Data – Deluge and Decisions | Episode 11 | What is a finance co-pilot?

What’s inspiring the next generation of accountants well it’s a question that is of critical Importance to a profession that in many ways is reinventing itself in the face of profound technological change Reporter Nick Wallis shared a coffee with a young finance co-pilot from Nestle UK to find out about her plans for the future Sofia tell me what your job involves, I’m a finance co-pilot which in essence obviously is helping business to fly I work as a management accountant in the division and in essence I help with sort of the financials But I say I can sort the business with the so what the story is and to help the senior management make decisions on their future strategies. What do you enjoy about your job? What I enjoy about my job as a management accountant is It’s challenging and ambitious and exciting. It’s real life Nothing is a typical day, and that’s that is probably the essence of a management accounting you’re helping the business manage ultimately How did you get into management accountancy? Obviously out of my degree; It’s pretty much The sort of the best development to become a qualified accountant So there’s a few bodies you can pick that up with but CIMA is different from them for the others because They are management accountants so if management accountant you are sort of educated with the accountancy qualification But also it teaches you the business theories which are beyond finance. Well, I certainly recommend the CIMA route Personally is given me a great foundation to be an accountant but Besides that I’m most so considering myself as the consultant that is going to always help the business in continuous performance So management accountant is going to take over the world then? Not necessarily take over the world But certainly be business leaders for sure

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