Dark River – Official Trailer

[laughter] [breathing] Joe? I haven’t seen
you for 15 years. I’m here now. And what good is that? Alice. The land’s in poor condition. Hey! My dad and my brother
have done their best, but they’ve let it go. Your Joe’s still
hanging on, is he? It hurt him, you know,
when you didn’t come back. I just couldn’t face him. Alice! Alice! We should cut that field. Let me show you something. We’ve one acre of
hay meadow, and we’ve got 400 million insects. Do you wish I hadn’t come? Joe. Joe!
I’ve tried, tried so hard. Stop! Just stop! How’s it ever going to work? You’re scared! Ah! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was trying to protect you.

2 thoughts on “Dark River – Official Trailer

  1. ned stark, grenn (of the nights watch) and gendry in one film?! wow. gotta say tho, i like the look of this, a definite watch for me 😀

  2. 4 years I was using this name as a user name darkriver(#karanlıknehir )👏👏

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