‘Danger to life’ flood warning as four days of ‘severe’ rain to hit UK – Live News 24

BRITAIN is facing more “danger to life” flood risks with four days of “severe rain” set to batter the UK  Flash floods wreaked havoc across the South-West and North-East of England yesterday as one month’s worth of rain lashed the UK in 30 hours  And flood hits areas are bracing for yet more heavy rain as the Met Office has issued “severe” yellow warnings for the next four days  Today, the heaviest downpours are predicted to hit the South-West and South Wales as well as parts of Scotland  Firefighters in Devon and Cornwall have warned drivers to stay away from flooded roads after a number of calls overnight to stranded cars  The Environment Agency has also issued seven flood warnings and 60 alerts for today SPONSORED CONTENT: How to save £219 a year off your energy bills BEAT energy price rises year after year with Switchcraft It’s free and it could save you an average of £219 a year. Sign up, easily compare tariffs and switch Once you sign up, Switchcraft will automatically find you a cheaper deal when a better tariff comes up, saving you time, hassle and money It takes just 3 minutes. That’s it! Click here to get saving!  News UK has a brand partnership with Switchcraft  Met Office forecaster Alex Burhill said “spells of rainy weather” will put many areas at “danger to life” risk this week  Mr Burhill said: “Because we have already seen quite a bit of rain, to have any more heavy rain just now is going to cause problems ”  He warned another wave of rainy weather will hit many parts of the UK between Tuesday and Wednesday  “As a result, it is likely that we are going to see rain affecting parts of the southwest, but also Yorkshire and the Sheffield area which has seen extreme flooding recently,” he said  By midweek, the East Midlands and South Yorkshire are also expecting a deluge, on top of the ground already flooded in the past few weeks  Earlier this month, the Army was called in to assist stricken communities after towns and villages around Doncaster and Sheffield and parts of the Midlands were drenched by heavy downpours  Doncaster Council said more than 900 homes and businesses in the town were affected by the rain earlier this month Are you winter weather ready?TWO-thirds of British people have been caught out by severe weather, according to the latest research from the Met Office  This is despite regularly checking the weather forecast.  A huge 74 per cent of those surveyed don’t think they are ready for winter  And 20 per cent admit that they only start winter preparations, such as checking their boiler and pipes and stocking up their freezer, in December  Yet the most cited disruption from bad weather was boilers breaking down and pipes bursting, the survey found  Although more than a quarter (27 per cent) check the weather up to ten times a week, the same small percentage spend time preparing their winter wardrobe (27 per cent) and getting their house ready (22 per cent) for winter  Will Lang, head of civil contingencies at the Met Office, said: “Changeable weather is a fact of life throughout the winter months as the recent heavy rainfall and flooding has shown us  “Taking a small amount of time to prepare now can make a big difference in keeping family, friends and neighbours, as well as property and businesses safe throughout the months ahead ” Prepare a winter kit for your car, such as ice scraper, de-icer, torch, in-car phone charger, warm clothes and blankets Vehicle checks – before setting off, make sure your vehicle has adequate oil and coolant, jack, wheel brace, spare wheel, warning lights and spare keys Property checks – check roof for loose slates or tiles, clear guttering Keep your home warm – heat your home to at least 18C, to keep you warm and healthy Check on others – check on older neighbours and relatives during severe weather, ensuring they have plenty of food and medicine, so they don’t have to go out in really bad weather

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