on top, and it’s really
nice. And it fits in a small cup. and it doesn’t seem to trap air like some of
them do. It’s heavy duty. This is my heating pad. And I have a
swivel under it but I don’t really think it was necessary. It’s an extra-large
heating pad and I have it set to high temperature. And here we go. In the this
just goes on and on for a long time so if you get bored you can fast-forward to
the end. It took me a long time to pour this batch, of course with any
funnel pour, it’s time-consuming, but it’s really worth it.
One thing I did notice is I started off, with bigger dots and on the top it
seemed like they were smaller and the reason why was my batter got thick and it was so hard to squeeze that they just got smaller because I didn’t
squeeze as much. This fragrance I used Autumn Fig Harvest, it did thicken a
bit on me last time but I thought it actually made the little bubbles thicker that way, so I just used that scent again.
But my hands were kind of regretting it after a while because it just it was
really hard. I ended up cutting the tips off of these bottles toward the very end
so I could get more out at a time. But you can see if I hadn’t pressed this to
go through glycerin rivers it would have turned out quite a bit different or if I
would use less water. For this one I used 36 percent water. I
have to look it up. In the ones, I showed at the beginning I used 33% I
believe, and I still got glycerin rivers. Now, I usually use 20 to 25% water so I
don’t really get glycerin rivers anymore. Okay here I’m I’m covering it with
another heating pad and I have that set on high. And believe it or not I
had these heating pads on for six hours They have auto shut off so I had to turn them back on after two hours and I
wasn’t sure if anything was happening so, I’m glad to see here when I’m cutting
that I did get glycerin rivers. This first part you can see where they
were a little smaller as I got up higher. These these little dots are
small, but you can see there’s glycerin rivers. But then this next cut you can
see where this is cutting off the bottom the part that usually is just
your outline color, the brown; you can see where they were better size, at least I
liked him more… at that size. And they showed off the glycerin rivers
better at that size. The first time I put this through, I had the wire uneven where the you can level it and I had it
one up on one side so, it was uneven so I fixed it. But I had to plane it again
anyway. So I got glycerin rivers. And I really like
them. And here I’m just planning off the sides I use that block at the end so don’t
cut my fingers, and also sometimes it chunks off at the bottom so that
helps keep it together. And this, well both those my husband made for me.
This one we made it out of a piece of wood we got when we were in Japan a really
nice and smooth wood; I don’t know what kind of wood it is. And the wire cutter
I’m using is from the slicer. I have the other kind but it doesn’t work so well
when you’re not on the edge of the table and when I do video, I’m not in the edge
of the table. So I used this one. I like the three, the three metal ones came out
the best, in my opinion. This is one of my favorite parts. I love to bevel
soap. I enjoy it. Although sometimes there’s a lot of it to
do, so I’m not so excited about it, but I do love it. I was impressed with how the pink came
out, because my first one, I used used Titanium Dioxide in it as well when
I made that dancing funnel soap in the beginning, and it didn’t come out.
The glycerin rivers were much better in the white than the pink.
But these are pretty neat and actually they might have been better than the
white. So there they are… Yeah, I like the pink better than the
white. And here they are… And this is the first time I use my nikon camera and I
shot in RAW, I’ve never done that before, but I think it came out much better than
the regular JPEG mode so here it is.

100 thoughts on “Dancing Funnel Technique, Cold Process Soap Making, Glycerin Rivers February 2019 Soap Challenge, #3

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