Dangerous Dive for Truck Sunk 87′ Underwater in River!

– Today’s mission, we
plan on going for a Mazda. It’s going to be our
deepest recovery to date. Sit back, this is going
to be a good episode. You are not going to want
to miss this one today. (upbeat music) – Today’s location, we are back here at the Milwaukee boat ramp where
Jason first introduced me to a lot of cars. At first we thought it was two
cars, well you saw four cars. Once we got in there, I think
we found like seven more cars. So at this point, I’ve lost track. – It’s an underwater junkyard. – That’s what we’ve
nicknamed, is ‘The Junkyard.’ Normally one tank will fill two bags. Once you start going deeper,
the atmospheric pressure under water. One tank will fill two bags at 30 feet, at 60 feet, one tank
will only fill one bag. So as a result, we actually
have four tanks today, four bags. A lot of times we’re
asked to show more of the technical side of what
it is that we’re doing, and not just like, all of the fun hoorahs then boom, we’ve got a car. So today, lets focus more
on the technical aspects of exactly what it is that
we’re getting ourselves into and how we’re going to go about it. With the junkyard, it’s 80 feet deep. So essentially it’s a bowl that, you know, starts to slant off about 20
feet, we hit a cliff wall, and then the cliff goes down
to roughly 80 feet deep. So the driver side is
facing the cliff wall. The first chain, I’m
going to hook up to the back of the car, so if it has a tow hitch, we’re going to hook to the tow hitch, if not we’ll just hoot to the axle. The second chain, I’m
going to take and attach around the back wheel by the axle. With that, that one’s going to be our lift point for two of the lift bags today. Nate’s going to come
down with one more chain, one tank and one bag on his first dive. He’s going to attach to
the front driver side, and we’re going to inflate
one bag before we pop back up. Because we’re diving 80 feet deep today, we’re actually going to
be swapping out or tanks. A little surface interval,
let nitrogen narcosis dissipate from our bloodstream. Is that the proper term? – [Brandon] Nitrogen narcosis. – Yeah, Brandon here is a commercial diver. We’ve never dove with Brandon before. I think, he kind of intimidates
me, like he’s been through all this schooling and he’s
super smart, smarter than me. So we’re happy to have
Brandon out here today. Once we switch out tanks, we’re
then going to drop down with three more bags, three more tanks, we’re going to stay attached
and do two bags total at front, two bags total at the rear,
we’re going to inflate that and bring the car up sideways. We need to get the car upstream,
so we’re going to be using some anchors, some pulley systems, and we’re going to work
the car upstream here. We have roughly two hours between now and the arrival of the tow truck to get the car floating and over here. Simple enough, right Jason? – [Jason] Yup. – (laughs) Okay. First step of this entire
process is we’ve got to get all of the gear about 300 yards that way. Check, check, check. All right, drop on in. 40 feet, 60 feet, 70 feet, Let’s go see if we can find this car. I can’t move the line. I’m caught in a current, it’s pulling me. What’s going on? Hey, what’s going on, you’re pulling me. Wow, it’s really pulling me. I don’t know what’s going on, at this point, I’d say we’re
going about two miles an hour and I’m being pulled downstream. My only chance at this point, of course, to accidentally
run into a vehicle, and it’s either the Mazda,
or I’ve heard there’s a 4×4 down here, but if we
accidentally run into a vehicle, that’s going to be really good news. Like I said, it’s like a
2-3 mile and hour current, so very weird. Okay, what did we run into? Okay that’s a tree log. Well the good news is
we ran into something. I’ve never seen a tree log down here, oh, oh, oh, look at that! Ha ha ha! We just ran into something! No idea what it is, but lets
get this chain around it quick! Come on, come on. Get that chain in there. Oh I can barely see. No idea what it is, other
than it’s a car of some sort. I’m holding on with all my force trying to get the chain around it. I can’t get the chain around it. It’s blowing me off. Come on, don’t pull me off. Stay on, stay on, okay. We’ve got a secure hold on it now. Let’s wait for Nate to arrive. Once Nate arrives, we can
get the other bag connected. Nate’s coming down, let me take a look and see what this puppy is. All right, it’s upside down. The front, driver’s window is open. Kind of feels like the
bed of a pickup truck. All right, it says, what does that say? Chevy? I can’t tell. All right, how are we doing on air? 18. Nate, where are you? Hey buddy, you make it down yet? All right, I’m back to the front wheel, there’s the bag, there’s the tank. Still waiting on Nate, no Nate. Nate should have been only a few
feet behind me, like 3 minutes
tops, and it’s been about 8 minutes? All right, well I’m going to
head up, so that way I have less nitrogen in my system. All right, there’s my
tanks, there’s my bottles, there’s my bags, there’s my balls. Our plan for today changed immensely. We got Nate that’s over there, I don’t even know how to start this one. I’m down there trying to find the wall, suddenly the bag’s top side caught the current in this
river, in fact you can see debris just floating by,
like that’s an entire tree log that’s over there. And so as I’m trying to make
my way South to the cliff wall, it just started dragging me. I’m going, like 2 knots,
there’s nothing to grab onto, rock bottom. I’m like, my only chance
is to run into this Mazda by accident, I never hit
the Mazda, but I did find a I think what is a truck, the
visibility is shot down there, but I think it’s a smaller
pickup of some sort. Nate tried dropping some bags down there, and he couldn’t make
it through the current. So I think we’re going to have to add some weight to the bags. In addition to that, there’s
just no way we’re getting the truck up river in the current there. So once we get it floating,
one of two things: I either have to ride it down stream, fingers crossed that a boat comes by that can actually tow me
down to the Willamette Park. Or we can get lucky and get
back into this little eddy here, and then we can get the
vehicle up here in the eddy. – Hey, what’s up, Nate? – Couldn’t get those bags down
the line into the current. – So one of two things,
one is I can just float it and ride it, and see where it goes, or, (laughs) what was that look for? – That doesn’t sound like a great idea. – We can go pick up some more rope… – We’ve got enough. – You think so?
– Yeah. – I’ve got a plan. – Oh you have more rope? – No, I’ve just got a plan. We put an anchor out here, – Yeah, – And then drag the
end of it back to that, – Okay, – I’m going to pull that
up river with the anchor so that we can slide
the bags down it easy, and then we’ll have our line
made off through the pulley to the shore. – So I think now would be an
amazing time to tell you guys about the “Join” button. We have membership here on YouTube. If you click on the little
“Join” button, you can help support our channel for doing
things like raising money to get ourselves a boat,
because if we had a boat Nate, we’d probably already be done. Like a boat boat. – I just didn’t bring it. – You don’t have a real boat boat, do you? – I do, yeah. – You’ve had a boat
this entire time and you (beep) We have different membership
levels, to where I also give you some benefits,
like seeing videos early, and depending on your membership level, we’ve got other special
things for you, like – I’ve got two boats. – Now you have two boats? – Yeah, I’ve got two boats. – (sigh) Help me raise some
additional funds so that way we can get ourselves a boat of
our own with some Side Scan, so that way I can bring it out with me and make projects like this go a lot easier. – I don’t believe that my little anchor or this little paracord
is going to hold us if we get that thing floating. How about we float it and
then ride it down the river to the next boat ramp? – [Jared] I’m all for it,
but I’ve ridden one before and it ended up being pushed
into some floating homes. – Yeah, we’ve got no way to control it. – Yeah, ’cause you didn’t bring
your boat boat that you now have made me aware of. – Well it’s just got some
problems, but you know. Registration issues. – We’ve never failed yet,
we just have to figure out how we’re going to make
this one work today. Game plan: Jason and I,
we’re going to drop down. We’re just going to get this
thing floating right away, do not let it go around that
point, like we cannot go around the point there. We have to get over to the
shore, once we get to the shore, Jason and, we can kind
of help pull and work it around the cove, and pull it
right up the shoreline here. It’s not that hard. It’s probably really hard (laughing). Tears in my eyes, it’s
going to be a fun one. (laughing) All right, Check check Okay so, I have 2 tanks. So this is the one I need. (mumbles) Can we drag it down? We’re going to see. All right. Don’t wrap up on that line (breathing in oxygen tank) Let’s take a look at my air. All right, we’re going to call this dive. This is going to be too
dangerous, it’s 85 feet down, about 1400, this is going
to be the first time that we have failed. The current is way too
strong in this area. We’ll come back another day,
we’ll get it eventually. But today is not that
day, and that’s okay! I’m okay with that. Come on, there we go. (chain bangs) There it goes, it’s all breaking loose. Bye bye, truck, we’ll come
back another day for ya. (slow music) I’m so exhausted. I’m not even going to put
my hat on this time, Nate. This is our first car in the past 30 cars, where we’ve actually failed failed. At the end of the day, I would not say that we failed at all. It was an adventure for sure. We learned new things, we
didn’t get our first car for the very first time ever. Next time we will! Put money on that one, right Nate? If you’ve not already done
so, make sure to subscribe, turn on the bell notification, and we’ll see you on the next one! Later, later. Buh-bye. (somber music)

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