Data – Deluge and Decisions | Episode 12 | What’s next, thanks, and goodbye

And that’s all for this program if you’d like to view any of our data deluge and decision reports or interviews again That can be found on the CIMA website We leave you now with some thoughts on the greatest decisions ever made for now from the ITN productions team and from me Goodbye I think the best business decision ever made was Henry Ford’s decision In 1914 to double the wages of all of his factory staff That created a number of effects firstly it enabled his own people to buy the cars that they were producing Secondly it drove up wages of factory workers Across the board and thirdly and most importantly It changed the world in which we live it created the consumer society The society which has driven economic growth throughout the 20th century and on now into the 21st century I think Apple’s decision to move from hardware to services and payments especially Disrupting the banks is the genius For me, I’m going to say the decision to make Linux Open-source it allows anybody to download the code to contribute to the codebase And it’s allowed the internet as we know it today to exist without Linux running Servers and services across the internet We wouldn’t have the internet that we know and use today For me the greatest business decision ever made was one where a leader wins against the perceived wisdom IBM in the early 1990s was really struggling they were laying off thousands of people and they brought in a chief exec who was expected to break the company Up instead what he did was odd Instigate a program called Operation bear-hug whereby they became completely customer centric. They looked at what added value to the customers What the customers really wanted from IBM and since then the company’s just gone from strength to strength Apple’s decision to launch their iPhone, which ultimately led them to become the most valuable company in the world

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