Data – Deluge and Decisions | Episode 4 | Data Security

Once the company hands over critical data It’s up to the accountants to ensure the data is kept safe and secure But with so many online threats how can this be guaranteed? Cloud Geeni have developed robust encrypted cloud-based server solutions that maximizes a company’s security and increases productivity More and more companies are adopting a hosted desktop solution, moving their IT systems into the cloud to improve efficiency This means businesses can log on securely from anywhere to access their files and information Cloud Geeni is essentially a hosted desktop service. So in most businesses currently, you’ll get a traditional on-site server And which we’re on their various software applications, programs, files etc Cloud Geeni is an alternative. So we remove the server from the on-site location and we put it into a secure data center like where we are today And our clients use a secure internet connection to access their data And we’ve worked with various industries and vertical markets particularly accountancy and professional services for the best part 10 years And I think what we’ve learned over that period is what’s really important to people and ultimately we find It’s their time and so we worked really hard to ensure that they get the best out of the IT infrastructure Cybercrime is very much an issue not only for the big corporations, but also smaller businesses So how do you allow customers fears about that? The reason hackers target the smaller or medium-sized enterprises Is simply because they assume that they don’t have the same level of infrastructure in place And they don’t have the same level of education in their staff or have any IT staff that are able to apply those processes That’s we’re implementing a solution like Cloud Geeni Helps those processes and those best practice procedures come with the solution Now, this looks and certainly sounds significantly different from the standard IT system. You’d find in your own office This is where all that data is held on these racks in a cloud it be encrypted It’s constantly monitored and these systems are also updated regularly to maintain that high degree of security It’s very secure sites. It’s probably protects against flood and fire with the number of suppression systems Installed in here Uninterruptible power Something that you just really can’t rival on sites. Only registered card keepers From our company can actually gain access to the data center itself After that you’re presented with a challenge of a Pascal and then further into the airlock and iris recognition There will only work with my sets of eyes Customers say they have confidence in the reliability and security of their Cloud Geeni solution and that the worry of keeping up with the latest Advances in technology has been taken away. So this system, how does it help you in terms of security well in terms of security? Well in terms of security, previously before Cloud Geeni and we’re in charge of that only the directors of the company were permitted to log into our Local server for obvious security reasons All clients data’s on there and any breach could essentially lead to a costly lawsuit Now because Cloud Geeni take care of all the security for us the rest of the staff were able to log in remotely which Obviously allows a lot more work to be done a lot more efficiently. Oh hi, my name is Helen. I’m calling from Warren & Co. I am having problems logging on to the cloud system Could you possibly guide me through what I need to do? The main efficiencies come from the lack of downtime. So any downtime previously would be reliant on our IT guy coming in and then fixing up Now we know we pick up the phone the Cloud Geeni Iine will sort out within 15 20 minutes. Yeah, that’s fine. It’s locked me in. That’s brilliant I think we’ve seen significant cost benefits really from using Cloud Geeni We don’t have downtime. Downtime is difficult to measure, but there’s definitely a cost involved in that Some more identifiable costs we don’t have the cost every five years of installing a new server We don’t have the cost of an IT person So Cloud Geeni has certainly helped us in that way and what we simply get is one invoice every month for what we’ve used And as well as improving efficiency a good hosted desktop solution Can increase security and therefore help protect businesses from the increasing threat of cybercrime

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