Dante’s Peak (9/10) Movie CLIP – Crossing the Lava River (1997) HD

What the– Great. Just great. – Can we drive across there ?
– l don’t know. – l don’t know.
– Kids, why don’t you get in the back ? Okay. – Go on, Lauren.
– Go… in the back. [ Sighs ] Okay… here we go. [ Grunts ] – [ Grunts ]
– [ Lauren ] No, Mommy ! – Harry, we’re on fire.
– The truck’s on fire ! [ Lauren ]
We’re burning ! – Mommy ?
– Hold on. [ Lauren ]
We’re stuck in the lava ! [ Grunts, Sighs ] – Ooh !
– More lava’s comin’ down the hill ! Mommy ! What are we gonna do ?
Mommy ! [ Rachel ]
It’s okay ! It’s okay ! – Come on ! Come on !
– Please. Yes ! Yes !
[ Grunting ] [ Graham ]
There’s Roughy ! – Where ?
– Right there ! – [ Lauren ] We have to help her.
– [ Rachel ] l gotta get her. – Go get her. Go.
– [ Barking ] – Roughy !
– Only gonna get one chance at this ! – [ Whistling ]
– Come on, Roughy, jump ! Jump ! – Yes !
– [ Laughing ] [ All Laughing ]

100 thoughts on “Dante’s Peak (9/10) Movie CLIP – Crossing the Lava River (1997) HD

  1. The suspense building up with the dog is all I need.

  2. Hay que tierno salvaron a un MALDITO perro, primero soy yo segundo soy yo y por ultimo soy yo!

  3. Put bob seger's "like a rock" and this would make an awesome chevy ad!

  4. We watched this in school and me and my class started screaming and cheering when the dog was alive

  5. Are you not just a little concerned about your car-like. . . GOING BOOM!

  6. Wow not a single comment questioning why the tires still worked after 30 seconds burning out in lava soup!

  7. I just had one of those moments when you rewatch an old cheezy movie you really liked as a kid, but havn't thought about for over two decades.

  8. Lmao 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  9. This would be one heck of an off roading adventure, whenever you go off-road

  10. Awesome scene i mean… Look those faces so much worries my best 4×4 scene ever

  11. Somebody play Canyonero theme over this please… and basically every scene with a car

  12. People keep saying this part was unrealistic but the truth is you can drive over cooling lava depending on the temperature and my guess is Harry thought he could manage it and didn't have time to find another route and because he is a volcanologist he probably knew which areas were safe to drive on.

  13. Craigslist ad:
    "Late 80's Chevy/GMC work truck. Green, crew cab, 124,000 miles. Only needs new tires and a good wash."

  14. This is why I'm getting a self sealing tank for my dream truck.

  15. Damn that car has an advanced cooling system all of the sudden.

  16. На это способны только американцы))) с их образованием умственно детским

  17. when they were shooting this movie i bet getting the dog to jump was a pain so when they got the dog to finally jump that is why they were truly happy.

  18. “Can we drive across it” this is when you look at your wife very seriously say. Are you kidding me?!

  19. The Chevy models they used in this movie is from back when they built damn tanks!!!

  20. Yay the dog is safe,also I’m surprised the rubber of the tire didn’t burn off

  21. Movie logic: no matter how great the life threatening disaster, you can always count on he family pet to survive.

  22. Yeah, they would have exploded in a gigantic fireball in like five seconds. But I still love this scene and movie. Classic Hollywood practical effects.

  23. I would be happy too… that dog could serve as emergency food later.

  24. I remember seeing this scene while getting my hair done as a kid. Probably about 6 when I saw it. 21 years later I've found the name of the movie. This has really been annoying me that I never saw it again or knew the name for decades lol

  25. As much as I truly love this movie, and I do. There are just some scenes that are borderline comic book fantasy. This being one of them, that truck would've melted. They should not have made that. x__x!

  26. This scene gave me nightmares as a kid. The visuals of the lava splashing out under the axles replayed in my head all night. And then I was addicted :3 One of my favorite movies of all time! I still get a little choked up when they save Ruffy.

    And say what you want about it being unrealistic… You'd be surprised the amount of abuse old pickups can take before they actually quit. Almost every component in that Custom Deluxe is steel. Yes, at that temperature the tires will melt. The grease will boil out of the bearings. The coolant hoses will burst. The transmission will slip. The driveshafts will warp, and the engine will ultimately seize. But all of that takes longer than the two minutes it took to get across. And yes, diesel has a higher flash point than gasoline. My chemistry teacher once held a paper cup filled with water over a Bunsen burner. It was pretty impressive how well it held up! I imagine the fuel and coolant in the lines would have the same effect.

    Annnnd, now I'm gonna check Craigslist for old K30s :3

  27. Americans will believe anything they see on TV, I believe was a Richard Nixon quote
    You gotta love rubber on lava

  28. "Can you drive across there?"
    The Volcano expert, who's supposedly the best there is "I don't know"
    puts it drive

  29. This movie has a fetish for car stuck moments… wanna konw why because there is THREE of them in the other half of the movie! Well, then agian a movie has mabye more car stuck moments then this one, It's like I,m Jermey from Cinemasins!

    Also nice hot wheels joke, movie, I,m guessing this is the time that hot wheels come out so the directors must have been like: "Let's have the wheels on fire while a car or truck is stuck for the 3rd time in this movie!".

  30. Unless you have a vehicle with chromium tires
    You ain't driving across no lava gauntlet

  31. I remember having a dream like this, but it was in my house. It went like this, the mountain behind our house erupted and my dog was outside, the lava was flowing fast and it closed the door leaving my dog out there. I opened it up, my dog was sitting in the pool of lava, wagging his tail and everything, and walked in. Dreams are weird.

  32. they should have waited, the lava could have dried up and cooled down a bit more allowing them to cross

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