Danube River Cruise Bike Tour Video | Backroads

(upbeat music) – This is gonna be our floating hotel for the next seven days. – Come join us! – [Man] Oh, I love
this, being on the boat, not having to pack up every day. That’s a great thing. (upbeat music) (glasses clinking) (upbeat music) – Aha! (upbeat music) – The leaders are spectacular. They’re just perfect. They get us in the right place and they make sure we don’t miss turns. – Hey guys, we’re cruising the Inn River, which is the natural border
between Germany and Austria. – It was very pretty, I
loved crossing the river back and forth, that was nice. (upbeat music) – It was excellent, nice
and cool this morning. Beautiful, sunny afternoon. It doesn’t get any better than this. (upbeat music) – [Woman] But we’ve been very very happy with our Backroads tour. I don’t think you would
get as good as service from any other tour group. (upbeat music) (glasses clinking) (upbeat music) – It’s been a great week. (upbeat music)

2 thoughts on “Danube River Cruise Bike Tour Video | Backroads

  1. Did not do this trip myself – – but if you're researching Backroads … OMG these guys REALLY know what they're doing! (I did a completely different trip in Italy) – – DO IT!

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