Dante’s Peak (7/10) Movie CLIP – The Dam Breaks (1997) HD

l got the van !
You go with these fellas ! Harry ? Harry, l don’t know
whether you can hear me. It’s Paul. Harry, the bridge is about
to go. We got everybody out. – We got everybody–
– [ Explosions ] Take care.
Take great care.

97 thoughts on “Dante’s Peak (7/10) Movie CLIP – The Dam Breaks (1997) HD

  1. Wow. For the time this movie was made, this is very nice – realism and good acting. I wonder how exactly they did the dam scene.

  2. @Myuufi a really big miniature it was something like 1/8th size, it was crazy. There was a segment about it in the special features.

  3. @cjhrjone54 Because, in this case, lahars are a real danger. Mt. Rainer will cause really bad lahars.

  4. @cjhrjone54 Well, let's see here… Tsunamis and floods are disasters and disaster movies……

  5. When people sucked away in a lahar, it can burn them severly. Right?

  6. Now I get it, but I saw a Mt. St. Helens Documentary from Seconds From Disaster
    about the eruption on May 18, 1980 and when the eurption caused a lahar, it headed down some river 10-20 miles away from the mountain, where this man and his girlfriend got swept away in a lahar during the eurption, while fishing. She was in the water for a minute under logs, but her boyfriend was on top of his car, and pulled her out of the water. She suffered 3rd-degree burns to over 60% of her body.

  7. A Lahar is made during a volcanic eruption, or even during just a heat up on the mountain, it is lots of melted snow and ice that with its strength can pick up dirt, rocks, trees, cars, homes, and almost anything you can think of, including people

  8. No, it actually doesn't exist in real life, they made it up. they based in on some Cascade Volcanoes but the actual mountain itself is not real.

  9. I know it would've melted the snow, bla bla bla etc., what im saying is that almost every damn disaster movie has Tsunamis or floods. not that i dont like that sort of stuff, but still. almost every time

  10. Right before this starts we were crying for the grandma and it was so calm and quiet…then CRACK! We all jumped a mile when we first saw this XD

  11. the stupidest place to live is where a volcano and snow lives this is what happens

  12. This is pretty much a Hollywood retelling of the Mount St. Helens eruption, with a bit of Pompeii thrown in. Volcanoes are NORMALLY not as dangerous as one might think.

  13. People thought this movie was dumb I think this movie and twister are great movies

  14. this kid in my geology class said he wanted to be the first to surf a lahar (the mudflow), my teach said go ahead and you'll be the umpteenth person to die by one

  15. I'm positive when i say this, anything we build, mother nature can destroy.

  16. The dam did not break in this scene but rather was "overtopped". A concrete dam such as this one is actually fairly likely to survive the event without catastrophic failure and there are real life examples of this.

  17. This is one of those disaster movies that was actually done properly.  Good story, acting, and special effects.  

  18. honestly this and twister are personal favorites of mine, partially because i am just fascinated with natural disasters like volcanoes and severe weather. and i love meself a big,dumb,loud action movie to drown out the reality tv shite like doomsday preppers and duck dynasty that is flooding the channels as of late, such a pity that finding these older action movies on the tv is getting incredibly rare now while shite like honey boo boo keeps on hogging channels. 

  19. Tip 1 for making a destruction move… THEM HOOVER DAMN DON'T SAY YEAH YOU CAN PASS IT JUST SAYS…. "Come at me wave."

  20. i forgot thetown was covered in ash and i prhught it was all snow xc

  21. Say what you want, but I like this movie still. AND Twister, too. And Deep Impact.

  22. I have to admit that dam break sequence was pretty cool but it would not happen in real life

  23. God "dam" it dam you had one dam job and you didn't dam the water…..dam you


  25. when i was.a child.i 've seen this so awsome…i think.2000 to 2001😉😉😉

  26. I miss movies using miniatures and practical effects. They look so much nicer than CGI.

  27. I remember about 2 months ago i was in Lanzarote and this was the only thing on that was english. I was watching this up until like 12 and dont regret it

  28. They should’ve talked on the radio and drove away to have enough time before the bridge gives way

  29. Was watching this with my classmates

    I joke and said "Godamn!" when it collapsed.

    I made my teacher chuckle lol.

  30. This was Charles Hallahan’s final film as Paul before he died of a heart attack while driving his car.

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